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I am a big fan of the weight watchers program, I managed to lose and keep off 11kgs while on it over the span of a year. I found it was easy to fit around my life and I didn't have to change my social life to stick to it. 

i think one of the crucial components is to attend the meetings as you get support and motivation to keep going. I found my leader so supportive and realistic as to be a weight watchers leader you have to have completed the program successfully yourself. 

Overall I would recommend this program to anyone that wants sensible, long term weight loss! 


I loved this program, as I could eat what I wanted within my points allocation and never felt I was missing out.

I managed to lose 8kg before I fell pregnant. I love that they have an online option for those that cant get to meetings. The forums are also friendly and supportive. Unfortunately I had to unsubscribe due to money issues, but as soon as we can afford it I will re join for sure.  

Its not a diet it's a life change! 

Weightwatchers is a brilliant is system to use regarding weightloss. I find it can be quite costly if you physically attend the meetings however for a small fee of $30 per month you can do it all online.

I find the trackers for excersize to be easy to use and I love how you are given a calculation feature. Its easy to track your food, calculate your points, find recipes. You honestly have everything you want in one section, its amazing.

There is a wonderful community of members who are thoroughly supportive and there are plenty of inspiring stories to read!

One of my favourite features is that you only need to enter in 3 items in your cupboard into the system and it will give you alist of recipes using all of those items.

Its a brilliant tool and I would recommend doing the 3 month trial and see how you like yourself =D

I LOVE weight watchers! Its the best weight loss program I have ever done, to date. Not only does it help you lose weight but it teaches you the tools and knowledge you need to be able to continue to make wise food and exercise choices for the rest of your life. 

I also know that Weight Watchers takes in to account breastfeeding which i think is brilliant for those mums who are nursing but would like to drop those few extra KGs that they accumulated during pregnancy. I havent personally breastfed while doing WW but I have friends who have and they had great success. 

I love the online feature as I found loads of great recipies, and preferred to do my tracking online rather than paper. 

Overall I lost 17 kg with WW and did not find it that expensive to do the meetings. 



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