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ergoPouch ergoCocoon

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Ana Catanchin

I was using the ergoCocoon 2.5 tog Swaddle and Sleep Bag.  One night baby pushed her arms up inside the swaddle.  This caused the sleeping bag to be pushed up around her head.    Her entire head was covered with a double layer of sleeping bag when I got up to check on her. 

I am in the process of lodging a complaint with consumer affairs. 


Such an easy, convient swaddle for a baby who doesnt mind arms in. I used this every night when my son first came home, he loved the tight swaddle & helped him feel secure. Also great because meant no extra blankets in bassinet, so i didnt have to worry about that added sids risk.


I bought two (1 tog) of these swaddles when I was pregnant and ended up buying another (.02 tog) because I have a baby who vomits. 

They are fantastic. I suspect my baby has reflux and yet she sleeps quite well at night. I take her out of the wrap completely to feed because they are easy to do up and put back on and I want her to stay awake during the feed. I have used the double zip to change a nappy and it does help keep her drousy so that she doesn't really wake up and goes back to sleep quickly.

Con: the 1 tog swaddles take ages to dry and can't be put in the dryer. As the 1 tog is used in cooler weather, it meant that they wouldn't be dry in time for bed. As she would often go through two per night, I bought a spare. 

Sadly, my 2mth old is growing up quickly and we will need to buy another set of these swaddles (And they are expensive!). They are still in excellent condition despite being washed each use so I will keep them in case we have another baby. If not, I am sure they will hold their value if I wanted to on sell them because they really do keep baby asleep and well rested.


 My baby was waking every 3 hours because she got out of her wraps and then woke herself up and then decided she wanted a feed even though she didnt need one. The first night I put her into the ergo pouch she slept for 6 hours straight!!!!! So I will defineately be recommending the ergococoon to all my friends and buying them as gifts for new mothers.

I love the way it converts to a sleeping bag too. The fit is perfect.


We found this wrap to be so amazing, the first time we put my baby in it she fell asleep instantly. I had been using muslin wraps and they jsut unravelled. I think the stretchy fabric allow her to get  into a comfortable position. I love the way there are openings so we can transition her into sleeping arms free eventually. Also coming up to summer we can use it as a sleeping bag.

The sizing is great, not a tight as the others yet still helps with the startle reflex.

I reccomend the ergococoon to all mums, we are happy campers here.


I was given the pink one when my baby was born. When she was 3 months I tried it out, I found the actual bag part was a great fit, it was snug but not too tight. The only issue I had was with the neck, I found the zip area at the top a little hard and i didnt feel comfortable with the tightness of the neck.

Maybe for bubs with smaller necks it would be good.


I think I left it too late to use it, so will be using it on bub no 2 when he/she comes. So I am not sure I can blame the product for my bubby's preference on being swaddled.

Other points, lovely design, OH so cute on.

Lovely material - very soft and fitted

Snug fit, I imagine if you used it from the beginning the bub may really like it, i Have friends who swear by it, hence I am not marking the product down for my own cherubs dislike, she was swaddled but in a different way to this.

I seem to be one of few but my DS never liked the ergoCocoon, he would fight and fight to get out.

We did eventually find he preferred his arms up and switched to a different brand. |

However, despite DS not liking them I really liked the feel of the organic cotton fabric and how breathable they seemed to be, this would be great for a baby who likes to be completely tucked in.


love it

keeps baby wrapped snuggly and they can't escape. double ended zipper for easy nappy changes and putting baby in the car seat

good length for taller babies.

press stud arm holes to make transitioning from wrapping to sleeping bag easier.

good quality product that would recommend to everyone.


Great quality product though unfortunately didn't work for us. We use Love to Dream wraps and tried one of these a handful of times but my son found them too restrictive and as a previous reviewer wrote, he would struggle to get his hands up near his face and would end up with his hands out of the neck hole.

I didn't discover these until my son was 3 months old ... He hated having his arms at his sides and always fought me when I swaddled him ... Once we went onto the ergococoon he was much more content and settled with being able to put his arms up and with the freedom it allowed .. The snap buttons in the arms meant I was able to transition him to not being swaddled very easily and the zip at the bottom allowed for easy nappy changes before bed ..

I didn't start using the ergoCocoon until my son was about 5 months old. I was having a lot of trouble getting him to sleep and had been advised to try wrapping him again. I tried wrapping him in a cot sheet but he would always get out of it, so I tried the ergoCocoon and he settled and slept so much better. He also slept better when out in the pram, as he could still be strapped in whilst wearing it.

I had to buy another one so he could sleep in one while the other was washed, but considering they are not that expensive and how much better he slept, it was well worth it.

He used it for about 6 months over the warmer months and then I transitioned him out of it and into a sleeping bag by using the armholes, one arm out first and then the other.

I would recommed the ergoCocoon if your little one sleeps beter when wrapped, esspecially over the warmer months.

giggle berry
My little man found this wrap too restrictive of his hands, he would struggle to get them up near his face and would end up with his hands out the neck hole. He could only wear this with arms out which unfortunately allowed him to scratch his face.
We were given this wrap as a gift and ended up buying two more, which DD now wears for every sleep. Contains bub well and restrains that startle reflex but allows bub to move hands. Is a bit of a problem if they like having their hands near their face as it pulls up the fabric. Can undo zip from bottom for nappy changes and to put into carseat etc. 'Converts' to sleeping bag with arms out etc
Lucy in the Sky

This wrap is great, if you have the kind of baby who accepts having his/her hands held downwards while sleeping. The problem is if, like my daughter, your baby is desperate to have her hands up. There was enough stretch for her to lift her hands to her mouth, but it squashed the zipper into her mouth. It didn't feel very safe and didn't look very comfortable.

It a good quality product in general, though, and I'd recommend if your baby was happy to sleep with his/her hands down.


We initially used the double wrap for our daughter, however living in a hot climate I has hesitant to continue with its use. I purchased the ergoCocoon off the internet at a suprisingly reasonable price (compared to the double wrap), and started using this when my daughter was 2 months old and havent looked back since.


1. my daughter has slept well in her ergo from day one.

2. allowed for an easy transition from swaddle to sleeping bag.

3. zip access and both ends allowed for easy night changes, as well as enabled using the ergo as a sleep cue in the pram or car seat. 

4. wears well, my daughter has had her two ergos for 10 months now and have held their shape well despite regular wasing.


Two ergos are deffinately needed, particularly while used as a awaddle, as my daughter had a tendency to suck on her hands through the swaddles and were therefore needing to be washed daily.

Overall, would hight reccommed the ergoCocoon to everyone, and will deffinatley be using it for baby number 2. 


I purchased this wrap as my baby would get out of the muslin ones I wrapped him in. it did not matter how tight I did them he would magically get his arms and legs free.

this wrap was fantastic for the first couple of nights. i loved that the wrap has buttons on the arms pockets. My baby has just startef sucking his thumbs, so with this wrap I am able to leave one hand free and he sucks his thumb back to sleep.  the first night of using this i got 9 hours on uninterrupted sleep!

after that the wrap just didnt work. the cover for the top of the zip didnt quite cover it and cut his face up a few times. and the zip would always get stuck on the top and bottom. not very good when trying to do a quick change at night with little interruption as possible.

i have contacted the company and have recieved a replacement for the faulty wrap! lets hope this one is a bit better


I bought this for my 2 month old for a couple of reasons:

1. He started breaking free of his traditional swaddling cloths and would wake up quite frequently as a result;

2. He was starting to get BIG (7kgs now, 2.5 months!) and we were unable to effectively swaddle him anymore. Despite being quite strong, he still had the startle reflex which would shock him in the middle of the night.

3. Price - compared to the Woombie, this was surprisingly affordable, I bought two online.

4. Because he was starting to be so much more active, very often he would scratch his face in the middle of the night, resulting in painful red scars!

Since trying it, we now find that we can't live without it. I had them in the wash the other day, so used the traditional swaddling cloth and was HORRIFIED at how frequently he woke up because he broke free! He sleeps so much better now because he feels secure. He also has less scars on his face now. Also love the fact that there are poppers at the side of the armholes so that I can let his hands out when he is ready.

However, on the downside, when these are new, the zips are not very smooth. But with continued use, I found that the zips move a lot easier. All in all, an excellent product. My traditional swaddling cloths lay unused now!


My DS will be 8 mths old next week and up until last week he was double wrapped, the thought of me double wrapping him over summer scared me and also the fact that he was nearly 8mths old and still being wrapped.

I had tried a few different brands over the last couple of months that didn’t fit the bill, I found the ergoCocoon when I was at the Pregnancy, baby and Toddler Expo and was amazed, not only are they tog rated but the ergoCocoon also allows you to wean your child off of being wrapped by closing the arm holes with press studs so I will be able to wean my son off of being wrapped with ease and also continue to use the product as a sleeping bag afterwards.

The only drawback that I can see is that the ergoCocoon cannot be dried in the dryer so I will need to purchase a backup for each tog rating I have.

Great value for money imo and thanks ErgoCocoon you have now given me the confidence to wean my son off of being wrapped without disturbing his usual sleep patterns.

I used one of these when my son was first born, It was a life saver unlike traditional wraps he was able to still move around a bit and get himself into a comfortable position to sleep. I loved how lightweight and stretchy the fabric was.



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