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Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes Pure Cleanser

2 reviews
Baby Wipes Pure Cleanser

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Parent Reviews and Comments
As far as wipes go, these are definately nice wipes. They are easy to use, easy to get out of the container. They do not cause DD any rashes or problems.

I find they can be quite costly, but they are worth it. They are a great thickness and just right.

However, biggest gripe. The amount of liquid in each packet is amazing. Pushing the top down on the packets you often get a hand full and soaked in the liquid used to moisten the wipes. I don't find this nice and it does cause the packet top to not seal properly due to ruining the sticky section. Thus drying the wipes out.

Overall great product, and use in a plastic wipes container. But please J&J less liquid!

I'm not very fussy when it comes to buying wipes (I mean, look at what you are doing with them ... ew). I normally buy the cheapest I can find - although I won't buy those cheapy ones that you pull out of a tube, and I won't buy scented wipes).

Anywho ... this week I was stuck without wipes and had to buy from the local supermarket (something I try not to do, because they are never that cheap, or in bulk); So these turned out to be the cheapest - they were on special.

So I put them in my reusual container and when I started to use them I noticed that when I pulled one out the next one popped out ready for use!! I know ... this is something I niavely expected all wipes to do but I am yet to come across any that actually do... before these!

Oh and they are perfectly acceptable in every other way as well.

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