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Cherub Baby Digital Dummy Thermometer

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Digital Dummy Thermometer
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We all know how bub gets too anxious during a fever. But this dummy thermometer does the trick in calming him down and not become anxious while his mum pokes a thermometer. It is easy to use and hygienic. It works like a regular dummy by placing the thermometer in bub's mouth.After about a minute temperature is displayed in the small LCD display. I nned not jot down baby's previous temperature as it displays previous temperature reading. It also saves battery life with an auto shutoff function. I will buy another one as a gift to my cousin if I get the chance to attend another baby expo. 


Brianna Huntley

My bub really hates being taken a temperature, fearful at a sight of a thermometer. Good thing I found this, it has made my life easier. Though sometimes it is still quite a challenge, my bub doesn't fear it. The thermometer is easy to use with the reading out by 10 seconds. My partner also finds it easy to handle and loves the memory feature as he sometimes forgets to take down the last reading. Auto shut-off keeps the battery from dying out too soon. A very nice dummy thermometer.

Helen Humphrey

It is hard enough to get the temperature of my bub with an ear thermometer, so I am really glad I found this. There is an LCD that shows the temp reading, which only takes 10 seconds (a bit long if they are anxious) plus it also saves the reading for the last one you took. I found it easier to use than other baby thermometers especially being a dummy. It also alarms when the reading shows that your bub has a fever and the auto-shut off is great so the battery doesn't wear out too fast. It is very easy to use and easy to clean, I would recommend this a lot.

Maria D

This Digital Dummy Thermometer is a great find for me. It has been a hard time using an ear thermometer to get bub's temperature because of all the movement and crying. Good thing this works as a conventional dummy and baby isn't afraid of it. It takes about 10 seconds to show the temperature read on the LCD. There are also features like memory, to show the last reading, and the fever alarm that signals with a beep. It is also easy to clean and you don’t need to put in a dishwasher or boil it.



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