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Baby U Potette

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Parent Reviews and Comments

This has been a lifesaver for us.  It's light and compact when folded up and I take it everywhere with us now so that my toddler always has a toilet she's comfortable to use. I wish we'd bought one at the start of the process. 

We purchased this when my daughter began toilet training as she was terrified to use an actual toilet, she only wanted the potty. Unfortunately she was also too scared to use the Potette as a potty. It is a great idea in theory but seemed too flimsy to be used as a potty. Once my daughter got used to toilets it came in handy when we were somewhere that didn't have a small child's toilet. Great size for travel.
Potette folds down to a nice small size and comes with a carry bag to ensure good hygiene. It can be used both as a travel potty and a toilet seat adaptor (place over standard toilet to make child-size seat). You just have to fold it flat to make the seat cover, and pull the sides down to make "legs" for the portable potty. At first it was a bit stiff as it was brand new and I didn't have the strength to convert it, but hubby did it easily and once you've converted it a few times it gets easier. Others have said it was a bit unstable as a potty - this may be because the legs weren't fully "pulled out" - you have to pull them until they click into place. Then it will be fully stable. I love that it fits in my (large) handbag and comes with its own carry bag. It comes with a few plastic bag liners and you can buy replacements.

We bought one of these for our daughter when we travelled at Christmas. Although it works great on the toilet seat and packs up tidy in the bag, we didn't find that it is very stable when it's in its freestanding mode.

Our daughter is quite weighty and the whole potty training was quite new, so perhaps if she was more used to the potty she wouldn't wriggle so much and we wouldn't worry about it collapsing.


I purchased the Pottette plus from the Market in Brisbane and it's been the best thing.  I can use it as a kids seat on the big toilet, or as a portable potty on the ground.  I carry it in my hand bag so it's always with us, and it's saved us many times from either not being able to find a toilet near by, or if we did they were occupied and also at least then I know my daughter's not sitting on a disgusting, dirty toilet seat.

We have used ours at local playgrounds that don't have public toilets, on the side of the road when out travelling, and at some very public places that i won't mention, with out anyone even noticing.  It is hygenic and clean, without mess or fuss, and now our Daughter is a little bigger, we still use the pottette at home and also when away or visting, folded flat on the big toilet.

It is very discreet when being used and if I have run out of the bag inserts, I have used a normal plastic nappy rubbish bag with a nappy in the bottom to absorb wees and poos. 

The only negative I have found is that if it is used on uneven ground, the legs can tend to fold up on themselves, so we just make sure we are holding the sides straight  and that fixes that problem.

It's easy to use, fold and store, and I highly recommend it to everyone.  For something so cheap and simple, it's probably been the best thing I have bought for my daughter, value for money wise.  I think I paid about $25 for ours, including a pack of inserts.


This is the best invention ever! My little girl was potty trained at 22 months and the potette was the best buy as I was able to carry it everywhere with me. It's so small and easy to use. My DD loved using it and had no qualms about where she used it. I now keep it in the boot of the car for emergencies if we can't get to a toilet.

It was peace of mind for me knowing I had it available whenever she needed to go, which was important in the first few months of TT so that she didn't have accidents or get upset.

She's 2 and a half now and toilet trained but I'll still be taking it with me when we fly overseas next year just in case we can't find a toilet in time.

It only cost about $15 and a pack of 10 inserts are about $7 (I buy a few packs at a time). I definitely recommend it and don't see it as having any drawbacks.



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