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Huggies Unscented Wipes

39 reviews
Unscented Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

These wipes are my favourite ones to use. They are nice and thick and perfectly moist. My dd has a sensitive bum and these are fantastic she's never had any reactions and it's great they no longwe contain any parabens. I've tried others but keeps going back to these ones.


I have used Huggies unscented wipes for all 3 of my children whilst still in nappies.

They are nice and thick, and it enanbles me to wipe once, fold it in half and have another go, which saves money and the environment.

I have never had a problem with my children having sensitive skin, and I found Huggies have been just fine to use even when my babies have had nappy rash.

I don't find them to be any more expensive than any other leading brand, and personally I would rather pay a little bit more and know I am getting a nice, thick, moist wipe that won't break or clean up the mess.

An excellent bonus is they are great for doing spot cleaning around the house with, too! 


They're moist, they get the poo off and they aren't too thin that you put your finger through them.

i have tried quite a few wipes and these ones are the only ones I use in minimum, and still do the trick.

The downside is the price, but you can pick up the big boxes on special every now and then. That's when I stock up.


Whilst I wouldn't discount the fact that these wipes work, and they work really well at removing poo, I don't like the fact that my baby got nappy rash so often when I used them. When I stopped using these wipes, the nappy rash seemed to have disappeared for far too long for it to have been a coincidence.

I have now switched to using cloth wipes with water as well as pre-packaged water wipes and bub's bottom is much happier for it.

Whilst the convenience of a packaged wipe is great, I won't be going anywhere near my baby's bottom with these wipes again.


I have tried nearly every brand of wipe and these are the only ones I like. They are nice and thick, and I've never had any issues with them ripping. The only thing I don't like about them is that they can be quite wet (especially when bought in the big bulk packs), so I just make sure I have a terry towelling cloth at the change table to dry off bubs bottom if need be.

Bought these once - never again! They are way too thick and soft, especially for cleaning poo... they rip too easily! It is important to clean little girls thoroughly so they don't get bladder infections, and these wipes were too thick for this purpose. I prefer a thinner wipe which can be handled more precisely and thoroughly remove waste from my baby's private areas.

We switched from another brand and now use only Fragrance Free Huggies wipes. The container is great as a distraction for bub as she has reached the stage where getting a nappy on gives me grey hair! I find she rarely (when her teething is very bad) gets nappy rash when we ONLY use these wipes and even then is much more mild than using other 'sensitive' wipes. Expensive but we often pick them up from Toys'R'Us for 2 for $20 and get Huggies box of nappies for 27.99, which is great!


The only reason I purchased these was for the reusable box and the winnie the pooh design. When wiping my babies bum they rip, resulting in getting poop on my hands!! I still have half a box to use..I can not wait until they are finished so I can go back to my original wipes. They were a reasonable price though which was a bonus. They smell funny too. 


We use these Huggies wipes all the time on our 14month old. After trying several brands we have found these to be the thickest and strongest we have used. Both my husband and I agree that although they are expensive they are the best!


These wipes are great.

I find them easy to use and don't have any trouble with them. Occassionally they are a bit too wet, but overall they aren't oily, greasy or smelly. They leave my baby's bottom feeling like normal, they don't dry his skin out, or make it feel too wet. They are also alcohol free, which is great for his skin and mine.

Although he does still suffer from the occassional bout of napy rash, so I don't think the 'nappy rash preventing' element to the wipes actually works like the package claims.

I would highly recommend these wipes.


These are my favourite wipes - they are thick, easy to use and dont have that wet or oily feeling that some of the other wipes do.

I find in newborns that tearing them in half helps to stop you going through them as quickly which is nice.

They have seemed to cause a slight irritation in both of my newborns, but most wipes i have tried do that anyway.


I have used these wipes a few times over the years, mainly for the container they come in.  These wipes are very very thick but I find that they rip easily and don't take much strength.  They are okay for cleaning baby up after nappy changes but I tend to use wipes for a few other reasons too, these aren't good for anything else.

Container is great though!

As a whole, these wipes would have what a lot of people would deem to be great features.

They are thick, very very thick wipes. They are well moistened and overall a trusted brand.

I did however find that the fibres off the wipes would go everwhere when we used them. I actually don't particularly like how thick they are and even as unscented wipes our daughter broke out in a rash from using them. We are unsure why, but she just reacts to them.

I also found it was a fight to get them out of the wipes container. Often dragging their friends when you only want one or two.

They are a good wipe, but they just aren't right us.
You really do get what you pay for with these huggies wipes. They are lovely and thick and have never given rashes to either of my babies. I much prefer spending the few extra $ on these wipes because of their thickness you dont have to use as many as the thin cheap ones. 

I love huggies, they have always provided me great products, But I find these wipes a let down. They are rather costly and I find the wipes don't come apart very easily when removing them from the packet often causing them to rip. I also find they don't have much wetness in the wipes so it takes more wipes then usual to clean up a dirty bottom! I do find that they are more gentle on my boys bottoms then other wipes though, we have never had any issue with nappy rash or excess moisture causing irratation.


These are my all time favourite baby wipes. They are extremely thick, absorbant and not too wet. My little one has never had nappy rash when using these wipes.

Major downfall is the cost which is why I much prefer to buy the aldi baby wipes as they are so similar and much cheaper.


I bought these wipes mainly for the great container they came in. I think the wipes are good and are nice to use but I don't think they are worth the extra cost you pay for them. 

The container is fantastic to use and refil with a cheaper brand.  


Huggies is one of the best brands of wipes and we can trust them for the quality. I love using these wipes ,these are good quality, thick,embossed and very good at cleaning  up times.

Only one thing that i think of is the price before buying them but they are worth the price. i prefer to buy them in bulk when ever they come on specials.

individual wipe does not tear off while cleaning up and have good strength .. It is always gentle on baby's skin and i have never seen any rash after cleaning with it. One wipe is sufficient if you are  just changing  the nappy after 2 hours, potty time needs maximum 3 wipes . As these wipes clean well so they justify their price.

Being unscented they don't have any fragrance and does not cause any irritation.

Overall very good quality - a must have...

Always thick and moist. Never had a problem with them except for the price. Do have a weekly budget so most the time I buy another brand that does the same job. But there are times when I splurge and come back to these ones.

I highly recommend these wipes, yes they may be a little bit expensive but after finding out that Huggies will not and do not use that nasty chemical that has been band in other countries I will now buy nothing other than Huggies.

I have never had any issues with the wipes, they are thick and always moist, I also have a dispenser and I think this helps, it allows you to pull out only one at a time, unlike just pulling them out from the bag.

Huggies you get my tick of approval


The wipes are good - but i've always needed at least 3-4wipes to clean her up. And considering the price, that's quite hefty.They also dry out very quickly.

But they're one of the two best wipes i've found so far.

My wipes of choice!  They are so nice and thick compared to other brands.  I got the tub dispenser too which is great when you're trying to keep bubs feet and hands out of the nappy.  They aren't exactly unscented but the smell that's on them isn't offensive.  They are nicely moistened too, not too dry not do they dry out too quickly.  They are also a great texture too, soft and comfortable - others tend to be so thin and papery.
These wipes were very expensive compared to some of the other cheaper brands, but I felt they were worth every cent. They are much thicker than the cheap wipes, so instead of using 4 cheap wipes to clean up explosive poos, I've always found that one Huggies wipe could do the job well. Bubby never reacted to them, they were fantastic.
I find them too think and I find them too dry to wipe the bottom clean

I've been using these wipes on my son since he was born.  Never had one tear, they are big, nice and thick so get even the messiest of messes off his bum and I like them.

I buy the box when they are on sale for $20 and they last months!  I rarely use more than 2 wipes with each poo change, and they are great for washing hands etc when out and about too. 


I found these wipes too thick.  They also kept falling apart and tearing as I was trying to get them out.

Really expensive and found I was using a lot in each nappy change as they were too thick.

Okay, I hate these wipes.

They are expensive, heavy and despite being 'unscented' smell like a hospital cleaning closet.

My son was always left with a red bottom after using them and we quickly switched to something lighter.
Bluest Blue Box
They are very expensive so I only buy them occassionally when they are on special and use cheaper brands the rest of the time. I never get anything on my hands and use less wipes because they are so thick.
We have used these wipes since birth on my son, while they have a chemically smell about them I have found all "unscented" wipes do, these are thick and plush and I have never had one rip, they are great for big's poo's. We have never had any issues with nappy rash while using this product.

while these wipes ar 'unscented' they still have a strange smell to them, sort of chemically.

that said i love that they are thick and the poo doesnt soak through to the other side when wiping like other wipes. i also like that they arnt overstreachy so when you pull one out of the pack you dont streach it out  of shape

I personally love these wipes! They are think enough for any type of poo my sons have for me, they actually wipe away the pee scent, they are the right thickness & wetness.. I've tried to swap to Johnson's baby wipes didnt happy because it gave my son a rash!
We trialled most wipes on the market and Huggies definitely rated at the bottom (no pun intended!) for us.  

They are extremely hard to get out of the box and quite often more than one would be pulled through meaning we wasted a lot.  I didn't like the smell and found them to not be as moist or efficient as other brands.

I initially didnt like Huggies wipes as i found them way too thick to actually wipe properly. But the unscented ones are the cheapest at my remotestore so i thought id give them a try. I find them to be thick enough that my fingers dont break through, but still soft enough to wipe.

The first wipe out of the pack is always wet, other brands get dry towards the top. And even though they are unscented they still smell fresh.  

Jessie Boan
I like Huggies Unscented Wipes because I usually find that one wipe is enough for the job, and it is thick enough to keep me relatively unscathed (of course I wash my hands afterwards still). I have had no issue with nappy rash or reaction (as I have with other brands, particularly the scented varieties)
My son is the most important thing in the world to me, and I would never use anything but Huggies Unscented Wipes. I have never had a problem using them, and my son has never had nappy rash. It's a great product and something I would recommend to all Mums and Dads.
These are the best wipes around. Nice and thick and big. They don't break and aren't too wet or dry. They have never caused any rash and leave bubs bottom nice and fresh. I use them for cleaning as well. I buy them in bulk when they are on special
When I had my daugher (who's now 6), we used Huggies wipes and found they were the best. We tried others, but found you needed to use more of them and they weren't as effective as the Huggies ones which seemed to be thicker than many other brands and did the job. It was particularly important when she began moving more and it was harder to change her, the time it saved was a definite bonus. We'll be using them again this time (am due any day now!).
Tanya Bishop
Nice & thick - making it easy to clean dirty lil botums!
I have always used Huggies unscented wipes for all my 3 children.  They leave them nice and fresh and they've never had a reaction to them.  Now that my children are out of nappies, I still continue to buy them as they are great for everything.  I keep them in my bag for wiping dirty faces and hands, tables when we're out, toilet seats, and I even use them to clean my bathroom benches - they work great on hairspray residue!  They're the only wipes that get stains out when somthing spills onto clothes and they don't leave a 'wet ring' mark.



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