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Brolly Sheets Toilet Training Sheets

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Toilet Training Sheets

Find where to shop online for toilet training products or visit your local general nursery store with the Bub Hub Australian Pregnancy & Parenting Directory.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I used these toilet training sheets when my son was being toilet trained. At night he was sleeping without the disposable nappies and  these sheets were really very helpful during that time.

Brolly sheets are very easy to use.. These are made of  good quality and are waterproof . we can spread these on the bed sheet and fold the sides under the mattress of the bed. There are many colours and sizes to choose from and we can buy as per our need.

I bought them in a pack of two ,so  that during an accident at night i was able to remove the sheet and spread the new one in its place so that my son sleeps in a dry place. These sheets are gentle on the skin and let little ones sleep properly .

Even though these are a bit expensive but they justify their price..

I love these waterproof sheets. You place them over your fitted sheet and tuck the sides under the mattress. They come in different sizes and colours and best off all you can purchase clothes dryer friendly sheets! 

These are my best friend during the toilet training period. When my daughter has an accident overnight, I just pull off the brolly sheet and place a clean one on - no stripping the bed in the middle of the night. I also love that they don't make the kids sweat, like some waterproof sheets do.



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