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Liver Cleansing Diet

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Liver Cleansing Diet

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Cate Glezos

I have completed the LCD 3 times in the last 10 years and incorporated many of the principles into my daily living. The results are wonderful. My usually high cholesterol is now at a healthy level, my appetite conrolled, my energy restored and my BMI as recommended. As a 2 year Vegan and non sugar user, I found the diet easier than if I was still eating meat, dairy and sugars. The critics that say we need dairy and meat are brain washed by the corporations that sell these products and sponsor the dietetic university courses. A conflict in interest don't you think? This diet taught me how yummy vegetables prepared correctly could be. Raised on meat, mashed potatoes and peas, I liked few vegetables. Life changing and my friends that completed the LCD with me agree. Our work colleagues asked us what we were on when they noted our increased vitality and happiness. Must of us owe our liver 8 weeks for all its hard work.

I followed Dr Cabot's very sensible advice in this book for 5 months and lost nearly 30kgs.  It wasn't hard, it just meant that I pared back all of the processed foods I had been relying on, and started eating fresh stuff, proper 'human' food and not processed foods.



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