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Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me

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Swaddle Me
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Our daughter had a very strong startle reflex which lasted well beyond 5 months. Thus we relied heavily upon the Swaddle Me!

We initially bought a small size and then moved onto a medium when she outgrew the small! It does work very well for smaller babies, but is easier for little "Houdinis" to sneak out of the velcro. 

I like the design - baby fits into a large pocket, you put their arms down and then wrap around with velcro attachments. 

The only downside is that it is gets quite warm, so would be impossible to use during warmer weather.


Although there was nothing wrong with this wrap, it was not for my bub. She actually broke out of this wrap, she more suited the zip up ones. Also later on she liked to have her hands free to suck on, and this wrap didnt allow her to do that.


I love this wrap!! very easy to wrap and its not easy for the baby to get out of it and wake themselves up.. much better than the traditional muslin wraps.. :D


I was lucky enough to be given two of these as gifts when my first child was born. I loved these wraps.

While I watched carefully when the midwives at the hospital wrapped up my newborn I could never really reproduce this at home. Thankfully I didn't have to once I got these swaddles. They are so easy to use!

You lie the wrap flat and pop bub's legs into the little pouch then you fold over and velcro one side (securing an arm) then fold and velcro the other side (securing the other arm). You're left with a beautifully cocooned bundle of (hopefully) sleepy baby!

I also loved that this wrap was fairly lightweight which means you could wrap baby in summer and winter - just dress them appropriately underneath.

The only issue I had was that both of my children could unwrap themselves quite early on - within the first six weeks. And from then I stopped wrapping them. Maybe I didn't wrap them tight enough ... who knows. 

When I had my first daughter she was the biggest houdini!!! I could never wrap her tight enough, unfortunatly I didnt know of any products like this! second time around I brought this wrap for my second child she HATED being wrapped so it went in the cupboard! with my third child I was determined to get this wrap on my child any child!!! It worked, she couldnt get her arms free, no baby houdini! The velcros were hard to get use to butonce we did when you have a wiggly baby they are SO quick to use! I LOVED the feel of the material used, I would have liked a really thin version (and there probably is one) for the hot south australian summer months but she soon weaned herself off the need to be wrapped! If I had another child I would use it in an instant and have passed the product on! Also loved that my teeny tiny babies fit the product and it wasnt too big for them and rocking a baby all wrapped up feels absolutly perfect!

Loved these wraps for my daughter when she was little.  Great to help her settle for sleep to have her sucurely wrapped

Only downside was that she was a skinny little thing and I had some trouble getting the velcro bits to stick with the fabric pulled tight enough to wrap her snuggly


I found the Swaddle Me awesome with giving bubs a really tight and secure wrap.

Baby is pretty much unable to wriggle out of it, and hardly tries due to being so relaxed.

The only down side is that its sometimes difficult to hold down bubbas arms, and stretch the first side and secure the velcro at the same time.... But once the first step is done its simple as and bubs instantly relaxes.

Washes up really nicely and the fabric is nice and soft and bounces back to shape after washing.

I would buy this again... :)  

we loved the swaddle me in our house, we got given one (newborn size) when bub was born and when we first used it at around 3 weeks we had our longest stretch of sleep yet! That was enough to convince us and bub loved it and slept really well in it. I bought the larger size one also and he used that until around 5 months.
The fabric used seemed good quality and looked and felt nice although it didn't hold up to regular washing very well and has a lot of pilling and discolouration now.
The design was brilliant and easy to use (even hubby figured it out!) and we will be buying more if we decide on another :-)
This wrap for us was worthless. The velcro wore out practically immediately and the wrap was never a good fit. It had a larger space around the neck which meant DD just wriggled out of it and it tangled her.

I really liked the concept behind these. When my baby was tiny they worked well but unfortunately didn't fit him for very long at all. The sides that wrap around and velcro together aren't very long so they are a very tight fit but once the baby gets a bit bigger they are impossible to do up anymore. 

They were not overly cheap but if you don't mind forking out the money for something you will only use for a month or two then i would recommend them 

why i loved the concept of these wraps my ds did not :( he did not really like to be wrapped at all but on a genral basis ont he few times he let me put this on him and he stayed asleep i found it very easy to use :)

Our DD is very long for her age, and by 6 wks old, she outgrew the Woombie in length.  We bought the Small size of the Swaddle Me (ie the larger size), and found it to be wonderful.  It's very easy to use, and DD always sleeps well in it.  Her arms stay intact (compared to when we wrap her in plain rectangular wraps), so she stays asleep for longer. 

Just take care to ensure that the second arm is wrapped underneath the first fabric before you pull the velcro side over.  I didn't do that once, and when my DD tried to move her left arm around, the velcro rubbed against her skin, causing her to bleed :(

One of the only wraps my son couldnt get his arms out of! great light weight wrap for a newborn just wish it came in larger sizes as he outgrew it by 6 weeks old :(



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