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Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

20 reviews
Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I generally have dry and revolting skin but I started using this well into my twin pregnancy and before I had any stretch marks. I am still using it and as yet haven't seen anything to indicate strech marks despite being pretty big (maybe I am lucky) but I do love the texture of this creme. The fragrance neither thrills nor irritates me.

The texture is quite thick and I rub it in everyday straight after a warm shower. It doesn't have a residue and when I get undressed at night, my stomach etc still feels noticeably lovely softer than the skin I haven't used it on. I intend to keep using it - just need to find it on special somewhere !


Not loving this product. The smell is not great for anyone suffering morning sickness as it is quite potent.

It doesn't rub in well and leaves a greasy residue and frankly it did nothing to stop me getting stretchmarks or reduce their visibility after birth. If I hadn't been given it as a gift, I'd say it was a waste of money.


Been using this cream as it was given to me as a gift and I didn't use any creams/lotions to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy so I thought I would give it a try to try and ease the colour of my stretch marks. So far, no luck!! Not even fading! They are still as purple as ever. The smell is discusting as well!!


I used this and the belly butter from Palmers, to be honest I didn't use either for very long as I couldn't stand the smell of them!  It was ok for the first few hours after the first application but then it became cloying, swiftly followed by nauseating.  This isn't just a pregnancy reaction either as I've tried them both since too.  They also made me itch, and as itching was one of the things I was trying to prevent it wasn't helpful (lol)!

My suggestion would be to go into a chemist which has trial pots and use a little...  wait at least a few hours and see if you still like the smell of it.  Many people love it, some (like me) can't stand it and with all the other expenses involved with having babies, unused pots of lotions and potions are one you can do without.


I use alot of Palmers products in our home and it works well for the most part.  I wouldn't say it prevents marks but it does keep them light and help them to fade.

In saying that I have good skin so i didn't get many anyway... hard to say if it was the cream or my skin.

Its non greasy and absorbs quite quickley.


I used this product with my first pregnancy, while it kept my skin feeling nice it did not prevent stretch marks. I continued to use this product after pregnancy and it help fade the stretch marks but did not help the look of them. So unfortunately I had to turn to other products.

It does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin and absorbs in really well, but if you are looking for a product that prevents and/or reduces the appearance of stretch marks then this is really not what you need.

I used the Palmers Stretch Mark lotion throughout both of my pregnancys and don't have a stretch mark in sight (hard to say if it's due to using the lotion or just being lucky). I applied it a few times a day and found it great and soothing when my belly got itchy. It has a pleasant smell, a smooth texture and was super absorbent so it didn't feel like I was left with that greasy skin feeling you sometimes get with other lotions. It was also really affordable. I will definately use it again if I have any future pregnancies and would recommend it to other pregnant women out there.

I love the texture of this coco butter. It is very absorbant and doesn't have that greasy feel to it. Also, absolutely love the smell!

Keeps skin hydrated but doesn't prevent stretch marks; possibly minimises the appearance of them.


The absorbency is great and has a great smell.

It relieves itchiness but not sure if it's doing anything to the already present stretchmarks. I haven't seen a change in appearance but haven't noticed any new ones either.

Ive been using this product long before I got pregnant and love it as it absorbs into the skin really well. I think it aims to prevent stretch marks rather than getting rid of them. I used it throughout my pregnancy almost every night (Im very forgetful) and havent ended up with any and I'll be using this product for my next pregnancy too.

I purchased this product as I usually use Bio Oil, but had heard good things about this and wanted to give it a go.

I find it really moisturising for arms and legs, but for use specifically for stretch marks I haven't found any benefit at all.

When I use my other product, it lightens them almost over night, but this one pretty much does nothing.

The smell is really yummy, and as I said, it is great for moisturising purposes and makes skin lovely and soft.

I have rubbed this into my belly my entire pregnancy, I am currently 40 wks + 8 days and do not have a single stretch mark. I wouldn't actually say that this products has been the reason why, because I believe it all has to do with genetics and how much weight you put on. However I really like cocoa butter as it smells and feels great. Actually Ive used it for many years and use it on my legs too - when i can reach them.

I didn't think too much of this product.

It absorbed into the skin pretty well but had a weird smell that i didn't like. 

It didn't stop me getting stretchmarks (but i should note i don't believe any product can).

Just a average, stinky cream that does nothing to prevent the un-preventable. Meh!

Great product - I never got a single stretch mark.  It was easy to apply, absorbed quite well and gave my skin much needed moisture.  The smell was not overwhelming and the pump pack I got lasted me my entire pregnancy.
I started using this lotion when I was 13 weeks pregnant as I was worried about stretch marks. I massaged this lotion on to my stomach, thighs, hips & breasts morning & night all through my pregnancy. My husband also gave me massages with it & it was a wonderful bonding experience for my husband, baby & I. If the only good thing to come out of it was how much time we spent bonding & touching our baby before she was born it was more than worth it. But I also didn't get a single stretch mark through my entire pregnancy, & by 40 weeks my baby bump was enormous - I looked like I was going to burst. After my daughter was born I continued using this Palmer's lotion morning & night & still didn't have any stretch marks. My daughter is 2 now & I am 6 months pregnant with our second, I have no stretch marks & Im still using it. 
So I have come to realise no matter how much cream I rubbed in I was always going to get stretch marks.

I used this almost every day for 8 months and got ALOT of stretch marks, so I can confidently say that it didn't work for me.

I didn't mind the smell but agree the absorbency is really poor.

7/10 for smell - 0/10 for effectiveness!

i got ALOT of stretch marks during my pregnancy, belly, breasts, thighs, back, bum, etc. i dint like this product, the smell made me cringe, my partner also said it was nasty, i didnt like the way it rubbed in, took a long time as some of the other lades have said also. ths product didnt stop me getting stretch marks (i dont think anything but a certain diet can stop them) but it ddnt reduce them, didnt make my skn feel nice, really dissapointed with this one as i love other palmer cocoa butter products.

i dont recommend this one. :-(


I recon I got off pretty lightly on the stretch mark department and I used about a whole pump bottle of this stuff during my pregnancy. I can't say for sure that the stretch mark lotion was to thank but I focused application on my belly region and ended up getting stretch marks on my upper thigh and breasts (first pregnancy - didn't think to put cream there). As for smell, it was ok, not fantastic smelling. No complaints on the absorbancy. And price was reasonable.


This smelt nice and made my skin feel soft just after putting it on. It however didnt reduce stretch marks and as a previous person said did take some time to rub in. I would look else where if your after something to reduce stretch marks.


This lotion has a distint smell which i found nausating while suffering from morning sickness!

There are other lotions that rub in better!



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