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Johnson & Johnson Skincare Wipes

17 reviews
Skincare Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

These are by far the best wipes in the market. I first bought these 7 years ago to use for my first son. 7 years later I am still using them. Im an avid purchaser of these. They are competitively priced, they are not dry like some others are and they have never reacted with my kids. I also use them as face wipes (for the kids and to remove my makeup), for sticky fingers and to clean any mess they make on the furniture.


These wipes are great! First time mum & I was given these at my baby shower. I haven't tried many wipes, but these are pretty good! Don't need to try any others!


I have been using these wipes for the past 7 years over 3 kids, they are great! Can be a tad expensive but I just buy them on special and stock up if really cheap.

They are not too thick, they are a great "wetness" and are great for my girls. The only thing I would say is I used a thicker well-known brand for my boy as they didn't seem to wipe him as good as the girls.

Overall recommend to anyone with girls and even as a great wipe for hands and general spills etc at home.


These are my favourite wipes.  The packet has a plastic opening that clips shut after use to keep them moist.  The wipes don't break when using  and are great at cleaning. 

Highly recommend!


I've found these wipes to be the best I tried so far. 

They are soft, thick and justly wet. They keep my baby's skin moisturized and also leave a light fragance.

On the minus side, they are a bit expensive compared with other wipes, but if you get a special it is worthy to spend a bit more on them.

Overall, they are my first choice wipes and would certainly recommend them. 

these wipes were up and down with each pack! some were very wet, others only a little bit wet! the really wet ones seemed to have way to much fragrance which resulted in poor baby's skin not liking it! and the ones that were not so wet didnt clean his bum! i could not win! i have loved most things Johnson's but these were disappointing.
Not too thick, not too wet. I found them to be the perfect wipes, and leaves bubby's bottom clean, and he did not react to these wipes too. Great product in my opinion.
I find these wipes way too wet, and don't pick up the residues on my DD's bottom as well as the huggies wipes.  I'm pretty disappointed with it.
These are my number one choice for baby wipes. They keep wet enough and are the perfect wetness. I find that they are good value for money and I buy mine in a bulk pack to get them cheaper. I like that they are fabric and not paper because it never rips. They are also the perfect size for my 9mth old currently. 

Great wipes...

Has the no more tears formula, so great if the little one has nappy rash.

My bub got sick after her last immunisations, ended up with a very sore bottom.  I was using a different brand of wipes and she'd scream as soon as they touched her skin.  Changed over to Johnson & Johnson sensitive wipes and there were no more tears.  They are a little more expensive then the brand I was using however worth the money.

Great size and thickness, also perfect wetness.

Ive always found these wipes to be the best, they were always gentle on my childerns skin and left a sublte scent. They also were a good size and i never found them to rip or tear like i found with other 
I find these wipes great and cheap enough when I buy in bulk from Nappyland.  I haven't had any problems with them and have used them for all 4 of my babies!
These wipes are ok but not as good as Huggies. I find they are too thin compared to Huggies. I do like the fragrance but wonder what chemicals have been added to create that fragrance. I like that they aren't too wet or dry and they didn't cause any nappy rash but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them

I wouldnt rave about these or go out of my way to recommend them. I think they are a little thin and for my money i could buy more wipes in the same quality and thiness.

They are ok prices if you get them on sale and they do smell good. They didnt manage to irritate my sons skin either which is very sensitive to most things and has severe exzema.


I found these wipes to be satisfactory if you have nothing else. I prefer wipes without fragrance as I don't see why you need to fragrance your babies bum anyway. Fragrance is just unneccessary chemicals on your babies skin, that could cause irritation. I prefer thicker wipes than these. They don't grab poo as well as other thicker brands.

I bought these in a bulk pack when they were on special. With the first wipe they irritated my daughter skin and gave her nappy rash. With a big box of them I decided to use them at meal time to clean up mess but my daughter hated me wiping her face with them. They have a very strong smell to them and I wouldn't buy them again.

These wipes are awful.

They gave my son a horrific rash every time we used them. We now use cloth wipes, but back in our disposable wipes days we avoided these ones like the plague.

We originally bought a massive pack when they were on special, and when we realised they were causing his rash, I decided to use them as a make-up remover. The first wipe I brought to my face just stank of chemicals and alcohol, so I was hardly surprised that they caused a rash on our little one. In the end we donated the wipes to a daycare centre, and we will *never* buy them again.

I would rate them a zero, if possible.

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