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Airssential LifeTemp Radient Non-contact Thermometer

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LifeTemp Radient Non-contact Thermometer
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giggle berry

I used this product on both my boys, a 2&1/2 yr old with chronic ear infections and a 6wk old with a cold caught from his brother.

There is much to love about this Thermometer!

First and foremost, it is quick! Super quick! It takes the reading in under 2 seconds! This speed coupled with the fact that no contact with the child is needed makes it ideal for use with children and babies!

I have tried another non contact thermometer but it was nowhere near as effective as it took longer to take the reading and had a blue light that attracts the attention of the child making them squirm and not stay still enough. 

The non contact aspect also means I can use it for both children without fear of cross contamination.

It is also effective in non human mode, to be used to check room or bath water temperature quickly.

I have tried numerous thermometers in my short time as a parent and this one is by far the best!

Purple Lily

I was so happy to be chosen to review this product as up until that point taking my son’s temperature was a nightmare! It was so easy to use as it’s just one button and bang you have the temp reading. My two year old didn't even notice we had taken his temp! My 9 month old is such a wriggle pot and has been teething for the last few weeks so we have been able to use this on him day and night. Before he's even moved his head the thermometer has well and truly gotten his temp. I think the best feature for us is the fact that the sound can be turned off. I think it's every parent’s worst nightmare knowing you need to take bubs temp but don't want to wake them so this feature is perfect. I highly recommend this product because it's accurate and its features make what can be a distressing time for kids and babies a much quicker and nicer experience.


I was very grateful to be reviewing this thermometer when my DD had her flu vaccination.

She was febrile and cranky and previously we have had a real struggle to get (and keep) the tympanic thermometer in her ear.

With the Life Temp Radient Non-Contact Thermometer, I could turn the sound off and check her temp while she slept without waking her up. Even while she was awake, we didn’t have to have the usual routine of having to restrain her head so that we could check on her temperature.

I also liked the function to be able to check the temperature in the room.

I’d recommend this thermometer to any parent who was looking to invest in a thermometer for their kids. I will be favouring it over the tympanic thermometer type for her and any other children that may come along.


While (thankfully) my kids werent sick when i reviewed the thermomenter it still works great. Prehaps too great as my 3 year old wants to play with it! A real change from traditional ear/auxillery thermomenters that he hates.

A wonderful feature of the thermomenter is that you dont have to touch it to anything for it to work - no more risking waking the kids up. Bonus that you dont have to clean it after each use.

The thermomenter can also be used to check temps of food or the room. The only downdide to this feature is that it only shows up from 10-80 degrees so you cant check something straight from the fridge.


When it comes to thermometers the only use that comes to mind is when you or your children are sick.

This thermometer gives you many more reasons to use it! I loved the simplicity and ease of use. The quick response time meant that if I was unsure about the reading it only took 1 second to read again.

I used this to check bath water, bottles and my children and various other random things around the home.

I couldn’t fault the machine or the design in any way and would happily refer this product to friends.


I was absolutely thrilled to receive one of these to review as we had seen a similar one used when our daughter was in hospital for surgery recently and I had made a mental note to look into one for home.

The Lifetemp thermometer sits nicely in your hand and is so quick and easy to use and gives an instant result.  No more pleading with your child to sit still, no more bribing to take their temp, this is just a quick point and click and it's all done.  Our DD was quite happy sit for her temp to be taken and she loved to look at the little face to see if she was sick or not!  Novelty factor aside, I could also take her temp without waking her which was a real plus. I am really happy with this product and very happy to give it a thumbs up as a must have for anyone looking to upgrade their current thermometer or even buying their first one.

Thanks for the opportunity to review, this is a terrific buy :) 

It's fast, accurate, non-invasive and so easy to use.  


I was so excited to be able to review the LifeTemp Radient Thermometer. My first impressions of the Thermometer was that it was small, lightweight and well designed. It is small enough to fit in the nappy bag. 

The instructions were really easy to understand, as was the thermometer control panel. Just turn it on, hold it 2-3cm from the temple and press the button. I was amazed at how quick it was able to do a reading. 

I loved that it had an ambient/item temperature mode. I had lots of fun measuring the temp of drinks and the baby's bath water and the ambient temperature. 

I found the temp to be about the same as my ear reading thermometer (give or take 0.02deg). I found it to be fairly accurate with what I expected baby's temperature to be. My 3yo decided to get a temp the last few days so the Thermometer has had lots of work. 

Now the con. I had a lot of trouble holding the thermometer to baby's head as she was so wriggly. She would move every time I tried. When she was asleep I turned the noise off and was able to measure her temp easily, but when she was awake it was a bit of a challenge. I also had a hard time judging the distance to hold the thermometer. I ended up doing a few readings and then just taking the average. 

Overall I think it is a very nifty thing. I would recommend it. 


Perfect timing to review this - both my toddler and newborn have been sick.  

Compared to the usual under arm thermometer, taking temps has been a breeze as I don't have usual wrangling with octopus arms.  I did compare it against the under arm thermometer and have found it consistent.  The best feature is that I can take a temp while bub is asleep.


I got this thermometer just in time for cold and flu season, and it is absolutely brilliant. I've wanted one for ages and I am not disappointed! 

I have an almost-3-year-old who cannot sit still long enough to take a temp the traditional way so the speed of this device is great. We haven't actually had a high temp yet but it was good to be able to easily keep an eye on it when she's been unwell with a head cold. 

The best part is that she actually likes having her temp taken now. She gets excited when it comes out and happily lets me check her. It's also easy enough for her to use on us (or even the dogs!) - I think this is great if you've got a child who is easily frightened of unfamiliar things being used on them. 

I can't fault it at all and highly recommend it. It's going to come in very handy when our next baby arrives next month as well. My husband has decided that this is our staple gift for friends & family having new babies! 


When my girls, partner or I are sick and feel a bit warm we usually do a quick temperature check. We had two thermometers, an under arm one and an ear one. When I say quick check I really mean let’s use the ear one. This is how it normally goes:

EAR thermometer

Me: "Ok dd2 lets check your temperature. Hold still, I just have to put it in your ear"

DD2: "ahh, (shakes head)"

Me: "come on, I need to check your temperature. You feel very warm"

DD2: "Ahhhh, NO!" (shakes head again)

Me: "Come on please, Ok you check mine first"

DD2: "Yay!!"

Me: Ok your turn

Then because the thermometer read some absurdly low reading we try again before finally giving the underarm thermometer a go. That usually ends in screaming. Have you ever had to hold a 2 year old down for up to 3 minutes just to take their temperature?! 15 minutes and a hysterical toddler later, it was done.

Now THIS non contact thermometer is the MOST AWESOME OF AWESOMENEST, FANTASTIC, AMAZING thing!

This is how it went with this non contact thermometer when DD2 had a high temp and croup:

Me: "Shh its ok" (turn on the thermometer and it goes beep)

dd2: "huh?"

Me: "Shh its ok, just go to sleep" (I hold it near her temple, push the button and instantly the thermometer beeped and took a reading)

DONE! She didn’t even know I did anything!

AND, this thermometer can also check the temperature of things like bath water, bottle temperatures, room temperature etc.. It’s so easy to use, even my 2 year old can use it, her doll is 18 degrees outside by the way!

Really all I needed was one word to review this thermometer, AMAZING!


This thermometer is so family friendly, easy to decipher instructions and a simple button click to go from body to surface temperature modes made the times we needed to use it, a little bit less stressful.
Having something in my home that is used by health professionals gives me peace of mind and comfort that I am getting accurate fast results, it makes dealing with illness and fevers much easier.

My favourite features are of course the ability to take temperatures with no contact; this is perfect for wiggly toddlers and middle of the night checks, being able to store 32 previous measurements, LCD backlit display, being to able to switch the alarm off and surface testing mode. 

Packaged in a compact box, the thermometer is also light and great looking, it has a huge easy to read screen and is the perfect shape to fit comfortably in your hand.

We LOVE the Airssential LifeTemp Radient Non-contact Thermometer!


Such a nifty little gadget! For a sleep deprived mummy needing to check bub's temp at 3am with an ear thermometer it's a nightmare! The LifeTemp Radient Non-contact Thermometer made it so much easier especially as my baby was premature so very small and difficult to check in her ears. 

Much less of a struggle to check my toddler also, we usually needed to hold him down or bear hug him to check his temp and if he was sleeping the contact would wake him without fail. 

The LifeTemp Radient Non-contact Thermometer gives an instant reading and lets you know if you are off the mark by glowing red. 

Slim and compact and very easy to use, after watching me try a few times my toddler was checking his little sisters temperature easily. 

Highly recommend.


I was unsure of how reliable this no contact thermometer would be given I had heard mixed reviews on other no contact brands. But this is brilliant. The results are constantly reliable if you keep it at the suggested 4cm. The results are instant which is fabulous. The family has been sick during the review period, and it was so good not having to wake children or risk cross contamination by having it in the mouth. I often get unreliable results from my usual thermometer as my kids won't put it under their tongue properly, so my problem is solved!

Would definitely recommend this product!



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