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Myrtle & Tuppence Elastic Belly Balm

15 reviews
Elastic Belly Balm

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought this product after reading the reviews posted here.

I've been using it twice a day for about 4 months ... I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and still using it. I'm onto my 3rd bottle.

It aborbs well, relieves the dry, itchy feeling, smells nice - not overpowering and doesn't leave you feeling like an oil slick.

I have however, after a rapid growth spurt got stretch marks out and around my navel.

Despite this, I'll cotinue to use it because it makes my skin feel nice :) and the service is great :)

After recently giving birth to my 2nd child, i am absolutley stoked to say that i do not have any stretch marks at all. My skin feels so wonderful and soft and the only people that i can immensley thank for this is the beautiful  ladies at Myrtle & Tuppence Skin Care. I am still using the Elastic Belly Balm and so are quite a few of my friends in my mothers group. Keep up the fantastic work ladies and i look forward to using many more products in the near future.
Like a lot of expecting mothers, I took a look at sites such as Bub Hub for info on what stretchmark creams to use. This one was given such rave reviews, that I thought it was worth a try. To my complete surprise, I was thrilled with the results.  This oil was such a lovely feeling on my dry and stretchy skin, and it took away that itchy feel you get with pregnancy.  I also loved the smell of it, which was a bonus.  The service was fantastic from the company and I only used 3 bottles (I only had our little girl last month).  Another girlfriend that is using it is also very happy with it. I would love this product to be given to all expecting mums (maybe the government should sponsor that!!!!). 10 out of 10.
Cassie Dale
I stumbled across this product on the net, and after a bit of research, decided to purchase.  To my absolute delight, I received my order within 2 days, along with a lovely handwritten note from the makers.  After using the product for many months (and I only used 2 bottles over 7 months), I can honestly say it is the most lovely oil I have ever used on my body.  It absorbs quickly, smells earthy, stops the itching of stretching skin, was easy to use AND I don't have any stretchmarks.  I have continued to use this after my pregnancy, as I love the way my skin has felt since using it.  I have also purchased other products from this range, and to my delight, I am now an avid fan.  The only comment against this whole range is that it is not stocked in shops at the moment, so I had to make sure I ordered before running out.  I am quite sure that once people start using this range, it will quickly take off.  I have also found that it makes a lovely present for mum-to-be's, and has been gladly received by those I have given it too.  I give this a good 15 out of 20 as an overall score.

I was fooled by all these reviews from here. I bought the product and it smells really terrible. Make you hard to sleep and makes your partner and friends stay away from you.

I started to get itchiness and redness after using this product. After hot shower, it boils my skin too. My skin now looks so horrible and itchy. I regret so much and should have used the more established product or recommended by friends.

You might better off with Bio Oil or other product from leading pharmacy.

Kylie Jones
I used this product for 6 months of my pregnancy, and it is brilliant.  Not only did it keep my tummy moist so as to avoid that itch you get from stretching skin, it also aided in the absence of stretchmarks.  I am so completely delighted with this product that I would happily recommend it to all pregnant ladies.  I have even used the last bits on my legs as a moisturiser and you would be hard pressed to find better.  And the customer service is brilliant.  I highly rate this product.
Jane Taylor
After reading the many reviews posted on this site, I purchased my own bottle of Elastic Belly Balm, and I find it lovely to use.  I use it twice a day, and it has taken the itchy feeling out of my skin and it feels much softer and smoother than it has in a long time.  I even started using it on a scar I have, and it has showed remarkable improvement.  I highly recommend all mum's to be purchase this product.  It can even be used on the baby's bum for Nappy Rash (saves buying another product if you have some left over).  I have also tried the Face Food from Myrtle & Tuppence, and it is the first face cream I can honestly say, I love using.
Rach Pasky

After having 2 large babies, I was left with unsightly stretch marks.  I wanted to get back into my swimmers without feeling self concious about the so called "baby beauty marks" so I started scouting around to see what was out there.  I spent a pretty penny on lots of expensive and unsuccessful creams and oils until I came across this product.  It feels great going on and I can feel it soak into my skin as soon as I apply it.  There are no marks left on my clothes from oils left on the surface and best of all, the marks started fading withing a few days of using using Elastic Belly Balm.  All I can say is give it a try, you won't be dissappointed.  It was sent directly to me by express post and I can't fault anything about the company or the product. 

I have since purchased some of their baby products too and I am a huge fan.

Josephine Byron
I ordered this product 2 weeks ago, got it the following day, and have used it daily since then.  It has the nicest feel about it, and is not greasy but light and soaks straight in.  I have heard so many glowing reports about this product, and I must say, so far it lives up to its reputation.  I love it, and I am sure you will also.
Katie Lucas
I found this product after reading about it on Huggie's forums.  It went straight into my skin, moisturised well and prevented stretch marks.  I would happily spruik the effectiveness of this poduct to all and sundry.
Jaime McMahon

I love this product, love it, love it, love it!!!  I used this from my 12th week and only went through 2 bottles.  Used Bio-oil before and it is garbage compared to this.  It goes in nicely, spread very well and left me with the smoothest most awesome skin I have had in a long time.  It also takes that itch away from the stretching skin.  Oh, and no stretchmarks to comment about.  Would not buy anything else for this ever again.  Also got their Face Food- !AWESOME!!! I would rate this product a 15/10 anyday.


This product is the bees knees in stretchmark products.  I am so pleased that I saw this product reviewed on a similar site and got myself 2 bottles.  For anyone pregnant, or trying to hide already existing stretchmarks- BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW!

If I could score this more than 10 out of 10, I would.

Ellie Maison
I also purchased this product after reading about it on this site and the Huggies site, and I have to whole heartedly agree.  It is awesome and I love the feel on my skin.  I will definitely be buying more.  Oh, and still no stretch marks.  Thanks for the reviews ladies.
Kerrie Moss

I purchased this product after seeing the review on Bub Hub and I have to say, not one stretchmark and it was absolutely lovely on my skin.  I was really surprised at how it was easily absorbed and and made my skin feel so smooth and soft.  I have told many friends about this product and no one has come back with a complaint.  Definitely a must have for baby tummys. Great product ladies, and the rest of their range is awesome also.

Molly Hampson
I have used this as well as giving it to 3 girlfirends, and not one of us have a stretch mark in sight.  It is nice to put on and does not smell of chemicals.  All natural ingredients only used in this.  Give it to your friends.



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