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Pigeon Soft & Silky Baby Wipes

4 reviews
Soft & Silky Baby Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I used these with DD1 and stuck with them for 1 year because I found them to be soft and gentle on her sensitive skin. I shopped around for ages to find something that was a little cheaper than the prefered brands that was going to do the job without burning her poor skin. 6 years later I was trying to remember what brand they were to use on DD2 and was scrolling through here and saw the familiar packaging and BINGO! Next time I go shopping Im gonna track these down and buy again!!!
Just like everything else Pigeon I have tried, these are great!

Nice and soft, nice smelling, work well for heavy duty nappies ;P and good value for money! 

Come in handy travel packs so perfect for the handbag or nappy bag. 
Vanessa Rapkins
These pigeon wipes are great, they are a great thickness, the right moisture content and get rid of all substances on the babies skin. They are cheap too, buy a 3 pack (3x82 wipes) for $7.95. I've never had a problem with these and used them on both of my girls for years.
Kris T

I used to buy and still sometimes do, wipes from aldi, but i found that when i would pull one out they would come out in bundles, which i found and find annoying.

So while i was waiting at my local chemist for a script I found the pidgeon wipes pack of 3, and they were a bargain. 

They are strong in texture but still smooth, moist, come out of the packet individually and not in clumps and a pack of three meant i did not have to worry about buying anymore for a few weeks. 

PS my toddler is out of nappies so they are only used for when she does number 2's. 



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