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Woolworths Woolworths Select Baby Wipes Unscented

7 reviews
Woolworths Select Baby Wipes Unscented

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought a packet of these purely because i needed some cheap wipes. I really wasn't expecting much but was amazed at the quality of these wipes. They are the right amount of wetness, a good thickness, no smell and work great. The best part is they are cheap :)
I've been won over and replaced my old brand of wipes with these.
Worth a try!

We have been using these wipes since my young man was a baby, they are great value for money. Not as thick as huggies or the thick Coles brand ones, but still they work and clean up mess without a problem. Good value for money :)

Dh and I have always been conscious of getting the best bang for out buck and while out shopping recently we were suprised how expensive our usual wipes were compared to others on the market.

With a strick criteria for my wipes, I purchased 1 x packet of these and then later then next day went back and bought a whole box just because how good they were.

Unlike some cheap wipes, these are acutally thick which is a must for me as it is good with wiping up messes without the mess soaking through onto my hand.

They are unscented which I like as I am often overcome with snezzes when it comes to the smells and perfumes of a lot of baby products.

They pull easily out of the packet, which is a must when you have babies legs up in the air with one hand and only one hand to pull at the wipes.

They are well priced and will def be added to our shopping trolley on the next trip. 


Woolworths select Baby wipes  (unscented ) are great wipes and very good at their job. Being unscented  they are nice and don't give any fragrance of their own.

Although they are homebrand wipes but they are equally good in cleaning the nappy changing time mess. These are very gentle on baby skin and i have never seen any rash or marks on my baby's skin after using these.

Their price is also less as compared to other branded wipes and do the clean just as good as branded ones.

Each wipe is individually good at cleaning time and keeping the skin clean.

I am happy with the wipes and try to keep it in my nappy bag whenever possible.

these are wonderful. No overpowering smells, just the right thickness and neither of my sons complained when I used them to wipe their face after snack time. Some wipes burn on a red tender bot but I rarely had a problem with using these.
I love these wipes! They maybe cheap and cheerful but they are great.  Good strength and quality for a low price.  They are soft wipes and always enough liquid to clean a dirty bum without having to use 3-4 wipes to do the job!
These are the best wipes ever!  I've tried almost all the brands on the market and I found these are the best.  They are thick, embossed and are pretty cheap too.  They never gave my baby a rash, whereas some of the more expensive brands did.   



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