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Tommee Tippee Digital Thermometer

3 reviews
Digital Thermometer
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I have found that this thermometer gives accurate readings (when compared to my Dr's thermometer), but it is so slow to give the final temperature. Some days it is near impossible to get the final reading because the child does not want to stay still for long enough.

For the price it is okay, and is fine to use on little babies as you can take their temperature whilst feeding etc, but older children do not want to stay still for that long. 


I have one of these and I must say its been perfectly reliable and very easy to use. It is rigid, so not as comfortable as the flexible tip thermometers, however I find this better when taking a temperature orally as it doesn't bend and fall out. It's light, easy to take travelling and takes up very little space. It also comes in a handy clear plastic case. 

I would recommend these to others, unless you're after all the frills like the flexible tip etc. But perfectly reliable, and I have used these in the NICU where I worked too. 


I have a 21 month old son and a 13 week old daughter.

I have found this thermometer to give accurate readings and is easy to use during the daytime.  My son sits still now for "cuddles" to get his temperature, but l cannot use it when he is sleeping at night when l want to know if l should wake him up to give him medicine to help with his fever.



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