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Roger Armstrong Child's Toilet Seat

3 reviews
Child's Toilet Seat

Find where to shop online for toilet training products or visit your local general nursery store with the Bub Hub Australian Pregnancy & Parenting Directory.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I found this seat, great and very easy to use. while renting this is what we used, as my daughter got older and started taking herself to the toilet it was a bit annoying having to take it off and back on each time someone else wanted to use the toilet. 

It was still a great product and well worth it. 

Nice and simple, easy to use. once it's in place, it's stable and it's a great way to get the kids from the potty to the toilet as its very similar to the potty.
karen turner

A great product that gives your toddler confidence and comfort allowing them to relax rather than fearing falling down the toilet. Easy to store away, quick to clean and a must have accessory to help make toilet training a happy and safer occassion.



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