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Itti Bitti Wipes

5 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I like itti wipes in general. They are lovely and soft and do get nicer after a few washes. I love the bright colours and you can use the colours to code them for face or bum use.

i do find them a little thick as wipes especially as I had a small bub, they didn't get into all the crevices too well.


I love itti wipes! They are thick, soft, they save money, they are simple to use and they aren't harsh on bubs skin - especially when they have a rash.

They are also great for soaking up messes in the car and for wiping down wet bodies that have run through bucketing rain!

When our daughter visits my Nan. Nan would wipe her bottom with a facewasher.

I didn't quite understand it until I found cloth wipes. What a brilliant way to save money, they are soft, easy to use and asy to clean. Absolutely a great idea and definately a way to keep costs down for those who need to save.

Excellent product!

Itti Bitti wipes are brightly coloured, they are a great size and very soft - I love using them.  

Before discovering cloth wipes, i wondered why my mum would wipe my boys bums with an old flannel, i thought.. why would you when you have these thow away ones, until i discovered itti bitti wipes! the perfect size, nice a soft for your babies bum, alcohol and chemical free, just wet and wipe Now i cant understand why anyone would use anything else and i think WHY WOULDNT YOU! 



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