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Target Target Dri Bot Wipes

11 reviews
Target Dri Bot Wipes
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I'm a bit surprised by all the negative reviews - not sure whether I got lucky with my batch of Dri Bot wipes, but I like them!

Yes they are thin, but I prefer thin wipes which are good for getting into tiny nooks and crannies - thicker wipes can't clean as precisely, I find.

I didn't find them "dry" at all. I purchased a big bulk carton of 960 wipes on special for $9 which is unbelievably cheap! 

Despite being cheaper, they are gentle on daughter's skin and we haven't had any problems there. They don't really have a smell at all.

If there is a bigger mess then yes I do have to use several, but overall it still works out to be much cheaper than other wipes. I like them and would buy again for sure!

I found these wipes dry and very very thin. They require you to use twice as much as you would normally use therefore they aren't overly cost effective.

I wouldn't buy them again unless Target considered reviewing their design.

DP says two thumbs down.
These wipes are thin and dry out so easily it's not funny, I bought them expecting to save money and thinking I was really clever, why wasn't everyone else using them??

Well, they suck! That's why!

Kept a packet unopened in my nappy bag and went to use them maybe a month after I put them in and they were all dry.

Quite a gross smell and I felt awful using them on bubs.

Did not last long in this house, although I did find some good use for them in dusting once they were dry.
My husband and I personally do not like these wet wipes, they are way too thin for runny breastfed baby poos and you have to use twice as much because of this, so they arent really a $$ saver at all! 

I bought these purely because they were very cheap. I didn't really expect them to be fantastic but i was hoping they would be a little better than they are.

They are very thin so you need to fold them up or use more than one so they don't break through.

When you pull one out a whole bunch will come out all stuck together - so you need to spend time seperating them which can be a disaster if you don't plan ahead and get a wiggly bub with a pooey bum.

You need several to get a good clean so they run out quickly.

They are supposed to be fragance free but have a strong, chemical smell.

Overall not great and i wouldn't re-purchase


I bought these wipes in abudance when they were on special and have to say - when trying them out I was disappointed.

The wipes were so thin and hard to wipe up number 2's.

I found that I was using 2 or 3 times for for each nappy change than what I would use from my more expensive but trusty wipes and so in the long run, the cheap buying price ended up being more expensive.

I would recommend paying the extra for a better quality, thicker wipe. 


I bought absolutely heaps of these when they were on special, and I am still using them. I have been using them for almost four mths and think that they are alright for the price.

DS has had no instances of nappy rash, although I believe this is more to do with other factors: we always apply cream, he gets nappy off time daily and we try to bath him after a poo if its possible.

I ahve really sensitive skin so I have always been very careful with the little one's skin to avoid getting nappy rash- I only use the packet wipes after a poo, then bath him if I can, but on the instances where a bath hasnt been possible, we had no trouble with Dri bots wipes.

On the downside- they dont come out of the packet one at a time- so you have to get them out and separate them BEFORE you take the nappy off! A couple of packets also wouldnt reseal very well, but most were fine. They are a little thin- so I use them folded in half, otherwise "it" comes through.

For that price, I would buy them again for sure :)

I have the little purse packs of these which in theory should be great for the nappy bag.  Unfortunately I'd prefer to carry around a better brand.  They are far too thin so I need to use more of them.  The texture is bad, not soft but rather like damp paper.  The worst problem is that they tend to stick to themselves so you need to guess how many you will need first and get them out if you want to hold bub's hands and feet out of the nappy.  That or have 4 hands or someone helping you!  I think that these would only really be good for wiping bub's hands and face and leave the nappy business alone.

I have been trying to find cheeper alternative wipes to save valuable $$$.

I find these wipes clean the bottom well, but pull out in lumps, so where you may only require 2 or three wipes, you may get 7! So much for saving. 

Got these wipes half price so they were really cheap.  So far have had no problems with nappy rash etc.  They also do a handy travel pack which is also a good price.

the only good thing about these wipes is that they are cheap.

i bought a big box of these before my sone was born and stopped using them as they caused a rash on him. they wernt all that moist either. i ended up using them to clean the highchair.

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