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Woombie Woombie

6 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Its over priced to begin with. The sizings are ambiguous. I put my son in the summer one and he sweated profusely. I contacted customer service and they sent a rude email back telling me to sell it on eBay!!!!


I absolutely love the woombie. My son had the startle reflex so his arms would wake him up, the woombie would stop that. They also come in light weight for summer as well.

Will be definitely using it again for this upcoming baby.

Well worth the money.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my woombies.  USed with my first, and have now had to buy a second set for my twins.  All of my kids have LOVED it - used them as soon as we were home from hospital, and credit the woombie with our smooth transition for DD from bassinette to cot (the woombie remained her constant).  Also - now have 3 fantastic sleepers... Need i say anymore?
I recommend the Woombie to everyone that I can, now that I've used it.

I had my premmie baby in it from when he was a couple of weeks old and only 5lb (2.2kg) - the length of the Woombie wasn't a problem, I just tied an elastic band around the bottom of it as suggested by the Woombie page, and it was fine.

My baby is now 6 months old and still loves his Woombie - even if he grizzles as we put him in it, as soon as it's zipped up he is so comforted and calmed by the snugness of it that he is quickly off to sleep.

I have 4 Woombies so that we can rotate them in the wash, and one of them is the older style with the velcro closure at the neck. I admit that I do prefer the snap closure, but they both work the same otherwise.

They wash really well - still look like new, and are great quality and retain their stretchiness and firmness.

I am looking at getting a Convertible version of the Woombie now so that I can transition my baby into learning to sleep with his arms out so he will eventually sleep in a sleeping bag.

I was hesitant at first on how good they'd be.

In the beginning not so great - but I think DD was too little, but now at 6w she loves it, it's so easy and convenient/quick.

 DD is a wriggler though and has turned sideways in it, so I am hesitant to use it but I think thats more about DD and not the woombie.


I bought 2 Woombie's before I had my dd in the hope that they would be useful as I knew I wanted my dd wrapped up tight.  I was skeptical that they would be as good as the company suggested as I'd tried a number of wraps for my ds without any success and ended up just using muslin/cotton blankets/sheets for him.

Well, I'm very pleased to report that the Woombie is fantastic!  I bought 2 original Woombies - one from the 'Original Boxed' range and one that was just an 'Original Woombie'.  The 'original boxed' Woombie is a slightly smaller size and slightly more difficult to do up as bubs gets bigger, but it's still great.

I've since also bought a summer weight Woombie which is more stretchy than the original Woombie's, so it's less restrictive, but it still keeps bubs wrapped up tight.

They make it easier to manage bubs than wrapping in fabric as you can undo from the feet for quick nappy changes (especially good overnight) and bubs can move his/her arms around under the Woombie without actually getting the hands out of the wrap.

For your reference there are Woombies with feet and with arm holes that can be either open or closed.  There are really quite a few different types of Woombie.



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