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Fisher Price Fun To Learn Potty

3 reviews
Fun To Learn Potty

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Mummy and T

We are currently toilet training our 2.5 year old and she gets so excited when the potty starts singing when she uses it. The music is a great benefit to us as we know she has successfully used the potty and it will need emptying. 

The potty looks just like a little toilet. It is white, blue and purple so very unisex colours and ours has a face on the back. There is a handle on the side which is to represent flushing the toilet and a toilet paper holder on the other side. This is so good for the steps in teaching litte ones to use the toilet.  Our daughher always 'flushes' the tothey hyphen closes the lid.

A great teaching twith which is fun and effective.


I bought this potty because it sort of looked like a little toilet. I found it worked quite well for my daughter, and I liked the fact that she had to lift the lid up to use it (like a real toilet) and I can put a toilet roll on it's little holder thing so she always has toilet paper handy (something that annoys me about other potties, as u have to sit a roll on the floor next to it). 

I have now moved this potty to my daughter's bedroom for her to use at night time, and encourage her to use the normal toilet during the daytime. The only problem is she prefers to use this potty, so will use it in her room during the day if I don't remove it.

Easy to empty and clean. When the whole thing needs a bit of a clean I just throw it in the bath or laundry sink and give it a good wash. Probably my only problem with it is that when u have the boy part insitu at the front, u have to fold it down to put the toilet lid down (which is fine, but the child has to remember to put it back up again before they use the toilet!).

Not great to transport due to it's size, but it's perfect if u plan on using it just at home. Great first potty.  


I brought this product because I thought that all the noises and stuff were really cute but these actually worked against me!

My Daughter treated this product more like a toy than a toilet. I could never get her to sit on it for long as she kept getting off to play with the toilet roll holder!

Now that she is older, she will use this toilet but I found it quite difficult to start her toilet training with this product.



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