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ERGOBaby Ergobaby Swaddler

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Ergobaby Swaddler
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I started using this swaddle with Dd from day one. While it appears a little more complicated to put on than some of the zip up swaddles, I find it very easy to use! This product gives a nice firm fit around the arms, which prevents Dd from startling, while the leg positioner prevents the hips from being tightly restricted. This feature was extremely important to me as I'd heard about the risks of hip dysplasia from too tight swaddling around the hips. 

My daughter is now 14 weeks of age and she still sleeps best when in her Ergobaby Swaddler. We've just had to buy the bigger size as she got too long for the small. The only cons I can think of for this product are:

1. care does need to be taken when washing it as the Velcro does wear. I just do it up and throw it in a delicates bag before putting it in the machine and that seems to keep it in good condition. 

2.  I'm unsure how easy it will be to transition a baby out of.

For me the positives far outweigh the negatives for this product.



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