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Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead Thermometer

18 reviews
4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead Thermometer

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I bought this at the Cherub Baby website. I was surprised at how this takes a temperature in only 1 second. This thermometer does take more accurate temperature than the past digital thermometer I owned. Its was easy to use and easy to clean and had a quickstart guide so I didn’t have to read a novel!

I was on a panic mode when I figured that my bub is running high with a fever. He was not crying nor did he show that he is sick until I carried him. I have 3 thermometers on hand and only this one was showing a higher temperature.  That aside it took me only 1 second to get a reading, so it was easy to take multiple readings from both ear and forehead to be certain of the reading. That feature is just I think a lifesaver especially when I do strict temp monitoring. It also shows an alarm when the temp rises above normal.  


This thermometer is a good addition to my first aid kit. As a mum cncerned of the health of my bub, having this thermometer around makes it easy to monitor baby's temperature. Simply place the thermometer in the forehead or in the ears and it will show temperature in a few seconds in teh LCD. I like it that it is not complicated to operate and that the numbers are clearly shown on the LCD in bold numbers. 

Sarah Burton

I really love this thermometer because it is a lifesaver for my baby and other kids in the family. You just slide the thermometer into the forehead, or in the ear and you get the temperature of your child n less than 10 minutes. I recently had its battery changed and it is still the best in the market today, Fast temperature results and Accurate


I have never been letdown by this thermometer. Ihave two bubs that need monitoring. And when the time comes I need it it has been deliverin accurate and more importantly consistent temperature reading. Every time one of my two sons feels fussy, I will just swipe the thermometer in my child's forehead and wait a few seconds for the temperature reading to appear. The LCD display is clear enough for reading although the operation of the thermometer could get a lot of time for adjusting. But all in all it I am very confident in recomending this thermometer to my fellow parents. 


The digital ear and forehead thermometer gives accurate readings compared to the thermometer which I previously use. It has a very easy to use interface and gives quick readings once I felt that my baby has a fever. The LCD display gives easy to read temperature results. It works well whether reading through the ears or through the forehead.

I prefer checking temperature through the forehead as a single swipe in the forehead delivers instant temperature readings. It is of hospital grade quality and similar to the ones used by nurses that I see in most clinics and hospitals.It also has a function that keeps track of time and changes in temperature. It also has a fever alarm which reminds mums if the threshold of the body's normal temperature has been reached.It can also double as an ambient room thermometer to keep track of room temperature especially during hot cold nights. It also shuts off after non-use saving battery life. I highly recommend this to other mums who do not want to complicate things while monitoring a child's fever.


Susan Asti

This ear and forehead is not just for baby but for the entire family. It provides accurate results in an easy reading system after placing them in the ear and forehead. What I like about this thermometer is the fever alert function which gives warnings every time temperature exceeds normal body temperature. The LED display is also easy to read while battery is conserved  by the sutomatic off function which turns off the thermometer once it becomes idle for a long time. The size of the thermometer is also easy to carry inside the bag for regular monitoring of body temperature anywhere.

Bethsaida Mcdonald

This is just the perfect temperature reading tool for any first aid kit to monitor any fevers associated to flu and other illnesses. My bub had flu-like symptoms so our paediatrician asked us to onitor the temperature. the thermometer gives fast and accurate results. It alsos erves as an ambient room temperature reader. It has this fever alarm when the temperature exceeds 38C and a clock display to keep tab  when the temperature is taken. I have been using it for several months and has not had any battery change. It has auto shutoff to preserve battery life. 

Melinda Gibson

This thermometer is easy to operate and convenient to bring anywhere. What I love about itis thta it does the job right fast saving precious time of dealing with baby's fever. The accuracy of the thermometer has been consistent and that it is easy to clean, hygienic and operated. I love the digital display as it is clear and in big enough letters and numbers to quickly check my baby's temperature.I sed it once during a travel to Thailand where the entire family got some flu and we had to check everyone's temperature once in a while. 

Meredith Ferrera

This thermometer is easy to use and relieves my stresses upon seeing a lower temperature reading on my son. My sister, a pediatrician, has given this to me as a gift during my baby shower. I have used this ever since to monitor my son’s condition. The LCD screen is clear and gives a pretty accurate temperature reading. It is also easy to use, I often just place it in my baby’s ear or forehead and it immediately displays the temperature. It’s small, lightweight and becomes an essential tool for mothers who would want to monitor their child’s fever. I have been using this for more than a year without any problem on the battery. 


Just FYI, I have about five thermometers both manual and digital for my 3 kids because I always get different readings before. This thermometer is my favourite because it is very accurate and my youngest son actually let me take his temperature without crying or moving, unlike if I use other thermometer. This is a really well designed and presented thermometer which I’m sure any mum or dad will be delighted with. I love the features of taking the room temp and surface temp as well. Surprisingly it comes with many functions. I recommend this if you have young children! 


This digital thermometer is fantastic! Very well made and the size is perfect so you can bring it anywhere. The instructions included in the manual are very simple and straight forward.  I was able to begin using the thermometer instantly just right after I received it. My bub is only 1 year old and 3 months and he is not comfortable with the regular hermometer, so being able to get the correct temperature is very hard, time consuming and not sure if it is accurate. This product is making our lives easier.  Just click the button and you’ll have your baby’s temperature in just a couple of seconds. The result is very accurate wether you take on the forehead or ear. The versatility of this thermometer where in you can able to use it on the forehead and in the ear is awesome. Highly recommended!


I bought this at a baby expo. I have never got a correct temp. Its so far out you cant even consider it to be worth while trying to attempt using it. It never had auto shut off. The company will not even look at it to see if it is faulty or replace it.  

i picked this thermometer up on Special at a Baby Expo for a great price - quick and easy to use (unless you are my does seem to be a little thirsty on batteries - but that could have something to do with my 2 year old getting hold of it all the time.....other wise it is an awesome product and well worth the money - plus the fact that you can use it on your forehead and in your ears is also great - because the temperature can vary so much between these two points....
This is a good value for money thermometer. It quickly reads temperature and I love that it can read forhead and in ear so i can check 2 ways depending on childs temperment. The battery it came with lasted very little but the battery i replaced it with seems alot better and has lasted alot longer. My 3.5 year old has no problems with me checking his temperature with this and actually asks for me to when his feeling fine! Im so glad i got this as its peace of mind to  know i can get an accurate reading quicklu and easily day or night, I love its ease of use and even my 3.5 year old can use it so not challenging at all. great for at home, grandparents or daycare!

We bought this thermometer at the PBC expo and ,love it!!

It reads quickly and has the option for forehead or ear and it automatically detects which one you are reading.  

We were looking for one that was easy to use and didn't have any ongoing cost (eg, ear covers) and this fit the bill. We'd just point it at bubby's forehead (and mine too, sometimes), and the temperature reading comes up. Small and compact too, easy storage. Price was excellent as well, much more affordable than others. Love it!

My husband and I were looking around for a  baby thermometer and came across the Cherub Baby 4 in 1 Infrared Digital Ear & Forehead Thermometer online.

The price was reasonable compared to other expensive thermometers on the market. Its so simple and extremely easy to use. Baby Tyler does not mind us taking his temperature at all. Its a time saving, multi functional product. Readings can be taken through forehead or via ear and just takes 1 second which is fantastic!

It also comes with couple of other features like clock display and ambient readings but we mainly use it to take Tyler's temperature. I highly recommend it to other parents looking for affordable, comfortable thermometer for their bubs.



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