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Lite N Easy

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Lite N Easy

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Debbie Gorpough

The food started off well. By the end of the third month I was receiving the same snack food day after day.

(14 green apples and 14 "fruit" cups for the week) that went on for 6 weeks.

the l&e food is repetitive after a few months. if you like the same thing over and over and over again Then l&e is ideal for you 

I have since cancelled my orders and joined WW and havent looked back. (WW is cheaper and mirr variet)


im on lite n easy as a busy mum of 2 that studies fulltime it is excellent, im a fussy eater but can always find something i like and you never go hungry meal sizes are good very happy customer


Used these guys for a couple of months - the first couple of weeks it was great but after that they started sending broken eggs. When I let them know the first time all they did was give me a credit, and it just kept happening. I asked them if they were going to do anything about it and never got any response. I even sent them photos of what I was getting and still nothing. I ended up reducing my order as I was having to go out and buy my own eggs anyway. Then, finally, one week, they decided to just not even deliver my food at all! As you can imagine this was quite stressful as I suddenly and unexpectedly had no food. I contacted them about it and they would not help. They just kept saying I hadn't put in an order when I know I did. I always took a screen shot when I was ordering to send to my phone so I even sent this to them that showed my order and the dates and they refused to acknowledge it and were just being very rude and unhelpful. My whole interraction I just got the impression they didn't really give a damn about anything. Due to this I had to order my food elsewhere. Terrible customer service and an absolute nightmare to deal with - would not recommend to anyone. What was meant to be a hassle free and convenient option turned out to be anything but. A bit of care for their customers and for the food they're sending would have gone a long way here, but I guess that was just too hard for them.  There are plenty of other food delivery services out there that have better food and better customer service - my advice: skip the lite and easy nightmare and go with someone else.


Very disappointed with their service... should have received an order on Friday... call @ 4:30 and was told sorry no the delivery has been sent. Was very sorry and would call first thing Monday to let me know delivery time. NO call... Call again @ 3:30pm Monday and nothing has been done... Last order I place with them!!!


Iam on lite n easy atm and im loving it!  Iam so fussy too so for me to say this it must not be too bad? Iam in my 3rd week and have lost 6 kgs already, i have started doing light exsercise (water arobics and walking) nothing too full on, but the more i do the more i want to do (very unlike me)!

I have 4 year old i have too so i  still cook proper meals for him, but my hubby works away, he was back for 9 days and i struggled for a bit as his away for 26days he comes home and likes to eat out, very unhelpful haha His gone back for his 26 and instantly I find it easy again! He is very supportive but it just seem harder with him here haha i was even making my son packed lunches when we went out so i was saving money already.

The portion size is what we are meant to be eating so its very interesting to see how much i use to over eat! Of course like any diet you might stray but i seem to stick to this more than anything else that i have tried, as the food is all there. If iam really starving after dinner a peice of fruit or jelly is all i need to stop the hunger.

Its not cheap but when you break it down I think it works out cheaper? I get the breakfast, lunch and dinner option its $151 a week. I grabbed a few things for my sons lunch and dinners at the shop the other day not for a full week just a few days and it cost me $70 and ill have to go back again in a day or so.

Only bad point would be my son wants to eat all my food haha i feel awful cause i have always told him to share and now mummies not sharing not one little crumb!

Give it a go! even if its for a month to kick start your healthy living! Its made me realise i can do it! and i usually give up after a week! Iv even talked my very busy parents into it and they LOVE IT!!!

Just check with your doctor if your breast feeding or pregnant or diabetic or anything they might just suggest the higher caloire option??

The food is honestly not bad, but remember you are on a diet so its not going to be the most amazing creamy sauce with lashings of butter ect! I was actually suprised to be still eating butter and bread for that matter!

The dinner meals are a little struggle for me as i said above im fussy, i dont eat chicken, Lamb, turkey and i dont like stews, shepards pies ect haha so i dont have a HUGE choice but hay there still is a fair few! Im hoping they will introduce more vegi options as there seems to be only 4 or 5?

The good thing about Lite and Easy is that you can do week to week you dont have to sign your life away! Just every week get on the computer (i use my smart phone cause i like to live life on the edge haha) i have made some mistakes but i ring them straight away and they sort it out so no dramas. So you can try it for a week and see if it works? If not dont order it again, if you like it you can keep just ordering it week to week or you can set up so it automaticly comes out of your account.

Well hope this helps! Scales dont lie (god sometimes i wish they did) hehe

Good Luck L


I was on Lite n Easy on and off for about 2 years.

The first 7 months I ate it every day.... and lost 9kgs.  I was happy with that, as except for the first 2 weeks I was not hungry.

The Good - For me the dinners are the best - so much variety and choice, and you can pick and choose what suits you best.

The bad - For me it's when both of the options are things you don't like, which happens a bit for me, meaning I have to skip or replace it.

The ugly - Forgetting to put your order in and missing the deadline...oh man, don't forget to do that.


I used lite n easy for 4 years on and off and was very happy with their product and service, until one day when I was eating my roasted chic peas and crunched on a tech screw :( 

Lite n Easy were very rude to deal with about this incident and never apologised, they did however pay my dental fees so I suppose I cant complain too bad about this. 

Overall the food tastes like you would expect it too, its not gormet but it works - I lost 15kg doing lite n easy. 

Its also convinient if you are a single or couple, but doesnt work if you have children who are eating solids if you dont want to be cooking extra meals for them - I prefer my children and I to eat the same foods as a family.  


I have used Lite and Easy for almost an year and was very satisfied and happy with it. It is quite expensive but considering the increasing cost of food items in supermarket i feel it comes out to be same , moreover you get readily cooked meals and saves lots of time in kitchen.

They have a informative website which gives all the details about the programm and we can choose the meals from the menu which is available online. Every week they deliver frozen meals at home in a ESKI which can be stored in the freezer.  Although they offer so many choices in meals but they don't have vegetarian options.

They offer meals according to your weight and how many calorie your body needs per day. I use to be very relaxed when it comes to meal time as my freezer was always full of lite & easy. Meals were ready to eat - just heat it in the microwave according to the instructions and thats it.

It is good for all those people who are watching their weight and have busy lifestyles to plan their meals and still want to eat healthy.

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