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Tony Ferguson

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Tony Ferguson
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I was sick last year with colds and flu one after the other and ended up in hospital.. After trying many antibiotics that didn't work my doctor suggest the shakes and suggested I put some super foods in them (like chia- almond meal -and suggestions from my health food store) I regainend my health straight away ..

i would recommend the shacks but keep some some super foods to add when you feel you need them..


Cheryl Smith

I have been on Tony Ferguson off and on for years. It is a great program. The shakes are beautiful and so are the soups. Over the time I have found my favourite shakes are vanilla and wildberry and the vegetable, pumpkin , and tomato soups. Like all diet programs though you have to have will power or it wont work. I am upset that as of september the program is changing. I went into the Terry White chemist as I have done for years, went to fill out my menu as I have done for years and the lady told me that from September I could no longer walk in and just grab my soups and shakes. I had to make an appointment get weighed and measured fill out a silly book etc etc. Although this is great for people starting the program I find it annoying for me as I know what Im doing. I love my morning shake my lunch soup and I have a healthy dinner with my family. As well as my diet jelly and fruit for morning tea then the same for afternoon tea. I have it sorted. So I regretfully decided to go for another brand shakes. They are beautiful. So after years of Tony I now have jumped ship because of too many rules and too much inconvenience. We live in the country so we dont have the convenience of popping into a chemist to be weighed and consulted. I just want my shakes. And I have to be able to order online as well. So i feel Tony will lose a lot of customers becayse of this new change which should be flexible for old customers.


Tony ferguson is all about shakes and no to low carb diet. I lost around 2.5 kilos a week however i was low on energy had headaches constantly. So the weight comes off and you're pretty much hungry all the time. Once you resume eating meals the weight easily comes back. You're not learning good nutrition or what your body needs to sustain good health etc. I would not advise long term 4 weeks max. Hard to be so tired and running after kids and working!! 


I used TF for weight loss a few years ago and lost about 5kg. The shakes were convenientand quick to shake and go.I still occasionally get some shakes (my favorites are French vanilla or wild berry) for breakfast when I can't be bothered making toast or muesli. I didn't really like the soups at all so just had shakes.  The bars were OK for something different or to keep in my bag. 

I didn't really use all the supplements but took a centrum multivitamin a day.

The recipes in the cook books are delicious and the forums also have some good recipes on there.

Staff were always friendly and not pushy. 

I stopped the program as I realized that having shakes so much wasn't really teaching me anything about healthy eating. 

I had given this a go myself a few years back and found it a very hard system to stick with however it is an effective system. You have a large variety of foods that you can eat with dinner so you aren't left overly starving.

The shakes etc are overly costly and taste quite nice. I did find it a struggle to remember everything I needed to take each day (Fibre, Appetite reducers etc) and overall it wasn't the right system for me. I find my will power not strong enough.

You do get support with the program but you need to chase it.

Overall I would recommend it to people. It is worth giving it a go and I know of a lot of people with great weightloss results. It is quite dear but but if you are willing to spend the money it can have great rewards.

I would like to say that i have used Tony Ferguson weight loss programm  and i was not happy with it. There was not much consultation and guidance involved.They do take your initial weight and weight on subsequent visits and thats it. They mainly sell their products shakes, soups, bars  and many more to choose from.They don't ask you to eat real food.

When you check the ingredient list , some of the ingredients are there which i don't know about.

I really don't want to loose weight using bars ,shakes etc as that weight loss will be a temporary one as i can not live on bars, shakes, vitamins for the rest of my life. I need real food. Thats why i am not happy with the programm.

Frankly speaking  this programm will not teach you anything regarding your diet - what should you eat, how much you should eat, no portion control, how eating healthy food can keep our weight low etc. So its just my opinion that i don't like this programm as i wanted something that i can follow through out my rest of the life and can maintain my weight and lead a healthy life for me and my family.


I'm a total fangirl. Love TF. I did it for 10 months pre-baby and lost nearly 30 kg. I did it again post baby for over 12 months, and lost close to 40kg.

It IS a hard diet to follow if you don't have a lot of willpower. I'm stubborn, so I managed to stick to it for longer than the average person. You have stuff ups every now and then, but you'll have that with any diet, not to mention there are far more options now than when I signed up the first time.

It's no longer a focus so much on low carb (because of all the bad press and people confusing ketosis with ketoacidosis... Two different things but most people don't bother to find out the difference) and more low calorie. They do still recommend that you avoid carbs but honest I don't think it's a huge thing the way it used to be. You can opt to have a sandwich once a week, or pizza. It's far more permissive than it used to be.

I found the shakes convenient and tasty, the bars were great for when I was on the go, and the soups were ok but not brilliant. The pre-prepared meals tasted great but were a bit exxy. All in all, the price was pretty good given that you have a lot more choice for flavours than cheaper versions like the Aldi one or buying a bucket of one flavor like optifast.

It can be difficult if you live in a carb-manic house, but it's like any diet system. If you really REALLY want to loose it, you'll stick to it. I think most diets work, it's the dieters that don't. I've failed at TF myself at times (had a few months where I just couldn't do it) and then got back on it because I KNEW it worked. It was just me that wasn't working!



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