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Modern Skin Care Striae-Eraze

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I've been a regular user of Striae-Eraze Stretch Mark Treatment since April last year when a friend of mine who'd been trialling the product recommended it to me. I'd never heard of it before then. It took me about 2 and a half months or 10 weeks or so to see a noticeable improvement in the redness and the depth of the stretch marks, however my friend saw results a couple weeks earlier than me. Prior to this I was using Bio Oil but found it just smoothed my skin instead of actually improving the stretch marks.

With Striae-Eraze  I was actually quite shocked with how well and quickly the cream has faded my stretch marks! I always recommend it to thers when the topic of Stretch Marks comes up as I have seen the results for myself.


I recently started using a stretch mark cream that one of my friends, Stephanie, suggested to me. She was raving about how it had got rid of her stretch marks from her 2 pregnancies and really noticed the difference in 3 weeks. I had really dark red stretch marks and deep ridges on my tummy from my first child and I was very self-conscience about them. I wouldn't even let my husband look at me with the light on when they weren't covered up. I tried all the major creams but they didn't really work on the existing stretch marks. I tried to do a little research on the company that Stephanie mentioned, I didn't find much cause they are new but saw some reviews and looked at the ingredients. The website said I should begin to see a reduction in the redness in 3-4 weeks. I purchased the product for only $99.95 and was sceptical as it cost less than most creams out there, but they offered a 60 day money back guarantee. When it arrived I used every day after my shower and again before bed. After 4 weeks most of the redness had gone and the skin had smoothed and the ridges weren't as deep. I've been using the cream for 7 weeks now, my husband is pretty happy too. I'm pretty amazed as it is so cheap in comparison to the rest and actually did something.



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