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The sachets provided are jam packed with sugar ..33 gm sachet....30.4 sugar per 33 gms.

When I contacted the company factor zero.

Courtesy phone call from management to clarify my concerns

Waste of money.....

Patricia Vidal

I tried this a couple of days ago and since i felt really sick, heart palpatations, lightheadedness, dizzy and needed to eat more to feel better and to compensate for these adverse reactions. Very disappointed.


I dont have much weight to lose so I bought these hoping for a little hand. They made me feel awful. I was really fuzzy in the mind, moody, irritable and very nauseous. I followed them according to the directions but they just werent for me - I had to stop after a few days, I couldnt take the side effects any longer. I wish that I didnt waste my money on these as they were quite expensive at Woolworths and they ended up in the bin. Thats not to say they will be the same for everyone, I hope others might get great results. Just be careful.

I didn't enjoy this and found it to be a waste of money.

I followed guidelines but just didn't see any results.

However that being said it may work brilliantly for someone else. Its just not for me.

I used far blaster along with Optislim to help me shed around 10-15kg before trying to get pregnant.

I found fat blaster did help but I had to follow a strict healthy eating plan at the same time. It did get hard to lose the weight toward the end so I think this product is more suited to those that have larger amounts of weight to lose.


I got suckered into this one too. Apparently it only works if you eat a high fat diet, which I never have. I eat too much sugars and my serving sizes are too big, and I think after the whole "Fat is bad" slam we've had for the last 30 years very few people actually eat enough fat in their diet to justify it.

Waste of money, I've lost more weight just ensuring that I drink my 2L of water a day!

This did NOT work for me, a useless waste of money.

I tried this product and is was pretty much useless.  It did nothing but give me a gut ache. You're seriously better off with the old fashion healthy choices and daily workouts to lose weight. I wouldnt recommend it nor waste my money on this product again.
Purple Lily
I tried this product a few years ago and it pretty much did nothing, I wasnt expecting a quick fix but it really felt like i was taking nothing.  I didnt feel any better, i wasnt any more energised than usual and I was left feeling even hungrier.  I was also exercising while taking the tablets and not even half a kilo budged  Proper diet and nutrition plus exercise works so much better and makes you feel great.  The product is also very overpriced and it annoyed me i had spent that much.
Jennie Alderton
I tried this product a few years ago and was very unhappy with the results. I wouldn't waste my money on it again. Tried and tested diet and exercise works bettr and is better for you.



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