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Childcare Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Total Trainer Set

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Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Total Trainer Set
Disney Classic Pooh 4-in-1 total trainer set from Childcare comes complete with deluxe potty, portable training seat and high and low step stools.  This set is sure to see you through all of the phases of potty and toilet training and is suitable for all children aged 6 months and up.
Parent Reviews and Comments
~Lost In The Fifties~

The Classic Pooh 4 in 1 trainer set is great!

Its' compact, cute and colourful!

The potty turns into a seat to put on the toilet, and the lid and stand turn into different sized stools to help your child gain access to the toilet.

My daughter and i have had much fun learning about toilet training with this product.


I was chosen to trial Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Total Trainer Set and i would like to thank Bub Hub for choosing us. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now for my son and I am very satisfied with it.

Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Total Trainer Set has everything we need for toilet training time in one pack . It comes packed  in a nice compact cardboard box. It has a deluxe potty , a portable training seat , a low step stool and a high step stool.

I would say that it really makes toilet training easy.  The deluxe potty is made of nice material and comfortable for little ones to sit on . It is easy to clean and wipe.  The portable training seat is very easy to fit on the normal toilet at home and gives kids a proper seat to sit on during potty time. It's sturdy and very stable and your child can sit comfortably.

Step stools really help kids who are being  toilet trained. When using the big toilet with the portable training seat at potty time, my son first stands on the step stool and then sits on the pot and then keeps his feet on the stool for support. He even  loves to stand on the stool to wash his hands in the basin after his toilet time.

Overall I am very happy and satisfied with the Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Total Trainer Set and recommend it to all the mums for the toilet training period.

Have recently started potty training my son, well started then stopped as I had brought a potty from elsewhere and it was terrible!

It had a high back which I initally thought was great as he would fall backwards, instead my sons bum slowly slid down the plastic
instead, and as there was no padding his little legs were red from sitting on it for more than a minute or two.

That all changed with this potty!

The seat is ultra cushy so no more red legs and there was space to sit him back so his little doodle wasn't getting squished like with the hard plastic potty.

The seperate wee/pooh tray is great as I don't need to move the whole potty and my son can't tip it over easily the second he gets up.

Overall I am very happy with the design and ease of use, love the idea of him being able to use the potty seat when he moves up to the big boy potty too!

The only con for me is the size but am ok with that as it is so stable I don't have to worry about it tipping.

So happy that my son actually started tapping at the potty until I got it out for him to use. Great sucess!

Very impressed with this trainer set. The pale colours means it can sit in our lounge room and not stand out as a potty, and the cover/stepping stool hides the pottyseat. Our son easily takes the lid off to use the potty and it's a good height so he's not crouched over it or dangling his legs.

The removable middle part makes cleaning up after him using the potty very easy. The whole potty is very easy to wipe over and keep clean. He never baulked at using it like others.

Having the seat dual purpose is a great idea and saves money. Our boy is still quite small and sitting on the toilet has scared him but he happily sits there with his seat and uses the step to climb up.

Overall I am very happy with this trainer set and have and will continue to recommend it to others.

The Crunchy Mum

I've just started gently toilet training my 15-month old son. The Disney Classic Pooh 4 in 1 Trainer Set was the main equipment to get us started.

It's a versatile toilet training set which converts from a potty to a toilet seat plus two types of step stools (high and low).


  • The potty, toilet seat and step stools stack neatly together into one compact little set - I like things that pack away nicely for easy storage
  • The shape of the potty is designed to look just like a mini toilet bowl - my DS is currently really into copying everything we do, so this is a nice feature to aid in the copy-mum/dad method in the toilet-training proces
  • The comfy padded seat on the potty (which is the 'deluxe' feature of the potty)
  • The same seat converts easily into a toilet seat when my DS is ready to transition to the 'big toilet'
  • Reasonably priced at $39.95 - good value for a 4-in-1 set
  • The potty seat is very flat (i.e. not contoured to fit around the bum) - might be an issue for smaller sized kids
  • No backrest or raised back - some kids might need help to stay balanced on the seat
Overall, I consider this a great product with good value that you can get plenty of use out of from the early toilet training stage right up to the advanced stage.


'Poo on Pooh' was my catch-cry and my daughter loved it!

Although she has pretty much mastered the potty (our original was an ikea cheapy) she prefers the new one. The padded seat was great for encouraging her to use the 'big girl toilet' as she felt secure and was used to the feeling of the seat used on the potty.

The only downside was the pattern was quite dull and not as fun as I had expected.  


The height of the potty is great for children of varying ages as is the ease of getting on and off - I have a 3 year old and also a 15 month old who use this potty.

The removable potty seat is great especially for my younger child so his little bum does not fall into the larger toilet seat.  It is also great for chucking in the car when going on picnics etc. The padded seat was also a great bonus on it :) 

Having a lid for the potty is also great as my older child will use the potty and then replace the lid until i am able to get in there to empty out the wee.

When using it as a step i found it got quite slippery if there was a little bit of water on it so it needs a quick wipe off before standing on it (as my toddler does teeth brushing after her bath/shower so there is always water everywhere in the bathroom).  

The only minor problem with this was the wee sometimes got up under the removable seat into the edges which sometimes made a messy and harder cleaning experience.


This is the best potty ever.  My daughter is 18 months and loves it.

The potty is the perfect height for her, she has no problems getting on or off it.

The padded seat is awesome.  My daughter also loves using it as a step stool.

The removable padded seat fits perfectly onto the seat of the big toilet.  My niece is nearly 3 years old and fully toilet trained.  When she was over yesterday and needed to go to the toilet I put the potty seat on the big toilet and she loved it.  :-)  It meant that she could actually sit properly rather then holding herself up.

:-)  Love everything about it.


I have had this potty for a few days now and my overall impression of it is that is an okay potty, not great, not bad, just okay.

I liked the cushioned seat. DD found it comfortable and it doesn't leave any marks on her bum like some of the hard potties can (even if only sitting on it a couple of minutes). It is also a great bonus that it can be used as a seat on a normal toilet once potty training progresses and i like that it has handles on the side. The fact it is a 'Winnie the Pooh' potty was a big advantage, for us, as DD is a fan of the character and so was immediatly drawn to the potty and willing to sit on it. I like that it has a removable insert to catch the wee/poo so you can just take that out and wash it rather than washing the whole potty, this is very convenient.

I don't like that the removable bowl to catch the wee has a ring on the bottom (left over from the molding of the plastic, i assume) as this can make cleaning poo off more difficult as the surface is not completly smooth so poo can get stuck around the ring - it is not a big problem, just an annoyance.

I found the step feature useless, as a step it is too large and awkward. It literally won't even fit in my (admittedly tiny) toilet room - so in my case it was totally unusable as a step. Even it had fit I wouldn't have wanted to use it as a step and I think it is just too bulky.

Overall it works as a potty and toliet seat insert, it is comfortable and DD likes it. As a step i wouldn't recommend it.

Would i purchase this myself? Probably not. Although it was good quality i feel it was too much to spend on a potty, especially when I didn't find the step feature useful.



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