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Potti Dots Potty Training Stickers

7 reviews
Potty Training Stickers

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used Potty Training Stickers when i was toilet training my son and was very motivated to use the pot.

Earlier i use to give him small chocolates and cookies for using the pot but then i came across these stickers and since then theses are an intergral part of our potty trainig time. My son was always excited about which sticker he will get and where will he use it.He was just in love with thesestickers.

Theses potty training stickers are really a nice way to keep little ones motivated withour giving them all the treats with empty calories in them.

Sharon Foster
Potty Dots were fantastic in helping my 2 1/2 year old finally kick the nappies. I started bribing her with jelly beans which got her on the toilet, but the thought of feeding her sugar to get her to do something didn't seem responsible. With Potty Dots, she forgot the jelly beans in a jiffy and even when the stickers ran out, we could still look at the ones she'd already stuck on the wall tiles. Too easy!
Eve Alcott

Toilet training has to be one the most tiresome and anxiety ridden (and messy!) times in childhood,,,till I discovered Potti-Dots. They are absolutely indispensable during this trying time.  My son absolutely loved them and was a remarkable tool in making him want to give up the nappys and be rewarded with his favourite sticker, making his toilet traing the quickest and least painful of his all his little friends at pre-school and they are so inexpensive!

I cannot recommend them enough.

Jane Tee
These are brilliant. Such a simple, cool idea. Charlie, my two year old loved Potti dots. Our favourite is the little 'good aim' fire man!  Three months later we cant bring ourselves to take them off the toilet seat. Love!
claire evans
these things are fantastic - hated the concept of food bribes and was having difficulty working out what i was going to do in addition to dacing/singing his praises... yes it's nice to think praising is enough but some days it isn't!!! potty dots have made such a difference :)
Lucy Hosken
Oh my goodness, these are the cutest and most practical potty training tools I have ever used! my 2 kids are obsessed and it has helped Amy so much! Love them!!! x
Andy Dick
These have been such a hit in our house. With so many toilet training products about for boys, it was great to find potti-dots were for girls too. Our daughter has loved decorating her potty with these, and they definatley encouraged her. The potty certificate included is also great fun. 5 stars!



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