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Curash Baby Care Wipes

27 reviews
Baby Care Wipes

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Parent Reviews and Comments

We love the Curash wipes in our household. I find they are just moist enough to assist with easy removal. The fragrance free are great as the smell of other wipes can be off putting. Sometimes the lid is hard to close, especially when trying one handed. Overall, we've found these the nicest to use for our daughter.


Bought a big stash when it was on sale. Wipes are moist and bag comes with a resealable lid which makes wipes last long. However wipes are overlayed with one another too closely and most of the time multiple wipes are removed at one time. 


Crash wipes are by far the favourite wipes in our house. When dd was little they were the only ones that didn't give her a rash.

they are lovely and thick, a good size and just soapy enough. I like the packaging as we don't use a plastic container and I find the plastic lid is great.

they are also easy to find at a good price.


We have tried most brands of nappy wipes & found the 'fragrance free' one of our favourites. It is not too moist and the wipes are strong that your fingers don't go through them. However the 'soothing'  ones tended to hurt my DS when he had nappy rash. 

You can find these almost anywhere and they come in handy three packs at very competitive pricing. Highly recommend these to try.


My hubby got a 3 pack and mistakenly picked the "lightly fragranced" one. Lightly fragranced it isn't. It's too strong that I could smell the package if I forget to shut the lid tightly. Besides, I do not care for scented wipes.

Pros: strong and thick, I normally need to use just one wipe if I fold it nicely

Nice and moist

Cons: too strong a scent

Contains parabens


These are the only disposable wipe we will use!

Super strong, the perfect amount of moisture and never give our son a rash.

The only thing I don't like about them is their packaging, so we tend to cut the lid off and drop the packet into a re-usable huggies wipes container


We tend to switch quite a bit when it comes to buying baby wipes. We purchase this brand quite often especially when hubby does the shopping he tends to come home with this brand.

He says they work the best! They are a great size wipe, so you don't need to use so many with each nappy change. They are also super soft and moist which helps with sensitive little bums, also with the wiping and cleaning process. :)

As far a packaging goes, I really like the snap lock lid so you know the wipes are sealed up nicely and won't dry out. 


Simply brilliant! Strong, but soft. We buy the frangrance free ones in a 10 pack from Big W. Before we knew about the 10 pack we'd still pay $5 a pop.


I received a curash gift hamper and curash and used the J&J first as I recognised the name but  my son has sensative skin and we found anything Johnson and Johnson made this worse.

I ended up changing over the the curash product and could not be happier and I would not buy anything else.

As long as you keep the lid down the wipes stay moist for months - I acually use them for cleaning as well and they have lasted over 4 months opened under the sink.

As they are similar if not same price as J&J I would recomend this brand for more if your bub has sensitive skin/nappy rash 


We have a few different brands and try to choose alcohol and fragrance free ones.  Supposedly lightly scented, these are the nicest smelling wipes we have and I like using them mainly because they combat any odours present during a nappy change!

Fortunately, unlike others, we haven't had any nappy rash problems with these or any of the other brands we use and these are very good value for money.  I'm not a huge fan of the pack design as it snaps shut fairly noisily, which can be unhelpful during night-time changes.

We adore the Curash range of bab wipes. And who can omplain when you can buy 10 x packs at BigW for only $29!

They are the right thickness, the right amount of moisture. Some brands we found were literally soaking in the packet and others we found quite dry.

We enjoy that they are easy to use and gentle on our daughters skin. She has no allergic reactions to the Curash wipes and overall they are a great compliment to the Curash range.

I thought I would give these a go as I have been trying to find some cheap wipes that wont burn or cause DD any problems with rash's. I bought them as there wasnt much of a variety and my choices were between scented, lightly scented or wipes I had previously used and didnt like. The curash wipes were supposedly 'lightly scented' but when I opened the pack I could tell instantly that they were not in fact 'lightly' scented but quite heavily scented with a really pretty smell.

I found that they seemed to burn DD bottom so I used a clean one (of course) on my face and I have quite sensitive skin and unfortunately my skin started to get tingly and I started to get a burning sensation. So I dont think I will be buying them again even if they did smell really nice


We received a pack of Curash Fragrance Free Wipes as part of our baby shower gifts, amongst these were a few other brands (Huggies and Johnsons from memory).  Curash was by far our favourite.

We very rarely have nappy rash problems (not even a dozen incidences over the last 18 months).  They're long enough so that you can simply fold and rewipe a couple of times if need be, we only need to use a couple of wipes for even messy number 2s.

They are not too moist and not too dry.  We've lost half packets before only to find them months later and they're still very fresh-feeling.  We've never had them tear on us.

Best of all, they're quite cheap to buy in bulk and are always in stock in places like Woolies/Big W.

I was told so many great things about these wipes so I bought some in bulk when they were on special and ended up giving my DD nappy rash. The only wipes so far Ive found that do but I know other people love this brand so the bulk pack I bought, Im slowly sharing out as baby shower gifts.

We were given some of these wipes as part of a baby shower present. They are nice and moist (but not too wet) and clean up the mess quite easily. Not too thin (like some of the cheaper brands) and smell lovely. Would definitely buy these again.

Lucy in the Sky

We used the Fragrance Free curash wipes on our son when he was younger and never had nappy rash problems. We changed to Soothing curash wipes when he was older because they are lightly scented which masks some of the smell at change time, which is actually quite pleasant.

When my daughter was born we were using the Soothing wipes on her, but she got nappy rash quite quickly. We changed back to Fragrance Free and the rash cleared up. 


We used these for our oldest daughter 6 years ago and they were fantastic. But when we had baby #2 6 months ago i had forgotten which brand we used so started using a different brand. Our little girl ended up with a nappy rash with in a couple of days, my Mother in law reminded me that the curash worked well for our first daughter so we got some. Well we havn't looked back! On the odd ocassion we have used a wipe at someone elses home she gets irratated again, so i know the curash are the best for her. I like that they are not too wet on bubs bottom and don't seem to leave a residue.

They are great value for money and have decent specials on them at supermarkets. We will continue to use these wipe's for both our girls.

My daughter is now 15 mths.  I have been using these wipes since she was a newborn. After trying a few other brands I have stuck with these.  They are well priced and good quality.  My daughter has sensitive skin, these wipes don't irritate her.
Fantastic product! Ive been using this product on both my girls and have found its helped clear up nappy rash faster then other named baby wipe products. Its gentle on the babies bum and wet enough to remove all their poos and wee's without having to be harsh.

i love these wipes for my son, they have never caused a rash and are nice and cheap.

the only thing i dont like is when pulling a wipe out of the pack with one hand i generally end up with a bunch all stuck together.

i also find it hard to close the lid but am glad it has a hard plastic closure as those sticky ones stop sticking after a few uses and the wipes dry out. something i dont have to worry about with Curash!


After trialling most wipes on the market the Curash Baby Care Wipes come out on top and by a lot!  They are super moist and very strong.  They are one of the only brands on the market using cloth in their wipes and this helps to make them soft and supple.  They have never caused a rash and we use them for bottoms, hands, faces and even benchtops!  They are multipurpose and another bonus - they smell fantastic!  Nothing better than that clean, fresh smell on my daughter!  

I 100% recommend these wipes to anyone. 


These wipes are my all time favourite! They smell gorgeous.. are always moist but not soaking wet and are gentle on my babies sensitive skin!

They are also super soft unlike some other brands i have used and don't rip or tear 

The packet always keeps the wipes moist and is easily used with one hand 


These are our favourite wipes by far.

they are soft, moist but not too wet. at 8 months old my daughter has NEVER had nappy rash.

they come out one after the other, leaving you with one wipe in your hand and another neatly protruding from the pack. unlike other brands we have tried.

the pack has a closeable lid which is great.

I love these wipes, although when they are not on special they are out of my budget. they are nice and soft, and stay moist. I recommend them for when bub is very little.

These are our favourite wipes for the simple fact that they come out one after the other, leaving you with one wipe in your hand and another neatly protruding from the pack. This might seem like a minor detail but I am so sick and tired of wipes packed in such a fashion that
a) they are attached so that you end up pulling out 3 at a time or
b) you have to dig into the pack every time you need a wipe because the previous wipe did not pull the next one out.

Also, my 8 month old has never had a nappy rash using Curash. 

Conor Weule

Love the curash wipes, they're a good size, nice and soft, and smell good!!

They've never given my little guy a sore bottom. And Big W sell them in bulk super cheap. have only seen the unscented ones, but they're 10 packs of 80 in a box for just under $28. $2.80 a pack, far better than the $4 or $5 a pack you pay in coles!! 

I have found these wipes to be wonderfull, they come in a great pack with a resealable lid (saves the wipes from drying out), i've never found a problem with these wipes, they are cheap and of good quality, 



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