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Aldi Mamia Wipes

36 reviews
Mamia Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

i really like the refillable wipes. They are quite wet and very thick so good for cleaning. Only downside is they seems a bit small but otherwise happy for the price. 


I purchased a big box of these after a few people gave them good reviews however, they are pretty average. Not very thick and slightly drier then my normal wipes. Ok for an emergency but I won't be purchasing them again if I can help it.


After being an avid Mamia Nappy supporter, I was a little disappointed to find that Mamia Wipes gave me DD a rash fairly quickly. 

In saying that, different wipes can set off different babies. 

I would only purchase these again in an emergency


My mother in law bought these for me when we were expecting our first little man and they were great. perfect thickness, dampness etc. i have found some other wipes to get quite wet the further you get through the pack but these stayed just right all the way through. the price is a definite winner too.


I love these wipes, they are the perfect thickness and wetness and best of all price! We all know how many we may need for a Bomb (we,ve all seen one of those, they explode out of the nappy, lol)  Mamia does the job, and because there not expensive i can do the job right!  Thank Aldi for this one, havnt seen them anywhere else.


I love the fact that they aren't too wet, come in bulk at a great price, thick & they don't tear or rip! (which I have experienced with well known brands) I was pleasantly surprised! :-)


I was quite happy with the brand of wipes I'd been using for years but then discovered the Mamia Wipes and found that they were even better! They are thick, but not too thick, they are priced greatly (especially if you buy them in the bulk box) and they are easy to use.

I love the easy open package with hard plastic lid.
The only negative is that sometimes they're a bit hard to get out of the packet one at time, but I haven't found a brand that isn't and these are the easiest so far!


I did use huggies wipes and thought their special of 240 wipes for $12 was great until I saw the Mamia Unscented wipes at $7.99 for 240! I thought i'd give them a go at that price and I was pleasantly suprised. They didn't compromise on quality and were practically the same as the Huggies wipes - thick, gentle on the skin, sufficiently wet and well packaged, but the only downside was that when you pulled a wipe out only one would come out and you'd have to try and find the edge of the new one. But, for the price I really don't mind the fact that it doesn't come out in two's or three's, I can live with that. I will definitely be converting to Mamia in the future.


I started buying a packet of these wipes everytime I did my grocery shopping when I was pregnant with DS.

I find these wipes are great value for money. They are fairly thick compared to some of the other cheaper brand wipes out there and much better quality. I buy the fragranced once as I love the smell, but love the fact that you can also buy the unfragranced once for bubs with more sensitive skin.

They have also just changed their packaging so now when you pull out a wipe, only one comes out as I used to find before I had a lot of trouble with 2 or 3 wipes all coming out at once when you only wanted one. I also love the clip close top to keep the wipes moist when they are not being used

I highly reccommend these wipes to anyone who is looking for good value for money. At less than $3 a packet, you cant go wrong :)

Tonight we decided to buy a 240 pack of Aldi Extra Thick Unscented wipes. A price of $7.99 equalling $2.66 a pack is a bargain and certainly down there with the cheapest.

I was hesitant in trying them however we are always trying new brands. As soon as we got home I opened the pack and pulled one out.

They really are thick and nicely moistened. I loved the cute little animal prints in the wipes and they came apart so well.

I am excited to try these on DD tomorrow and see if they give her a rash or not. If she doesn't get a rash from them, I think I will be switching.

Aldi seem to have a great baby range, I am really impressed with what they have and they show you that you don't need to pay a fortune for quality.

I pick these up whenever I am at Aldi and can't fault them.  The packaging is great, with the plastic top that is able to be resealed to contain moisture.  Nice and thick.


I LOVE these wipes, and so does my husband!  They are his favourite!  I got mountains of different brands of wipes for my baby shower, and these are by far my favourite!

Firstly, I love how you can pull one wipe out without half the packet coming out with annoying when you need a wipe in a hurry.  I have only tried the scented wipes, and they smell lovely, and have not caused any rash or irritation for our daughter.

They are very reasonably priced, and can buy a box of 480 for $9.99. 


I really love these wipes, they are really cheap but great quality.

I also like the fact that each wipe is separate so when you pull one out of the pack you don't get a whole string of wipes as long as your arm.

Not too wet, not too dry. Never cause a rash or irritation on my child.


I recently went on a trip to visit my parents interstate and picked up these wipes from Aldi. I got the unscented ones. They are fantastic! I prefer them over one of the bigger branded wipes. They are thick, come out of the plastic container well, don't tear and best of all, fantastic value for money. The worst bit is that there in no Aldi where I live, so I can't buy more!!


I have tried alot of wipes, and these are by far my favourite!

Not only are they cost affective, but they (IMO) smell great. I have used the unscented ones, but mych prefer the scented ones in the orange packet.

I think its great that they also come in a few different sizes, altho I find the pack of 80 best for my needs.

I have no issues with DD using them, other wipes I have found she has a reaction to - but having uised these for about 8 months now - have never had a flair up yet!

These are the only wipes I buy after trying EVERY single wipe on the market ... The unscented wipes in the blue packet are the best. The premium wipes aren't wet enough and the scented wipes smell like toilet cleaner ...

These are the only wipes I know buy. They are extremely affordable, come in a variety of sizes, unscented and scented. Personally we buy the unscented wipes, though I have used the scented ones before and found they did just a good job. These wipes come apart easily and I find I don't need to use many wipes to clean up accidents as they have quite alot of moisture and easily clean dirty bottoms! They are gentle on my kids skin and also double for great face cloths. Definietly a product I recommend to others.


I usually purchase Huggies baby wipes but since my MIL bought a packet of the Aldi brand wipes (the thicker un-scented wipes in the refill pack), I haven't looked back.

I've found them to be so similar to Huggies wipes. They are nice and thick, not too wet and bubs hasn't had any sort of nappy rash problems from them. And of course, they're much, much more affordable!


First of all, I am reviewing the smaller packs of thinner wipes (80 pk) and not the thicker variety as I didn't find them as good.  The thinner ones (fragrance free here) are brilliant - never had a rash from them and are always nice and moist.  If you can get them in a box (6 x 80 wipes) on sale they work out to be so cheap.


Wow what great wipes. i always carry these in the car as spills and messes are unavoidable.  There are great for the sticky fingers and do a great job at removing the "Sticky" and "dirt" from hands and face.

We also have these in the bathroom at home, My older girls use these to remove make up and have never complained about them at all. They are refeshing and remove make up with a breeze.

They are cheap and do a great job and in this day and age, a bargain that does its job well is what we are all looking for!


I tried these on recommendation from other mums.

I was quite disappointed! They are hopeless!

The one thing about them (other than the act they gave my DD nappy rash!) was that they aren't in the pack evenly, i.e. like with huggies - you pull one out and the next is there, with aldi wipes I was constantly 'scratching' at the pack to get the next wipe! Very frustrating!

Really disappointing, and I can't even say 'you get what you pay for' as the IGA wipes are much better (and bigger) and not a lot more expensive. 

I think the price of wipes is ridiculous so was very happy to find these and pay nearly half the price of other brands. They are as good as others used.

I bought some Mamia wipes after recommendations from several mummy friends. The price also swayed me to give these wipes a try. However, I was dissapointed.

The wipes were barely wet which made it near impossible to use them for poo clean ups (they were ok when baby was just wet) and I found myself using more wipes per nappy change which pretty much wipes out saving money when buying cheaper wipes. Because they were so thin they were hard to grab out of the box (especially one handed).

I will not be buying these wipes again. 


Mamia baby wipes from aldi are the wipes that we are using for the last 2 years. A friend recommended me these wipes and thought that i will buy them only once and if i don't like the wipes i will never buy them again.

For 80 wipes $2.49 is very reasonable price and if we compare it with other brands then we can say that aldi wipes are very low in price.

When i started using the wipes i was very happy with the results. These wipes are gentle on the skin and very soft. So i use it for nappy time for kids and these wipes are always in the car for cleaning messy hands.

Overall i am very happy with the wipes .


I love Mamia fragrance free wipes from Aldi. They are great quality, reasonably priced and they aren't 'dry' like the other cheapie wipes on the market. They are fairly thin, but I prefer them that way. I used to spend about $5 on a packet of wipes before trying these, and now I can buy wipes which are exactly the same for half the price.

These are by far the best wipes we have used.  They are the cheapest aswell.  My DD has sensitive skin and I found if I used any of the other brands wipes and wiped her face she would come out with a rash - but with the Mamia Blue Packet wipes she has no irriatation.
Those wipes are GREAT on my little one, i use them daily, i usually buy the 240 wipes pack when i run out of them. Quality wise; they are THICK enough to me (i don't get that feeling i am wasting a lot of wipes), they are MOIST enough and most important NO ALLERGY reaction on my baby's skin. Those wipes come in scented or not, small pack or bigger pack and both have a sealed top. really great i call it "huggies generic brand" 
These wipes from Aldi are fantastic. I do not mind that they are thin. For a more cost effective wipe i use these. They smell great, wipe well and seem similar to huggies to me. I got them on sale and they worked out to 2c a wipe. I stocked up and are very happy. I usually buy J&J brand but for the price you cant go wrong
I found that these wipes were good if money is scarse- as in my situation. However i found that you have to use alot more than say huggies wipes to get rid of all nasties!

I prefer the thinner wipes as I always felt that I was "wasting" the thicker ones.

They don't seem to be overly fragranced and work well on their usual clean-up duties.

The best part is that these wipes are great value.

Arbre de la vie

I only buy these wipes now.They are so cheap but perform just as well as the other more expensive brands. They are thin but i actually prefer them this way. Aldi do stock thicker 'premium' wipes in the same style as the Huggies wipes but i find it easier to clean bub with the thiner style.

DS suffers from eczema  but i find these dont aggrivate it at all, and are gentle on nappy rash too. I buy the fragrance free ones but they stock fragranced wipes also. I love that they come in a snap lid pack so they dont dry out. i also think they are perfectly moist without being too wet.. and they also dont leave soapy residue on bub as some other brands ive tried do.

Great value for money! lets face it, why spend more on something like wipes when this cheap brand out does many of the more expensive brands anyway!  


these wipes are great value for money, they come in the packet with the snap lock lid, so they dont dry out, are nice and moist are a decent size t wipe up big messes.

however they dont smell as nice as other brands, but that is my only con

These wipes are really great.  They don't come out in big clumps, clean well, and smell good - and for the price, I really recommend them.

I think these are one of the best wipes out there. They are a lot cheaper than others, but this is not a reflection of quality. My bub had rashes to the J&J ones and also huggies, and she tolerated these just fine. I like the fact that they have just the right amount of moisture- not too wet and not too dry. They are thinner than some, but they do just as good a job of clearing up messes. I agree with some of the other feedback- it can be hard to remove only one wipe one handed but i haven't really found this to be a massive problem.

Have been recommending these to all my friends with bubs since discovering them.

these are thin but it doesnt seem to effect there use, they come in different scents and are easy to take in the bag with us or leave at home. There are one of the best priced ones for the qaulity.

These wipes are good for their price. The packs are handy to use and, unlike packs that are sealed by a sticky peice of plastic, they hold well and can be used in your handbag.

Worst aspect: can be difficult to remove one handed as they tend to get stuck in the pack. They are rather thin, although surprisingly work well considering that.



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