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Omron MC-510 Instant Ear Thermometer

13 reviews
MC-510 Instant Ear Thermometer

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Anna Cobley

This is the worst $100 we have spent. Ever. 

I am either hyperthermic or I have a raging temperature all within seconds.

It is useless and aswell as being inaccurate my Children find it painful to use. 


Worked for a while and then broke. Now it just displays AA. I tried changing the battery and it just displays a flashing F. Obviously for farenheight, and possibly asking to choose (or change to Celcius). But as there is only one button and it doesnt seem to accept anything, I cant see how to progess. Have tried holding it down, been to the Omron site (useless user guide says nothing about how to reset it). Very frustrating. 

betty callaghan

having just read oher reviews on this thermometer, I had the reverse opinion of another review after purchasing the braun thermometer I found it far to large for my newborns ears plus it gave erratic read outs so took it back to the chemists warehouse and exchanged for a much cheaper omron that proved to be 100%better than the braun giving very accurate read outs and fitted Babs ear with ease.


I purchased this thermometeraaa it was on sale. At the time there was a $30 difference between this and the Braun. The chemist said there was no different. 

A week later my 2 week old let Me try it out. It was HORRIBLE. Not o ly could I not get an accurate reading. It took so long. The box told me it was quick. But the instructions said it can take up to 10 sec!! I found it fiddly and uncomfortable to use. I then remembered a few years earlier a girlfriend had had the same issue with thisthermometer. 

I returned it to the pharmacy. Spent the extra $30 and it chased the Braun. (much happier and I get a reading in a few seconds that is accurate!)

I bought this on sale at the local chemist. I find it quick and easy to use. Much better than trying to hold the little one still while doing an underarm temperature reading. It comes in a little case which is handy to take anywhere without worrying that it might get damaged.

I bought this thermometer on recommendation of a friend.

It has been much more accurate than any under arm thermometers and is really easy to use, and very quick.

It's fantastic for infants as it has a unique way of reading the temperature, because you are unlikely able to see down the canal (especially if they're wriggly!!). You simply 'wave' it side to side & it gets an average temperature - still more accurate than an under arm thermometer.

I would recommend this to anyone that asks! 


I struggled with a under the arm pit thermometer for my first two children and when i seen this on special didn't hesitate to fork out the extra $$$ as anyone who would know what it's like to struggle with a baby and a thermometer under the arm is like.... you get the point.

This has been the best investment I have ever made - not that it was a massive investment - but IMO an essential one.

It give you instant quick, realiable readings, it has an in built back light to view readings in the dark, records previous readings. Its the best.

Highly recommend. 


I purchased this product when my baby was a month old and have not looked back! I still keep a manual therm as a back up but I  personally have not had any problems with using or taking readings( touch wood).It's very easy to use and my baby now 7 months is so used to it she keeps still to hear the beeps.

I paid $46 (on special) at Chemist Warehouse but normally $50ish.... At first I thought the probe covers would be a hassle but no need to change each time you use, only when you can see a film of wax or for a different person. A box of costs of 40 cost $20 but would take some time to use up.

I seriously couldn't be without this product.

I'm so glad I have this thermometer now. I originally had an under the arm cheap thermometer and my babies used to scream blue murder and wriggle around and it took forever to give a reading but now I just switch it on, put it in the ear, wait a couple of seconds for the beep and press the button for the temp reading. So easy and no screaming from bubs. I also love the backlight feature on it for use through the night and that when you switch it on it gives you the last temp reading you took so you can monitor how much the temp has gone up or come down.
I bought this before bub was born and have used it on both myself and bub.  Works fabulously on myself but it can be difficult with bub as the earpiece is a little large for a newborn.  Fiddling around with the ear covers can also be annoying but the thermometer won't work without one.  I like that it can be an instant reading or an average over three seconds for a squirming bub.  I also like the screen is backlit so is very easy to read.  Cheap compared to some of the other competitors out there and still works well.

I love that this thermometer has a backlight, which comes in so handy when taking your little ones temperature in the middle of the night. It gives an accurate reading and it easy to use once you get the hang of it.

The tip covers are an ongoing expense though and aren't cheap.

Bought it for it's 'ease of use' and have found it a bit tricky. Although very accurate when you get a reading, it's tough trying to get it into the little ones ear and press the button, the button is a bit close to the earpiece. Still, alot easier than an underarm thermometer.

This product is excellent. I have it for my daughter and its spot on, we took her temp just before we rushed her to hospital and it was exactly the same as the hospitals reading.

very simple and easy to use, also small enough to take anywhere.



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