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newborn to do list

Loving Mothing With Newborn

Print this page and keep it somewhere safe so you can check that you are up-to-date with everything that you need to do - a lack of sleep from night-feeds means that you are likely to forget things!

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Enjoy this time and do accept offers of help!

early days must dos

get a baby safety capsule fitted into your car(s) - you need to use it for every trip
have your nappy bag stocked and ready to go
print out our indispensible list of local helplines - some operate 24/7 free of charge for whenever you need help
get along to your local child & maternal health clinic for health checks, plus social interaction with other new parents
keep on top of your new baby paperwork
register your baby's birth at your local birth registration office
add your baby to your Medicare card
add your child to your Private Health Insurance
add your child to your Medicare Family Safety Net
complete application forms for government financial benefits
ensure your baby has immunisations on schedule
look into education options, including kindys and preschools - you need to get your name down scarily early at some institutions

need some extra help?

having trouble breastfeeding or just want reassurance that you are doing it right? Employ the services of a local lactation consultant
can't get baby to sleep? Get in touch with a local parenting & baby sleep specialist
not coping - you are not alone! Seek help from postnatal depression services or get in touch with a helpline or support organisation
join our parenting forum, ask about local facilities, general ailments, ideas, share stories, laugh, chat and get support

other to-dos plus fun stuff

visit our shops directory for comprehensive lists of local and online stockists of anything and everything you might need, including nursery & baby products, toys, baby clothes, breastfeeding clothes, travel accessories and much more...
read through our ultimate guide baby tips blogs for advice and info on sleeping & settling, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, bathing baby, nappy choices, starting solids and more...
attend a local postnatal or mums & bubs exercise class and/or exercise at home (check with your healthcare provider first to ensure they are happy for you to recommence exercise)
make your home safe
meet up with other parents & join a local playgroup
going back to work - find part-time, career & home-business help in our jobs portal
see a specialist physiotherapist if you have postnatal aches and pains
want to get hormones back on track and pre-baby energy levels back, see a specialist complementary therapist
want to go out without bub? Find a local babysitter or nanny
visit the Bub Hub activities directory for details of local children's play, activity, music, drama & craft programmes, parks & local activities, swim schools and more...
check your baby's progress with our online baby development guide
entertain at home with options from our games to play with babies guide

special memories

arrange a christening, baptism or naming day
don't forget some special baby keepsakes

travelling, going on holiday or just out and about?

visit our holidays portal for family friendly holiday options
hire nursery equipment at your destination

what next?



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