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Huggies Extra Sensitive Wipes

5 reviews
Extra Sensitive Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I've been using these for a few weeks and these are fabulous. They are so thick, it makes wiping easy and gets into the folds of baby's skin. I like that they keep baby's skin in great condition, not effecting my baby at all.

Highly reccommend these wipes.


I used these first time around with DD1 and foud them to be the best. We shopped around trying to find wipes that wouldn't burn her sensitive skin like the other wipes that claimed to be fragrance free and for sensitive skin. They soon became a regular in the shopping trolley long after DD1 was done with nappies. They are thick, strong and do the job very well.

We even take them camping for a clean down when there are no shower facilities.


I love this brand since the first time using it. Tried other brand but nothing as good as this one. It's never leaking, my children skin never have any problem using it, the absorbency is ultra excellent! The downside is the price more expensive than other brands (but definetely worth it because you don't have to change the nappy too often, it can last for 4-6 hours each nappy). It is great for night nappies. I used to buy it on special and stock lots of it. The other downside is I am kinda bored with the design and the size is a bit smaller. However I still award this brand as the number 1 disposable nappy in terms of it's performance!

I must say, that I love them! Took a lot of running around to find wipes that didn't cause any redness or dramas with bub. This is all I will use apart from the cloth wipes you ad water to at home. Great for out and about thats for sure!!
I have been using these for 8months now and love them. They don't irritate my daughter skin and are so moist and thick. I buy them in bulk when I see them on special, you certainly are buying quality for the price and well worth it, I think.



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