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Michelle Bridges 12WBT

3 reviews
Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Michelle Bridges 12Week Body Transformation

Parent Reviews and Comments

I started this program when my daughter was 7 weeks old and I lost 20 kgs over 2 rounds. It's fantastic and family friendly ! 


I've tried everything. Every weight loss system on this planet (well, close enough!) and when I heard about the 12WBT I thought "oh ok, another one to try.." But this one was different. A lot different.

For starters it's educational. It doesn't just give you the food and say "there you go, now lose weight!" it teaches you life long lessons on how to cook for yourself, how to make healthier eating choices, how to excercise for your body size, and how to keep and maintain what you're working towards.

Michelle supplies the food plans, the recipes and the exercies weekly over the 12 weeks, and I have not been disappointed yet. The program costs $199 upfront for the 12 weeks, and you cover the costs of your own food. I also looked into going to the finale, but the tickets sold out before I had a chance to purchase them. They were $75 and a full night of food/beverages at the crown casino in Melbourne.

Over the 12 weeks, I lost 14kgs and 77cms off my body and am maintaining it at the moment. I completed Round 1 2013 and will do Round 3 as well. I love the motivational videos, and the little bits of advice she gives along the way. Really makes you feel like you're apart of the team.

The forums are great to meet like minded people and share your weightloss journey.

There are no secrets, there are no magic pills, it's hard work and determination, and this program TEACHES you how to do it. It's an education program FOR LIFE, not just a fad.

I could not recommend it high enough!!


I did a round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT and was ecstatic with the results.

Michelle takes you on a journey and teaches you how to eat and exercise to get results and maintain them not just a quick fix diet.

All the background work is done and provided to you from shopping lists and recipes for your pre designed menu and also your exercise plan to ensure you are doing equal cardio and weight based training.I

My husband supported me with the program and ate the meals with me and we have adopted them in our weekly menus with 'nat's lasagne' a clear favorite no more overly cheesy lasagne here just amazinat sitting ones! You can still have dessert and all your normal foods she just teaches you about moderation and self ccontrol. 

You have weekly weigh in and measurements and fitness tests once a month and you  couldnt believe the results!  There is also weekly challenges and games, one where I one a George Forman Steamer!

I  would highly reccomend a round the program to anyone not just looking to lose weight but to also keep it off. 



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