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Kleenex Wet Wipes for Hands and Face

2 reviews
Wet Wipes for Hands and Face
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I always keep a packet of these in my handbag! Fantastic for grubby hands and faces.

Great quality product and these wipes don't have an unpleasant smell. The packaging is very cute too :)


i always keep kleenex wet wipes for hands and face in my handbag as they are very useful for cleaning hands and  face of kids if there is any mess or after snack time whe the hands are all sticky and messy with the food. Before eating food also i clean their hands with wipes.

These wipes are very good at their job and cleans up really well. They are very soft and gentle on skin and does not give any overpowering smell. After the clean ups kids feel nice ,clean and fresh.There is no dry feeling after the clean up and hands and fingers feel moisture in it.

I am very happy with wipes and will continue using them.



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