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Huggies Cucumber & Aloe Baby Wipes

9 reviews
Cucumber & Aloe Baby Wipes
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I just bought a the aloe and cucumber wipes for the first time and my 1 year old now has a very sore red Rash on his bottom. I've only used them for a day and now I'm  throwing them away , never has he reacted this way to other brands, very disappointed as huggies are a go to brand, never again . 


I just purchased a large box of the cucumber and aloe wipes, only used them on my bub twice and noticed a slight redness when changing the second nappy and when changing the third nappy it looked red and nasty and it was painful for bub. I did not use then the third time I gave her a shower and washed the area to clean it or and residue left behind by the wipes. Went down the shops and bought a box if my old brand curash and she cleared up very quickly, complete gone by the next morning. 


Nice and soft, moist, felt they easily ripped though

loved he smell and would buy again!


They smell so delicious! It's a shame that when I'm pulling them out of the packet or wiping DD's bum, they get a hole in them. I recieved a sample pack from huggies & I won't be buying these. But the smtempos tempting!

We can't use these wipes on our daughter due to her reaction with Huggies wipes. However we received a smaple pack from Huggies of these new wipes.

I tried them on my face. I am normally very sensitive to things and I found that they were very refressing, didn't irrate my skin and smell quite lovely.

They seem like a very product and I would buy them for my self, definately.
I absolutely love the smell of these wipes! being huggies they are slightly more expensive than other brands but they really are good quality
I bought a pack of these when they were on special but they're nothing special. Yes they're thick, they smell nice and they do the job but there are other wipes that are exactly the same for a little less.

I am always happy to use cucumber and aloe wipes for my kids. Thes wipes are of very good quality.These are thick wipes and very good at cleaning the mess. great for nappy changing times too. being a thick wipe ,one wipe does not tear off when i rub it a bit hard to clean. It has a nice soothing fragrance and not the overpowering one. i always keep in my baby bag as these are very handy and useful and makes life very easy in the need of a clean up.

Moreover cucumber and aloe touch gives a very calming effect.

I am very happy with these wipes and want these to come in multipacks like other wipes. moreover when i pull out one wipe other wipe also comes along with it and thats a bit annoying. But overall i will be very happy with wipes.

i love the fresh new smell of these cucumber and aloe wipes it will be even better in summer that fresh fruity smell iv used them on my newborn whos now 19 weeks and its got the great thickness of huggies wipes so i end up using less without my fingernails going thru them, the only downside iv found is they arnt sold in as large a packs so end up costing a bit more but i prefer the smell of these and that he smells clean after using them than other wipes that smell soapy and chemical and with all my sons allergies including perfumes  and washing powders these work well with his sensitive skin



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