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Matt Gibson

So I started out at 99kg (I'm a 43 year old male) and decided to use optislim shakes to replace only two meals a day. I have one shake for breakfast and one for lunch then a normal meal in the evening (portion controlled admittedly) but often with a dessert. I have such a sweet tooth so the shakes work best for me. I have never tried the bars or soups. I also weigh out about 50gms of nuts and dried fruit as a daytime snack if I need it.

In this way I have consistently lost between 1 and 1.5 kg a week and currently I am on week 7 having lost 10kg and 3 inches off my waist (38 inch to 35 inch). I have had the odd evening off for a barbie with mates but I found a no-carb beer called Big Head which tastes great and is only 300 kjs too so that helps.

Losing the weight feels great and by losing it slowly I think I am more likely to keep it off. I do drink a lot of tea and coffee in the day (with no added sugar which took time to adjust to) so I maintain the recommended fluid intake. I look forward to the evening meal but not because I am starving, it hasnt been too hard. Even working night shifts as I sometimes do has been bearable although I do get hungrier at night so the nuts and dried fruit help. I also find I cannot eatsuch a big evening meal perhaps because my stomach has physically shrunk.

I recommend this to everybody, its working for me and I think I could happily continue for another 10 kg which is my target!

I struggled with Optislim. I found myself to still be hungry and wanting more. It did however work for what I wanted to do and I was greatful. But given the lower calories I bounced back to my old weight really quickly.

I don't think its completely amazing for long term goals but it is good for short term weightlosses.

I used Optislim along with fat blaster while trying to lose weight before becoming pregnant. 

Optislim was nice, it's best to add water but I generally added skim milk to make it fill me up that little bit more.

I also used fat blaster while taking Optislim to help me reduce my weight.

It did help, was easy to prepare, and you can take it to work to have as well. If taking Optislim, to maximize your results, you need to follow a strict healthy diet as well.

I would recommend Optislim. 


this is really effective if you can stick to it. i lost 5kg in two weeks but i got very sick, i think my body just couldn't handle the lack of food. this system is so cheap, it costs about $27 a week (if you get the two boxes for $55 at chemistwarehouse) if you replace all of your meals with the shakes. you can eat a cup of greens a day though. overall, i lost 12kg with it for my wedding and felt great. i did have to eat one meal after the two weeks because I was so sick so losing the other 7kg took about 2.5 months.

needless to say, once i went off the shakes, the weight came right back on. once you do get off the shakes, I would recommend slowly increasing your calories to avoid the weigh gain. maybe slowly get off the shakes by replacing one meal a day with food for a few days, then two meals. 

overall, effective but you will put th eweight back on if you aren't too careful and its a good way to lose weight really quickly.



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