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Dymples Unscented Wipes

17 reviews
Unscented Wipes
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I like the stretchiness of the wipes; However, I do find them thin and generally have to fold them in half to use them for dirty changes. 

I find them moist enough but they are difficult to get out of the pack individually. 

Overall not bad and reasonably priced.


DS has sensitive skin & reacts to wipes often.. Have had no reaction to these wipes. Come in various size packs & can buy in bulk making them really convenient!

highly recommend!


Love these wipes. I tried these on a whim after using Huggies wipes for the first 16months of my daughters life. I think they are every bit as good as Huggies - they are the perfect thickness and not too wet. 
Love the cheap price tag as well. 


I found these wipes really thin and dry, to be honest, they remind me a little of KFC towelettes. I also found I needed three times as many to properly clean up a poo.

They didn't cause any nasty reactions with my daughter's skin but the texture of them was a little too scratchy for my liking.

As other reviewers have said, they tend to come out in clumps rather than one at a time, which is frustrating when you are trying to hold the legs of a squirmy baby.

They are very affordable though, so even though I won't be buying them again, I don't feel like I wated a lot of money trying them.


The one thing baby wipes need to be. Sadly these fit that bracket. They are convenient and cost saving however the dryness is enough for me to not buy them for our daughter.

Using a few at one time, can aid to assist the dryness issue.
Inexpensive, get the job done and I dont have any problems with it. They can be on the dry side which get annoying but so far thats the only downfall for me.
After hearing a lot of negative reviews about dymples nappies I was reluctant to waste money on the wipes.

That wasuntil I got caught out in town with no wipes! I got a packet from Target and was very suprised about how thick and soft they were!

Also the fact that they didn't tear easily like so many other brands was a high point.

I generally buy a few packets when I am in town now as they are a handy size to have and very decently priced compared to other brands!

I quite like these wipes and they are the ones i've stuck to using (after trailing a few).

They are reasonably thick, they don't break. I find the wetness varies, some times they are quite wet and others a bit on the dry side. They clean well enough - a little more is needed for 'stubborn' poo but overall i'm happy with how it cleans.

It doesn't cause any reactions in my child's skin.

It can sometimes be annoying because the wipes some times come out in clumps but to be honest this isn't a huge deal for me and i find lots of brands do this anyway.

The biggest tick for me is the price. I get the big boxes and it's great value. They might not be the greatest wipe in teh world but they do a pretty good job and, for me, are the best value priced wipe.

I would recommend.


They are reasonable compared to some of the cheaper wipes, fairly thick, moist & ok size. However you still do only get what you pay for with these.

The most annoying feature is that they always come out in clumps/several wipes still attached to eachother, so even if you only want one - you often waste 3, or need two hands free to tear them off.

No allergy or rash issues with them, preferred when they had the hard plastic click seal, but they seem to have gone back to the 'sticker' type seal (terrible in any brand!)

I have gone back to huggies, we use far less, they're reliably good and it's a better pack with click-close lid on the packs.


We have used these wipes a few times when they have been on special. They definitely compare with some of the higher priced wipes, such as Curash & Huggies. They aren't as 'cushiony' or thick, but still manage to get everything off, even if it does mean 2 or 3 wipes need to be used.

They have also caused no reaction to my daughters sensitive bum which is always a good thing! We usually grab a couple of packs when they are on special. Would definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a good brand of wipes.


I was so happy when these wipes came out. Previously i was using Huggies my but my little one who had bowel issues (would tear and bleed) and eczema would flinch when i used them on her bottom. It would also be too rough for her skin when i wiped her face and would leave her with red marks (rash like).

I use these wipes for bum, hand, face, feet and also to clean up her messes in the car and house. Great cleaner.

They perhaps are not as wet as some wipes and its annoying that they come out in clumps but i always get them prepared before i change a nappy so i don't waste too many. Sometimes you do need to use a few extra with #2's.

Great value for money. We buy them at Big W by the boxful and store at home. Last ages. I'll continue to use Dymples for my 2nd.


I got given a bulk packet of these from work when i went on maternity leave.

I find when i go to pull one out they all stick together so you need both hands to get them out of the packet

They are quite strong and don't tear but i don't think they are wet enough. They are ok for a wet nappy but for a dirty one you need to use quite a few of them at a time to get everything off

They aren't my wipe of choice but weren't too bad. They are a lot cheaper than the others but you need to use twice as many so in the long run it probably works out the same 

Bluest Blue Box
Amazinbg value for money. I do get annoyed when more than one comes out at a time, I put them in a huggies container. For poo-namis you need to use a lot because they aren't very thick but they are so cheap that it doesn't so really matter. Give them a go, you can't lose!
Two Sweetpeas
$10 for a box. No reactions from my kids. Like another reviewer mentioned, sometimes they stick together and a few come out at once, I find putting them in my huggies reusable nappy box helps. But it's no biggie. Just like the dymples nappies, good value for the price.
Excellent value for money ($19.99 for 12 packets of 80 wipes, amaxing) at Big W! Before these can out I used to use the mamia (aldi brand wipes)- but these ones are cheaper still! And I use them on my daughter who has skin issues and don't irritate her one bit!! Highly reccommend these! Their nappies are excellent also.
I was worried about using wipes from the beggining as I have very sensitive skin and so does my son.
However unlike some of the more expensive on the market do not leave my son with any redness or rash and you really can't go past the bargain price.

We buy two or three boxes at a time and they last for months and we don't have to go to the shops as often.

The only complaint I have is that often heaps of wipes come out of the packet when you go to pull one out.
~Lost In The Fifties~

We used to use huggies wipes until we came across the dymples wipes. The price difference is amazing, we were paying $22 for 480 huggies wipes & we now pay $18 for 980 of the dymples wipes & they are exactly the same thing. We use the unscented wipes (as pictured) and have never had a problem with rashes or dry skin (my children have eczema), i have used them on their bums, faces, hands & generally for anything... Will never go back to huggies while these wipes are available!



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