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Newborn to do list

Print this page and keep it somewhere safe so you can check that you are up-to-date with everything that you need to do-a lack of sleep from night-feeds means that you are likely to forget things!

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Enjoy this time and don’t forget to accept offers of help!

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Early days must dos

  • get a baby safety capsule fitted into your car(s) – you need to use it for every trip
  • have your nappy bag stocked and ready to go
  • print out our indispensible list of local helplines – some operate 24/7 free of charge for whenever you need help
  • get along to your local child and maternal health clinic for health checks, plus social interaction with other new parents
  • keep on top of your new baby paperwork:
    • register your baby’s birth at your local birth registration office
    • add your baby to your Medicare card
    • add your child to your Private Health Insurance, if relevant
    • add your child to your Medicare Family Safety Net
    • complete application forms for government financial benefits
  • ensure your baby has immunisations on schedule
  • look into education options, including kindys and preschools – you need to get your name down scarily early at some institutions

Other to-dos plus fun stuff

  • read through our ultimate guide baby tips blogs for advice and info on sleeping and settling, breastfeeding, bathing baby, nappy choices, starting solids and more…
  • attend a local postnatal or mums and bubs exercise class and/or exercise at home (check with your healthcare provider first to ensure they are happy for you to recommence exercise)
  • make your home safe
  • meet up with other parents and join a local playgroup
  • going back to work – find part-time, career and home-business help in our jobs portal
  • see a specialist physiotherapist if you have postnatal aches and pains
  • go to a special cinema screening for parents with young children
  • entertain at home with options from our games to play with babies guide

Special memories

  • get a professional baby hand and feet print or cast or try a DIY kit at home
  • arrange a christening, baptism or naming day
  • don’t forget some special baby keepsakes
  • organise professional family photos

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