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Toddler-preschooler to do list

Print this page and keep it somewhere safe so you can check that you are up-to-date with everything that you need to do – and see some of the options for fun and educational things that you can do with your child.

Visit the Toddler info hub for a complete list of handy articles, tools, tips and ideas to keep your little one entertained!

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And remember to have fun with your toddler – whilst there will be tantrums, there’ll be plenty of smiles and cuddles too!

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General must dos

Childcare and education

  • look into education options, including kindys and preschools – get your child’s name on their lists
  • name label all your child’s stuff

Good nutrition

  • having trouble at mealtimes? Employ the services of a local feeding clinic or fussy feeders workshop
  • don’t always have time to make nutritious home-cooked infant food? Stock up the freezer with pre-prepared and home-delivered nutritious infant and family meals
  • get organised and download a printable weekly family meal planner

Other to-dos plus fun stuff

  • visit our shops directory for comprehensive lists of local and online stockists of anything and everything you might need, including toys, clothes, travel accessories, toilet training products and much more…
  • read through our toddler knowledge vault for advice and info on fussy eating, taming tantrums, toilet training and more…
  • sleep or behavioural issues? Seek advice from a parenting or sleep specialist
  • meet up with other parents and join a local playgroup
  • make your home safe
  • going back to work – find part-time, career and home-business help in our jobs portal
  • print off FREE reward charts
  • join our parenting forum, ask about local facilities, general ailments, chat with other parents in your region, laugh, chat and get support (this feature is for registered members of our site only – registration is FREE)
  • get a good stock of children’s books – start with our 30 best picture books list
  • create birthday tickers so you can countdown to all the family birthdays or other special events and holidays
  • keep your child safe around water – try local learn to swim lessons

Special memories

  • preserve precious baby items in bronze or glass
  • enchant your child with products with their name or photo on
  • arrange a professional family photo shoot
  • celebrate with a birthday party using advice from our helpful info hub for children’s parties!

Travelling or going on holiday?

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