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Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

14 reviews
Thermoscan Ear Thermometer
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I think that overall this is a great thermometer. Very easy to use. My one issue is that I question the accuracy of temps. My daughter has cancer and I must be aware of her developing a fever.
In the first few months of owning this thermometer I presented my daughter to ED when she was febrile (38) via the braun themometer. It was discovered, after several ED visits, that the braun thermometer was reading at least 1 degree over what it should be. 

So we had so many un-necessary visits and hospitalisations because of this :( 


love this thermometer! very easy to use, but need to make sure it is correctly in the ear otherwise you get an incorrect reading. 

My son loves using this as he can press the button to test his temperature and it makes a beeping noise. 

betty callaghan

bought this from chemist warehouse as told it was the best for new born. I find it very large for newborns ears plus kept giving different readings. Chemist warehouse kindly exchanged it for an obron that is much easier to use more accurate and a lot cheaper.


I was given this thermometer as a gift for my first baby (now 7 and I have 2 more) and it is brilliant! True, buying the replacement covers can get costly if you go through a really bad spell it saved so many tears of "holding down baby" to get a normal thermometer to stay put long enough! I would recommend this one to anyone (especially new mums!) :)


I love this thermometer, it cost a fair bit but it's been worth it in my opinion.  It seems to be fairly accurate, or at least consistent with others (on comparision with others when we can get them to work).

She won't take a dummy so those were out, and normal thermometers won't stay in her mouth through the wriggles.  However with the in-ear one, it's easy to take a temperature even through screaming, tossing and wriggling. 

Changing the covers is also easy, and they're available most places.  Its possible to get them cheaper on the web, than in most chemists however (and this is the only downside) if you had a baby whose temperature needed taking often, it could get pricey.


I purchased this thermometer after my daughter had a fever one night and wouldnt sit still for the digital mouth one which takes 8 seconds to get a reading. 

This product is great for a quick response reading, but can get pricey for replacemnet tips if you have to take your childs temperature regularly. I also often find myself wondering how accurate it is as I can get several different readings over the course of a minute, but have no way of testing its accuracy. 


I love this thermometer for mu kids. Its so quick and accurate. I bought mine when i was pregnant with my first son and its lasted for 4years so far. Would definietely recommend this brand for ease of use, and durability. 

after battling away with a screaming toddler who hated an underarm thermometre we finally bit the bullet and spent the cash during one fun three day virus and fever episode.

this product is gold - so easy to operate and reliable (if placed correctly) and my son thinks it is fun so cooperates with temperature taking. there exists the rosk of a lower than accurate temperature due to inaccurate placement, but it should never overestimate temp which is good

replacement covers are an ongoing expense however i must admit we reuse them, and just wipe any wax off them and replace them intermittently instead of every use. 

one of the best baby purchases you may make when you ahve a sick baby / toddler this product is fantastic it beats all those underarm / in mouth thermometers which dont give good accurate readings on squirmy babies and children this is so fast and efficeint by the time they realise and try to move you ahve the temp already read :) i also like the fact that i can use this why my children are asleep and they barely ever wake up id say definetly when looking at baby purchases dont scrimp on a thermometer it may seem expensive now but you could buy cheap ones over and over again or just buy this one in the first place they last years and work great :(

This thermometer is definately one the best investments we have made. It is extremely quick in reading bubs temperature, accurate and easy to use. Just press the button to turn it on, pop it in bubs ear, press the button again and bubs temperature has been taken! Great for an especially wriggly bub or toddler that needs their temp taken without any fuss.

It's slightly on the pricey side but well worth it! Especially if you can find it on special (I've seen them relatively cheap at Big W).

Highly recommend this!

Arbre de la vie
i looked at buying this Thermometer in the Pharmacy, but at close to $200 i decided to shop around. i managed to get a brand new one from a store on ebay UK for only $50 inc postage! but honestly, even at retail price, its worth the money!
its so easy to use, and importantly when your trying to get a reading on a toddler - its fast! only takes a second or two to get an accurate reading.
its got multiple memory so you can see at a glance if bubs temp has gone up or down since last time and it comes with a pack of disposible covers.. youre only suppose to used them once but you can get away with re-using them a few times if you wash them, otherwise you'd go through waaay too many!
the only thing i dont like about it is the display screen doesnt light up, so at night you have to leave bubs bedroom before you can see the reading (unless your little one will sleep though you turning a light on).. only a minor inconvenience though and overall a great product!
Having a very sick baby is already stressful let alone when you are trying to get his temp with an underthe arm thermometer! His temp readings were going from 33.6 up to 38.0 was useless!

So we went out and got the Thermoscan and its brilliant! and reads very accurately (compared with dr's) in the couple of seconds it takes to read my son just stops squirming and its done!

Is a little pricey but have heard they last forver and for a quick reading its worth every cent!

I've used several tmperature readers... the forehead strip (takes too long on a squirmy baby and is not accurate), Nexcare under arm strips (work well but are expensive), the old style under tongue alcohol thermometer (not good for babies!), a Rite Aid forehead reader (inaccurate), cheapy brand ear thermometer and this... the Braun ThermoScan.

I've compared all of them and found that the Braun matched the under tongue and Nexcare strips (and also matched the ear thermometer my GP used). It was more accurate and faster/easier to use than anything else. Whiel you are meant to replace the caps each time you use one, I wipe them clean and use them a few times before discarding if I am using it on the same person (mine pretty much just gets used for our baby).

After using other products then using this, I won't be buying or using anything else... unless it breaks or goes missing of course!


I love my Braun thermometer! It's quick, easy to use, painless & reliable and that batteries last for ages!

None of that sitting for ages trying to keep a wriggly baby or toddler still to get a reading.

Best of all, it can be used for the whole family. Highly recommended!



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