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Playdays Organic Chemical Free Childcare Wipes

4 reviews
Organic Chemical Free Childcare Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Wow!! I am a devoted customer. One of the mums at my local playgroup pulled out a pack of Playdays for me to use on my baby. I really noticed that my hands didn't feel like they needed moisturizer afterwards. When I tracked down how to get hold of them (that's on Kinderstar's site) they arrived straight away. I love the flip top and they even pull out one at a time.

My 4 yr old has very sore, red, itchy and scaly eczema patches which always flare up.  When we use 'typical' baby wipes her eczema ignites.  This is the only brand I have ever tried which does not cause any reaction whatsoever!  They are very soothing, they do not sting and are really gentle.  I should know I've tried everything.  I am very pleased with this wipe.
R Jones
I like to use natural products on my children but find they are not always chemical or perfume free, Playdays really fit the bill. This brand causes no allergic reaction whatsoever. The order and delivery process was very easy.  Unbeatable service and an amazing product! very happy.
I bought a carton online.  They actually arrived THE next day.  But I am more thrilled with these organic wipes than any other wipe I have ever tried.  Easy to get and price is very good.  They are very moist and so  gentle on my little girl's skin.  I love that they do not clump but pull out one at a time. They do not 'strip and dry; my hands out.  An amazing product, I love them and will definately be getting more when I run out.   



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