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Jenny Craig

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Jenny Craig

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I was on jenny craig before I fell pregnant with my 2nd child. I lost 3 kgs in the first week, then continued to lose a kg a week with ease. I was never hungry, they had lots of yummy snacks to choose from, my favorite being the ones covered in chocolate! I walked with my son in the pram for 30mins each day, wouldnt say it was a brisk walk, more of a stroll and the weight still fell off. I managed to lose 7kgs before I found out I was preggers again. If we can afford it ill do it again once my 2nd is a little older.


Jenny Craig is the best weight loss system in my experience as it motivates and teaches you to control your weight by eating right amounts of food. As per jenny Craig portion control is the key. There is no restriction on eating any food items , i was allowed to eat everything but i always have to control my portions. I joined jenny craig for $10 for 3 months during  their promotion. I had to buy food from plus other items i was supposed to buy from supermarket. Its a bit expensive but the results were amazing. I lost 8 kgs in 3 months. They have a lot of variety of food to choose from . The best part is that they have lots of options in vegetarian meals which is not a case in other weight loss programms. Moreover the main teaching of their programm is portion control . Eat right kind of meals and in limits. They don't offer any chemical filled shakes or bars or other things to suppress your hunger, they give you proper meals to eat but in right amounts. I am a big fan of Jenny Craig weight loss system and recommend it to everyone who wants to loose weight by eat healthy meals in right qualntities.

Purple Lily

When i first started Jenny Craig i was a bit unsure if it was all possible but i ended up losing 16 kgs in 3 months which made such a difference in the way i saw myself.  Jenny Craig gives you a consultant that you see every week and i found having that weigh in and talk every week was enough motivation to keep me sticking to my plan.  The food was awesome, there was a lot of choice, there was no calorie counting which is time consuming and the meals left you feeling full.  In saying that Jenny Craig is extremely expensive which is why i stopped.  I began Jenny Craig during a special..$25 for 3 months (not iuncluding food) but the food was costing up to $180 a week just for me...not to mention the extras you have to buy from the supermarket. 

All in all if you can afford Jenny Craig i cant recommend their program enough...rather than taking food away and putting you on shakes and bars they give you delicious food and teach you better eating habits for the future.


Jenny Craig is pretty good if you're a single person or have a partner who's working way.  The eating plan is very straight forward and theres no counting calories as it's all done for you week by week.  Plus you have your own consultant who weighs you each week to see how you are progressing and to answer any of your questions you may have. 

There is a large variety of food each week which was great, and they had some yummy stuff too so you're not depriving yourself of sweets or pastas.  The down side is that it can get pretty expensive.  I was paying around $100 - $110 a week for their food which is a big let down.

I lost about 35kg in a span of 6-8 months.  But unfortunately, if you stop and don't keep up with a healthy eating habit and exercise regime, you will gain back the kilos and then some.



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