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Total Wellbeing Diet

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Total Wellbeing Diet
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Having tried a million diets to lose weight, this was my go-to after finding Atkins far too restrictive.

The recipes in the CSIRO plan are fabulous, and the whole idea behind it is easy-to-follow and makes sense. However, it's the PRICE that you're paying to follow these meal plans that makes life difficult. Most meals are primarily meat-based, so it's not exactly vegetarian-friendly, and given the cost of meat, the plan can be quite expensive to follow. I'm also a bit skeptical about whether or not the average adult needs that much meat in their daily diet. 

The idea is to limit carbs, but not remove them from the diet altogther. You're allowed more "natural," carbs, coming from fruits and wholegrains, which is great, and the fact that you're limiting carb intake will almost certainly help a former carb-monster lose weight. It's just a matter of being able to work the plan into your weekly grocery budget. 

The meals are healthy and tasty, and I don't see why anyone with a little extra money to spare couldn't find this at least a good starting point for weight loss, or overall ongoing health.



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