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Mum 2 Mum Dreamswaddle

2 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

My aunt gave us one as a gift and we loved it so much we bought more and used nothing else! Because it has three layers of wrapping it's harder to get their hands out without it being too tight around their neck like I found other brands did. The nappy change double zip is super handy too. Easy to wash though you just have to be careful with the velcro. After I got my dreamswaddle I just stopped using the muslin wraps - No more re-wrapping. 

The only downside was that it can get warm in the heat - I guess being made in NZ they didn't think of a lighter weight version which would be nice. 

Easy to use (even my husband can use it properly!). It can be used a number of different ways for different weather conditions (although I worked this out myself and not by the manufacturer) Great patterns. Very cheap compared to others on the market.

I am very happy I bought this after looking at all the other wraps on the market. It has wings to secure bubs arms then it zips up like a sleeping bag and then also has outer wings that wrap around bub to make them even more secure. Depending on the weather I might just pop her in without securing her arms and then just use the outer wings to keep her arms down other times I might secure her arms and then tuck the outer wings under her bassinet mattress so she only has the 1 layer over her body on those hot nights. I wouldn't buy anything else!



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