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Bambino Toilet Trainer

18 reviews
Toilet Trainer

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Parent Reviews and Comments

We purchased one of these for our daughter to use our toilet. She didn't show much interest in an actual potty, and since she used the child's toilets at daycare, we thought we would continue teaching her to use the toilet. 


At almost 3, she can put up herself - it's easy to put up and down. 

As opposed to toilet seats that you affix, you can easily remove it so adults don't have to sit on it

Teach child to go straight on toilet, not potty than have to get them used to the toilet

Can rest feet on the step. 


Slightly unsteady for her to climb on. That could be our assembly of it though

Takes a couple of seconds to put on hte toilet, for a busting toddler, that's the difference between wetting her pants or making it. 

You could leave it, but I find it impossible to sit on myself. 


We got one of these for DD a while ago as she decided to TT herself just before her little brother was born (she was 18m at that point).  She had been using a potty by herself for over 6 months and was interested in the big loo too so we thought this might allow her to use it.  

I love the bright colours and think the concept is great but when we put it up it wobbles.  DD took one look at it and realised it was for her - and tried to climb up it.  She got up onto the step but it wobbled quite badly and scared her.  She hasn't wanted to use it since. Although she was only 18m at the time, she was and is very stable on her feet and is a climber so it should have been easy for her to use.  She will now use it to put one foot on to allow her to watch the bubbles in the loo when we flush her potty contents but that's as far as it goes. 

For us it has actually been counterproductive but that could be due to our toilet shape or height not suiting it.  It would be a lot better if the legs were adjustable, not just the step =/


I use this to toilet train my son. The design is great for little person, who sits on the big toilet because, little person can hold on to the handle at the side while on the toilet.
It is easy to pack away once, you have finished with it
and easy to affix on the toilet when you need it again.

My Miss 3 has decided to ditch her potty in favour of the Bambino Trainer seat! She is able to climb on and off herself & is very confident using it. It was easy to assemble and is very easy to use - just unfold and place over toilet. Simply remove when done! I credit this product with helping my little one gain confidence to use the "big toilet"!

We recently purchased this to help our toilet training daughter get used to the 'big' toilet. Although she isn't a fan of the big toilet she does love using these stairs! Its bright and colourful so perfect for the little ones and very sturdy. It's easy to fold up quickly and very light.

My son used one when he was 3 and it was perfect. So easy for him to use on his own and made toilet training so much easier. I would highly reccomend this.

I have been using Bambini trainer since my first daughter and my second, now 6 years old and 3. and it have been fantastic, easy to use , easy to fold and i don't have to clean up. Now I'm planning to use it for my third one soon.

It's highy recommended.


We have just started down the toilet training bath with DD and was suggested we look into this step as DD hates a potty.

She has very confidently got on and off the seat many times, and is getting used to the idea of going to the 'big girl toilet'

One thing I have found though, and im not sure if its just DD - but she cant/doesnt sit far enough back on the seat somtimes and when she does go to the toilet, it sometimes doesnt make it into the bowl.

Ive also found that it doest sit (IMO) perfectly on the toilet seat, but im thinking this could be the actual base that we have - rather than the step itself. I thin it would be great if the actual seat were height adjustable as welll as the step.


I bought one of these for DS1 and im so thankful i did. it encouraged DS to go to the toilet by himself rather than having to ask me to put him up. He has been using it since he was 2yo, he is now almost 4 and still uses it. I can see it coming in very handy when DS2 is ready to toilet train. 

It sits on the toilet very nicely, it doesnt wobble or shift, even when DS1 is climbing onto it. Its a wonderful product.  

My mother has one of these at her house when she has the kids over. My 2yr old hates sitting on our toilet but loves nanna's because she has a ladder. I am now waiting for them to come on special and buy one for home. It has made the start of toilet training so much easier. She loves the step and feels secure having the handles on the side to cling too. Whatever works I say and this works for us. 5 stars. This would be a product you would have no trouble on selling once your done.
I have found the trainer seat to be a great asset in our bathroom.  As the feet move to ensure stability my daughter feels confident to climb up on her own using the handles.  It is easy to clean and move when you also want to use the toilet.  Well worth the investment as it will be used for many months as a step encouraging independence in your little one.
I used this product with both my kids, and highly recommend it, its easy to put together, easy to clean, and best of all, the kids learn to put it on the toilet themselves when they become more independent with toileting. My kids loved that it has handles on each side, ideal for making them feel a little safer while sitting, and makes it alot easier for them to get up and down. It folds up nicely to stand beside the toilet for easy access to it. As for price, it is a bit pricy, but if your going to have more than one kid, definatly worth the money, they quite often go on special as well, so you can usually get it alot cheaper. Overall I definatly recommend this seat

I bought  bambino step toilet trainer from Toy's r us for half price during a promotion. I was very happy with this product. It was very easy to assemble as easy instructions were there. My son was happy to use the step. We got the blue and green colour for him. The step  was very comfortable to sit and the handles on the side provide extra support and my son use to feel very comfortable after holding the handles.

Adjustable footrest helped us to use it according to the desired height.

Anti - slip stoppers made it more safe and my son could step up on it and get down on his own.

It is very easy to clean.I use to clean it with a wet wipe once a day and once a week i use to wash it with water under the shower.

Its very easy to fold and does not take much space.

I purchased this product for my daughter earlier this year. Ive found its made her more comfortable being on the toilet because of the handles that she is able to hold onto. The handles made her feel more secure on the toilet. The foot step thats attached is perfect  it all folds away neatly when its not being used. Its a great compact product that has made toilet training in my house hold easiler.

Grabbed one of these a few months ago int he hope it would encourage DS (3) to want to toilet train.

He was very impressed with his big boy toilet seat from day one, wanting to sit on it often. Once we started toilet training, I found this seat fantastic! It's quite stable, everything was a perfect height for DS to use and he really liked the handles the very first few times he hopped on it to help stabalise himself.

I like this seat as it's easy to fold off to the side when us older people need to use the toilet. It's also easier to take out with you if you are going to someone's house etc ( I wouldn't recommend walking through a shopping centre with it... only because you would look a little strange).

10/10. Very glad I made this purchase.  

We used this one for our very independent 3 year old. She refused to use a little potty. This was really good. After a while, she could even fold it up and unfold it all by herself.
I got this after i heard from a few people how good it was. My 2 year old son isnt toilet training yet but has tested it a few times. It doesnt sit on the ground well and moves around when he is on it, causing my son to not feel secure.

We bought this for our twins as they wanted to go to the toilet on their own (without us lifting them).. they worked out how to use it straight away and made toilet training so much better and easier for everyone invovled. It helped my back also, not having to lift my twins one after each other onto the toilet all the time...

Its such a great price for such a wonderful product that is used by all the othertoddlers who come to our house too!



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