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Love to Dream Love Me Baby Wrap

41 reviews
Love Me Baby Wrap

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Parent Reviews and Comments

The LTD swaddle was a life saver in our house. 

We used them from size small to large. 

We never ever put our daughter to bed without it on until she was rolling over. And even then we used the 50:50

They seemed expensive when we first bought them, but they were worth ever cent. And they are still in great condition and I'll be able to use them for future children. 



I cannot rave about these swaddles enough. I knew nothing about sleep bags and swaddles before I had my baby but had seen this brand name floating around the forums so I bought one to try and I've never regretted it.  

I've since gone on to buy the 50/50 Transitional swaddle as baby has grown in size, but for the novice I would recommend buying the 50/50 from the get go - you'll find your baby will suck on the wings of the swaddle making them pretty stinky after a while. If you have the 50/50 you can just unzip and wash the wings rather than the whole swaddle. The Love to Dream website actually even sells replacement wings at a fraction of the cost. 

I tried about 4 different types of swaddle and this was the one that was a winner for us. 


my dd was always such a huidini when it came to getting out of her wraps until I purchased the love to dream swaddle. It was awesome! It still allowed her access to her hands to self sooth but stopped the startling waking her up. I have gifted these to friends and they are such life savers! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a swaddle bag for their little ones. 

Also they have changed the design from the one in the photo. They now fan out from the waist so there is room for bub to move their legs and put their knees up in the frog leg position which is good for their hips. 


I started to swaddle my baby the old fashion way. After a few too many nights of struggling to swaddle him properly I looked for easier swaddle to use.

First I gave a go to the one where the arms are alongside baby or on his chest. It did the job. But one day I received a Love Me Baby Wrap as a gift and I never looked back.

Bub settled just that little bit more easily with the hands by his face. It means that he could suck on his fist while self settling to sleep too.

I loved how having the arms by his face will prevent him from rolling.

This swaddle has been my go to gift for expectant/new mums and the feedback has been great.

Highly recommended.


I used this swaddle for my second bub when I noticed she was an escape artist and kept getting her arms out of the muslin cloth I was swaddling her in.

It's been good- my bub slept much better with her arms up and not being able to startle herself as she was doing when escaping from the muslin wrap.

It has a double zipper for easy nappy changes and is easy to clean- I just chuck ours in our normal wash. Popular product so you should have no problem selling them off on Gumtree or ebay after bub grows out of it.

Two things to note:  

1. I wouldn't buy them in advance of noticing that you need them. My first bub was more than happy to be swaddled with her arms down in a muslin cloth and I got a good few months before she started to escape too much, unlike bub number two where it was arms up pretty much from the word go.

2. I'd go up to the next size sooner rather than later. My bub spent a good while in hospital and in one physio session she mentioned that these swaddles are not popular with physios as they don't always allow bub's legs to open up in the 'frog' pose (which helps with hip development) She said that one thing that would help is going up to the next size up as soon as it starts getting a bit tight around the legs rather than leaving it a bit longer. I've been doing that and she looks much more comfortable going up a size a bit earlier rather than later. The neck opening is quite snug so, although she's a bit smaller than the recommended weight to move up to the next size, I haven't had to worry about her disappearing into the swaddle.


I wish these had of been around when I had my twins!

Nevertheless, when I saw one in use when I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew if she turned out liking to sleep with her arms near her face I would definitely get one for her.

They were worth their weight in gold during the newborn stage. She went from being a fussy sleeper without the swaddle to sleeping more than 8 hours once swaddled. It was awesome. (Unfortunatley once I weaned her off she went back to constant waking- oh well!)

I love that they have a summer weight swaddle (although the fabric was so thin my daughter put a hole in the fabric where he hand was straining against it- easily patched up though) and the transitional swaddle with the removable arms.

I recommend these to all new mum friends I have, I think they're fabulous. Sure, they can be expensive but I always google for sales on them when I needed to buy a new one and I saved a lot of money that way- plus they sell themselves second hand once you are finished with them, so you can get some of your money back. It is the price factor alone that I haven't rewarded them 5 stars.


I've had my baby in a love to dream wrap since she was born and it has been a life saver in terms of sleep for us.

As soon as she has her wrap on she knows it is bed time and instantly settles. Because it restricts her arms she does not startle herself awake and stays asleep longer.

She is 6 months old now and is the medium size.

This is the best invention and I just wish they had these 10 years ago when I had my first baby.

My suggestion is go to the expos as you will save a good amount when purchasing them.


Our bub started becoming an escape artist from wraps at 6 weeks old so I temporarily stopped wrapping him on advice from the CHN.

Great, he stopped escaping and learning to suck his hands and self soothe but he still had a very strong startle reflex. After a couple of weeks I watched him sleep and he was startling himself 5-10 times some sleeps, so I tried to wrap him but he didn't like not being able to get to his hands!

So I invested in a love to swaddle and it's been great, he can still suck his hands (which does mean that it gets quite discolored on the 'wings') and although he can occasionally still startle - it doesn't wake him up.


Initially I thought these wraps were fantastic. They definitely helped my fussy baby to fall asleep better and really limited that pesky Moro reflex which often woke him up as he was falling asleep.

However, I was at RCH getting him checked out by a physio who was also an orthopedic surgeon and she noticed that one of his hips was not turning out as much as it should and was "tight". When I told her I was using the Love To Dream swaddles she advised me to stop as they can cause hip dysplasia in some babies, and that mine was at risk (he was 6 wks old at the time).

I stopped using them immediately and at 12 wks the hip ultrasound showed his hip was much improved and will probably be normal by the time he is 6 months. Yes, it meant his sleep regressed somewhat but I would rather that than hip dysplasia, which two of my friends babies had.

I guess I am just saying that if you choose to use them, bear in mind that it may come with risks. A swaddle such as the Bubbaroo or ones sold by the US Dysplasia Association may be better options as they allow the hands to be swaddled without restricting the legs and hips.


This wrap has been such a life saver for my baby and my family.

Having a reflux baby can put such a strain on the family, especially when it comes to sleep time, and before we bought this wrap it was such a fight to even get 10 minutes out of our bubba girl.

The moment we put her in this wrap it was like heaven. She was going down for her naps without a fuss and she was starting to sleep through the night.

Coming in 3 great colours, blue, pink and grey they are prefect for the your little princess and prince or for those families are waiting to find out what they are having.

I would recommend this wrap to any one and espeacially to those that are having trouble with a fussy baby.


From birth our baby would escape all wraps, and was only happy when his arms were up. On a recommendation we tried this swaddle and never turned back.

It's quick and easy to use and can change their nappy without un-zipping their arms. Drys quickly, and is really soft.

We found the sizing pretty generous and they would stretch enough to last a while.

We did find that there was a lot of movement in the arms and he sucked his hands quite a bit, so it would get very wet and cold. But it couldn't be any tighter and still allow their arms to be up.

Highly recommend this wrap!


We bought this thinking it would help our baby sleep however the arms up made her startle too strong and didnt allow her to relax while sleeping. It turned out she kept touching herself in the face and woke herself up too often. We then discovered the ergococoon which allowed her to have her arms on her chest and controlled the startling better.

I was a bit dispointed that it was so expensive and was a bit of a waste of money.


This swaddle bag was an absolute life saver for our wriggly baby who would work her way out of her muslin wrap then wake herself up.  It gave her the security of feeling wrapped up, reduced the startle reflex that woke her up and best of all she was able to put her hands into her mouth which helped her to self soothe (which other swaddle bags we tried did not)  It also gave us first time parents the peace of mind that our baby wouldnt get tangled up in a loose wrap during the night which helped us get a better night sleep also! I cant recommend this product enough!!


My 3 month old has loved to wear this swaddle at sleep times since birth. The fabric is nice and soft and is stretchy enough to comfortably hug baby and allow for room to grow. It also allows her hands to remain up around her head so she can still use her hands to self soothe but stops her from throwing them about and waking herself up.

The top and bottom zipper makes it very easy to access her lower half and change her nappy quickly with little fuss, without having to remove the whole swaddle. The fabric also wears and washes well.

Overall I think it's a great swaddle and would recommend it to new mums. My baby sleeps much more soundly in her Love to Swaddle UP!


I am very glad I got this for my wee one and she really loves it too :) 

It is much easier than trying to wrap her and she cant wriggle out of this like she can with the wrap also.

The fabric is nice and soft and also very stretchy, she looks very cute in it !

The cons would be that as she can get her hands in her mouth the fabric can get wet and cold in the winter months and she will knock her dummy out causing her to wake.

Overall I think it is great and worth the $


We loved this wrap and our bub slept beautifully in it, being almost conditioned to snooze from the moment it was put on.  Bub can self soothe as can still get hands to their mouth, and having their little elbows out in this position helps to keep them on their backs while sleeping.

The double zip (one entry at top and bottom) means you can easily change a nappy without having to completely remove bub from the wrap, and the car seat slit means bub can travel without having to be unwrapped.  Makes it much easier to remove a sleeping bub from the car without waking them, too.  They seem to sleep very deeply in this wrap as it has a secure and very snug fit.  The material is 4-way stretch and highly elastic, so fits your bub for a long time.  It washes up brilliantly, so despite lots of potential for staining on the wingtips where bub sucks for soothing, most stains wash out with a bit of attention, especially with the Organic Love to Dream swaddle, only available in a light cream colour.  They dry extremely quickly.  A very well made product that lasts and wears well with continued use (ours still look new after daily use for 5 months).  A fantastic, snug sleeping wrap solution, especially handy for bubs who wriggle out of cloth swaddling.


my DS was a little escape artist, i'd wrap he so tightly in normal swaddles and he'd always get his little hands out of the wraps. We went searching for a solution and found these wraps. My DS pretty much lived in it until we stopped swaddling him at 5 months. He used to sleep alot better and could still move his little arms around a bit without waking himself up


I cannot recommend these enough. We used them when out and about when our little girl was a newborn as the back pocket makes it so much easier to get her in and out of the car. As she got older and the weather warmed up we started using them for all her sleeps. She's 10 months now and still sleeps in them. She can crawl around in her cot so I don't worry about her movement being restricted. So easy for traveling, day care, everything! 

The only down side is the discoloration of the hands which is really hard to get out. However, we get so much use out of them I'm not too worried about re-sale or lasting until baby #2. 

I buy one for every friend who has a baby.  Brilliant.


I love these, and worry about them all at the same time.  Bubs slept really well in them despite hating being wrapped.  They're a  lovely soft material and are easy to put on and take off - and thankfully wash and dry really easily too.  Bubs can gat their hands into their mouths (for those that like to do so) and have some movement still.  They shouldn't (as any wrap) be used after bubs can roll and so have limited use dependant on when your bub gets moving - in our case 2.5 months, so I'm glad we didn't buy any of the large ones on spec.

As with a lot of baby stuff, these can be bought in good condition second hand very easily.  Things to check would be discolouration where the hands do, piling on the back indictating prolonged use, and the zipper...

One word of caution however, I have been told by a fair few sources, chiro and paed included, that there are concerns over all these sorts of wraps as they encourage bubs legs to be straight down at the hip rather than having the legs splayed like a frog as they would tend to do left to themselves.  As the hip joint is still forming and malleable at an early age, there is some concern over whether encouraging the legs to be straight down for longer periods of time (and think how long a nb sleeps) could contribute to hip problems.  It's something to look into and ask about when thinking about *any* of these wraps :)


My baby loved this wrap, so easy to put on and he couldnt wriggle out of it! They wash and dry quickly, though I did buy 2 in the one size, just incase we had an accident in the middle of the night.

Found it easy to zip bubs up, then give him a feed and then straight to bed. Much easier then trying to wrap/re-wrap in a muslin wrap.


My DD is now 3 months and I have been using these wraps since she was 2 days old. The wrap keeps her secure although still gives her the freedom of having her arms free. It also is a key part of her self settling when she goes to bed, as soon as she is zipped up she knows it's time for bed.

I highly recommend these wraps and will be using them for as long as I can with DD and also future babies as well as the perfect gifts for the expectant mum. 


I love the ideaof this product, it's made of lovely material, it makes it easy to swaddle (just the pull of a zipper!) and my baby just looks so cute in it!

The problem for me is that having his arms up so high, they're against his face and if he moves them he brushes his cheeks which makes him turn his head and then his mouth is all over the wrap and he starts sucking and wakes up! It's very annoying!

There are times when he sleeps peacefully with it, but the majority of the time he wakes up because he goes crazy trying to catch the hand areas in his mouth! It's hilarious to watch, but doesn't help him get a good sleep unfortunately.

I would recommend that if your child likes to sleep with their arms up you learn to swaddle them this way with your own flannel/traditional wraps/blankets.

If you are intrigued by this product, buy one and make sure it suits your child before you purchase a few for rotating.


We bought one of these wraps before our son was born as they looked very cute and we wanted to try a few different things and see what worked best. After he was born the midwives swaddled him the normal way, which was okay, but DS was not happy with the hands situation and constantly managed to get them out and back into his mouth. The first few breastfeeding attempts were also made difficult by his love of having both hands in his mouth at all times! We then tried using the Love Me baby wrap and life became much easier! DS was much happier as he had his hands free, and could keep them up near his face, but was prevented from accidentally scratching himself. I was happier as I could now get him to the breast without fighting through a storm of fists! The zipper is a big bonus as it is so quick to get to his nappy, change it and get him zipped up again, minimising exposure to the cold air. As we only had the one, the in-laws were immediately tasked with heading off to the shops to buy us some more!

We are using the size small and find it fits perfectly - DS is 4kg and 52cm long.

The only downside we have found is to do with the harness in our baby car seat. As the legs are all contained in one cloth pouch, it's not easy to get the straps into the right position between his legs.


These came out i think just afer my first baby so we did the normal swaddling for him and lasted only a few weeks before we gave up.

I couldnt wait to try them for baby number two and have been so impressed. he now hates being swaddled teh normal way but settles beautifully in these wraps, loves sucking on his hands, and they are so easy to get on and off.

The only negatives are:

- i dont completely trust the security of him in it in his car seat as his arms in that position may slip through unless straps are very tight.

- with all his vomits etc we have needed about six of them (but are cheap and resale value is good) to keep up with the washing as if we run out he HATES being back in normal swaddles!

My 3.8kg baby actually fits the mediums without me having any concerns about the neck being too loose (the neck is actually quite tight on the smalls) so I would almost go straight for mediums personally - but obviously beware that the company says not to do this from the SIDs risk etc.

And its an absolute shame that they cannot be tumble dried as keeping up with the washing is a nightmare!


I LOVE these wraps! I recommend them to everyone who complains of a baby who hates being swaddled and always get told how I have saved their sleep! 

The first night we put our 4 week old daughter in one of these wraps, she slept the whole night which was much needed :)

Unfortunately my son who is 5 weeks old still likes being swaddled so has not transitioned in to the wrap me up yet, so not all babies will like them - but if your child prefers to sleep with their hands above their head or likes to self soothe with thier hands then this is the wrap for you.  

i absolutly love this wrap!!, my son was born with his hands up at his face, even in our ultrasound his hands were beside his head, so it was no surprise when we tried to wrap him with his hands by his side he would wiggle until his hands were out, he would wake constanly during the night as his hands were like ice, then we had a few warm nights and he slept better, i remembered a friend mentioning how good these wraps were so i purchased one and its been fantasitc, he settles quickly and goes 4-5 hourly overnight between feeds and he is only 3 weeks old. i will be recommending it to everyone.

From day 1, my son didnt like to be swaddled with his hands down by his sides son so we put him to bed unwrapped. Which was ok at first, but then he started to wake up during the night. I went and bought a love to swaddle after having it recommended to me by friends and he loved it.

He still does wake a couple of times during the night but no where near as much as what he was before. And the best part is, his hands are up by his head as though he was sleeping unwrapped but he cant pull his dummy out of his mouth anymore!

Will definitley be buying the next size up when he outgrows this one 


After weeks and weeks of screaming and lack of sleep we found something that worked! 

Our little man was born with hands beside his head so no form of swaddling helped soothe him until we found this! 

The first night we tried it he slept 6 hours- Second night 8 hours and now he does 11 hours overnight at 3 months old!

It stops the startle reflex while still allowing him some movement and the ability to have his hands by his head. 

We have a huge collection of these now! 


I was swaddling my baby at first until I got given a couple of these as a gift and now I will rarely swaddle!

These wraps are so simple to use and I love the fact that my baby can't get out but can still suck on hands for comfort.

I find them particularly good at night as I don't have to re-wrap after a feed just simply zip the wrap back up and my baby falls back to sleep more easily.

My little one hated being swaddled from a few days old and would sleep terribly during the day. I found that as soon as I put him down for a nap he would startle himself awake immediately. I had purchased a Love to Dream (Love Me Baby) wrap when I was pregnant on the advice of a friend. I decided to give it a go when he was about 8 weeks old and I haven't looked back since! It wasn't that my son didn't like being swaddled, he just wanted to sleep with his arms up and have access to them. His day naps went from 20 minutes at a time to 3-4 hours at a time! At 5 months we still use them and he'll sleep for 2 hours at a time when wearing it. This wrap is comfortable and lightweight and I've recommended this to a number of friends who have new bubs who have all loved them too!
giggle berry

My little guy has beena Houdini since birth and alway managed too quickly get his hands free of wraps. We tried a variety of suggested options but this is the one that worked for us. Was enough to make him feel secure but allowed him to suck a this hands through the fabric which stopped the fighting. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who still needs to wrap their bun. 


Got these on the recommendation of other mums and im thrilled. I have both the light weight and original. The light weight is great for hot nights and really is alot thinner than the original.

These are great to allow bub to have hands up and to still suck on them for comfort while still preventing startling. The snug design around body keeps them feeling secure and best of all you just zip up and your done. No rewrapping while you settle them for bed and there fussing. Has made night time waking up quicker and easy without having to wrap over and over.


I fell in love with these wraps when I was 12 weeks pregnant and saw how cozy and comfortable a friend's baby looked in their wrap.  When we first used the wrap for our son - success!  He was secure yet was still able to have his hands next to his face for comfort. 

We used both the lite wrap for warm nights and the original wrap for cooler nights.  The lite wrap with just a nappy was fantastic for hot humid summer nights, our son was still secure and cozy but not too hot. 

We had no problems putting our son in his capsule whilst in the wrap, a little bit fiddly to get the buckle through the holes but we haven't yet found a sleeping bag that isn't fiddly.

We loved the wrap and recommend it to everyone.


We used one of these from 3 weeks old. My son would kick his way out of any wrap and had to sleep with his arms up but would startle alot. It's a great swaddle, you can also get transitional ones which have removable arms to enable you to get them used to sleeping with their arms out. 

One con would be the travel aspect, they say it's easy to use in car seats etc, which we found it definitely wasn't. There was no way we could get buckles through the hole provided, especially not while he was asleep!  

Iv usually use a muslin wrap to wrap my bubs, but #4 is a fighter and gets out so quickly and unsettles herself.  I got given one of these wraps, and it is amazzzzing!!! Bub couldnt get out, and slept ALL NIGHT! 3x in a row! 

This wrap is light weight enough for the hot QLD weather, but also stretchy enough to layer clothes underneath to keep bubs warm.

The zip makes life so easy, and love the fact that it is able to be un-done from the bottom for easy nappy changes in the middle of the night.

Fabric is super soft and goes back to shape easily, and always washes up perfectly.

Personal experience, my baby loves to be wrapped, and having her hands up near her head is comforting for her... She doesn't try and "struggle" to get out of it, but instead relaxes into it. :) Just perfect! I need to go and buy more then one!

Only negative I can give it, is that when my bubba has over eaten and has been sick, because the hands are up near the head, the little hand area gets spew all over it. But that can't be helped at all.


I bought some of these after my month old bub mastered the art of wiggling out our swaddling attempts. We were getting up multiple times a night (inbetween feeds and nappy changes) to re-wrap him..very frustrating.

The Love Me Baby Wraps are just wonderful. Bub feels safe and secure in them as they are quite snug, he can have his hands up by his head/face (but because they are wrapped they don't seem to startle him), and mum and dad now get more sleep!!! 

The wraps are easy to use, not too heavy so perfect for QLD climate and wash well and dry quickly on the line. 

I will definitely be recommending them to all new mums! 


All I can say is, this is the best investment I made (apart from a good car seat)!!!! I used this from 1 week and from 5.5weeks my bub was sleeping 8+hours straight! Then it was so easy to transition to not being wrapped by using the 50/50 wrap me up!! I am buying them for everyone I know who is having a new bub!



I bought this was my daughter outgrew her newborn sized Woombie.  The problem was that her hands were up in this wrap and so she could still startle and wake herself up, so she would rarely sleep past 40 minutes in this wrap (during the day).  She did like being able to move her hands when she was awake, but I found that as it didn't stop her startling (which is the whole point of wrapping bubs) and it meant she easily knocked her dummy out, I'm not a huge fan of this wrap.

But the fabric is lovely, the stitching is great & looks strong and the zip is ok (not as sturdy as the zip on the Woombie).  It's also very long which is good for long, skinny bubs (like my dd).  I've kept my Love Me Baby Wrap as a backup and if my daughter still fits it in a couple of months when she's startling less, then it might get more use (she's currently 7 weeks old).


In my opinion, this is an essential baby item. I started using them at about the 2 month mark and now at 9 months I still use it to feed her in. I only wish I'd known about them sooner.

Having the arms up means she can suck on her fingers and easily crawl and roll around the cot so I don't worry about her becoming 'stuck'. As soon as I zip it up, she calms down. It means shorter settling time & longer sleeps.

I can't recommend these highly enough, I give them as baby shower gifts to everyone I know. 

I was a bit skeptical of this product just because of the way it looks, but....
It is a lifesaver!

We first started using it when my son was 2 months old and now at 6 months if we have trouble getting him to sleep we pop him in the Wrap Me Up and he is out in about 2 minutes.

It is easy to use and as a first time mum not really confident in my swaddling skills it gave me peace of mind.
Having his arms up gives him the oppurtunity to self settle and stops him from rolling onto his tummy.

The 'sleeves' seem to get quite gross as he chews/sucks on them so regular washing is a must but all in all I LOVE this product and have quite a few friends who love it too.



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