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Gaia Bamboo Baby Wipes

10 reviews
Bamboo Baby Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have loved Bum Boosa bamboo baby wipes since I have tried them and wouldn't want to use any other brand! Bum Boosa bamboo baby wipes are a favorite in my home for my baby, toddler and me!


I always try to use organic products where ever I can.  I use the majority of the Gaia range products except for the wipes. I have bought these wipes in the past in pure desperation when I am unable to get my normal organic wipes and I have found them to be a complete let down.

There are a number of chemicals in the product compared to other organic baby wipes and they have a strong smell.

I have also noticed that with these wipes they tend to dry my son's skin out and he ends up getting nappy rash.

Further - for some reason everytime you try to get one wipe out you end up getting multiple wipes.


I was surprised to see lots of negative reviews here, but it just shows you everyone and every bub is different.  So here is our experience with Gaia...

I love their other products, soap free bath gel, shampoo and massage oils, so tried the wipes.  They are a little pricey at $5.60 for a pack of (I think) 80, but the main reason I don'y mind this extra expense is the compostable nature of these wipes.  I have a load of them in the compost bin right now, so I'm still testing this, but they are rated to break down within 2 weeks

Made of bamboo (a sustainable resource), they are soft and sturdy.  They do indeed have a medium-strong scent, but it's not perfume, it's reputed to be essential oils, and despite having sensitive skin, our bub has never objected or reacted, and I actually find the scent to be slightly pleasant.

We only use chemical-free wipes, as they are used so often, and we wish to limit our baby's exposure to chemicals.

Our baby has never had the nappy rash reactions described in other reviews below to these wipes, and if he has teething-based nappy rash, we use water and cloths, so I suppose you need to be careful if your baby has rash not to aggravate it with any product, and to treat with a zinc-oxide cream. 

The packaging is recyclable (thank goodness), and has a closeable lid, not just a sticker over a hole like other natural bub wipes.  We find we use less of these compared to other wipes, they seem to clean very well.  It's hard to find natural wipes that break down in the compost, without paying a fortune, and these tick all the boxes for us.  When using any wipe, though, I'd recommend a patch test before ongoing  use.


I am quite shocked to read the other reviews as Gaia wipes have been my favourite.

They are one of two that don't gove my baby nappyrash! They smell nice (but not foul or awful at all?!?) They are the softest out there and they stay moist even if I leave the lid open (oops!) 

The only thing I don't like about them is the size - they are smaller than others, but because of the quality I found myself using them less than others. 

I was also expecting great things from this product.

Drawn to natural products for bub, I was keen to try these because of the bamboo.

They smell absolutely vile and I felt totally uncomfortable wiping my bubs bottom with these and I could tell he was instantly uncomfortable.

Poor value for money and a poor product.

Like other reviewers I was expecting good things from these wipes.  We use quite a few Gaia products and have been happy with them all, but the wipes have caused DS to have some pretty severe nappy rash.

They are soft and thick, but too heavily scented, and they are not interleaved properly in the packet, making it really hard to pull out of the packet.

For the price there are better products out there.


I had high expectations for these wipes. I loved the idea of bamboo as I use a lot of bamboo products eg sheets, sleeping bag, washers and find them soft for my bubs sensitive skin.

Firstly, I was surprised that these wipes have quite a strong fragrance which is quite often an irritant for little ones . Secondly, they are hard to pull a single wipe out of the packet, they tend to stick together and thirdly and MOST HORRIBLE was bubs reaction when I wiped his bottom. He cried and pulled his legs up - they obviously stung/irritated. I've never had that reaction frommy regular brand in 9 months use.

Great idea Gaia - poorly manufactured and tested

they are no good at all...don't waste your money.

I initially tried these wipes because I loved the idea of them being organic and bamboo. So I thought they'd be ultra gentle.

I was a bit shocked at how smelly they are! For a baby you would expect the smell to be subtle and soft but this is certainly not. Way too smelly to me- on the verge of giving me a headache and the smell lingers and goes through everything in my nappy bag as well as feeling almost creamy on my hands with a definite smell and residue left over.

Because of the perfume in them and after using them on my daughter's bottom during her first batch of nappy rash and finding them very agravating I decided to try them on myself and was not at all pleased- frankly they felt like they were burning my privates. I will be testing all wipes this way from now on!

The wipes have a strong and squeeky feel to them, very interesting and different to other standard wipes. I didn't find them softer, just more solid.

We are both not overly sensitive people and find the rest of the Gaia range lovely for what it is, one of the only organic ranges for babies sold in supermarkets at a great price.


I have tried 3 different types of wipes and very quickly settled in Gaia.

Here are the differences I noticed:

Softer - i'd say because they are made from bamboo

More durable, i have never put a hole through on

The smell doesnt stick on your hands.

Never caused nappy rash.

They may be more expensive but definately worth it.



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