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I had terrible stretch marks when pregnant with my twins many years ago, so when I found out I was having number 3, I thought bio oil may have been able to help prevent any more appearing.

I was wrong. In contrast to common belief, genetics has more to do with stretch marks than using a particular lotion. If you are going to get stretch marks, there is nothing a cream or lotion can do about it- just blame your parents! It did nothing but leave my skin feeling oily and yuck.

An interesting side effect- my DF burnt his hand badly a while ago and found my discarded bottle of bio oil in the cupboard, read the label and thought it may be able to help in preventing the burn from scarring badly, so used some. He said it became so painful an hour or so afterwards, but silly him didn't wash it off. The scar that has been left on his hand is deep and prominent. Of course, we had no proof that the original scar before the use of bio oil was not going to look like this anyway, but we are highly doubtful. We truly believe it has made it worse.

I would stay away from it, and if you are truly wanting some cream or lotion to try and prevent stretch marks (again- impossible, but if you feel better for trying) I would stick to a natural formula or a butter or moisturising cream. 

I purchased a bottle of this as soon as I fell pregnant. Unfortunately I rarely applied it so it didn't do anything for my stretch marks, but it has come in handy for the super dry patches of skin I get such as knees and elbows. It's non greasy and gives my skin a great healthy shine, I have even used it as a hair serum before!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I ended up covered in stretchmarks- on my tummy, hips and breasts. I hadn't bothered with using any creams or lotions back then and ended up with the typical, thick red lines. Yes, they have faded ove the years, but I always swore that if I ever had another baby I'd definitely use something to help prevent them occuring again.

People say that they are genetic and that nothing can prevent them, especially if you've had them with a previous pregnancy. I thought, I have nothing to lose and began using Bio Oil from week 12 of my pregnancy, once a day. The results? My existing stretchmarks have faded to almost invisible! I even had a scar on my him that was a deep purple colour and that too, has disappeared!

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and happy to announce that I have not developed a single stretch mark this time around. Not to mention the added bonus of my old ones fading dramatically.

I love this product. I suffer from very dry skin ordinarily and need to moisurize every day from head to toe anyway, so I've just added Bio Oil into that routine. I even apply it to my face and have noticed that the small, red, broken capillaries I used to have on my cheeks have vanished as well!

Some will say it's luck and genetics.

All I know is, I didn't use Bio Oil with my first pregnancy and got very large, dark stretch marks. I did use it with this pregnancy and have zero.

The reults for me have been very surprising as I totally just expected the Bio Oil to maybe keep my skin nice and supple and at the very least help fade the stretch marks over time if they did develop again.

I enjoy the process of smothering my big round belly with the lovely scented oil! I feel fresh and moisturized after applying and I personally have not had any problems with the oil staining my clothes or not drying well. By the time I dry my hair (a few minutes) after my shower, I find that the oil has absorbed really well and I can dress straight away.

Overall, using Bio Oil had been worth it for me. Great results!


I love the smell of Bio-oil, as others have said, it can be a little greasy but I found that if I used it sparingly my skin was still wonderfully moisturised and stopped itching and it was absorbed quickly with little residue.

That said, I did still get stretch marks, and I don't believe that this oil will stop you from getting them if you're prone to them.  I do think that it's possible that it reduces the severity of them and can help to speed up their dissipation afterwards... but I also think that there is a variety of products on the market that will do the same thing.

I am somewhat concerned by some of the oils in there (Paraffinum Liquidum, Triisononanoin, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate , Isopropyl Myristate, Glycine Soja Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, BHT, Bisabolol )as there has been some research suggesting that petroleum based products can have negative health effects however I think that these days you can find stuff like that for pretty much anything if you look hard enough... there are others under fragrance etc too though that are equally suspect.

I will probably use natural Vitamin E oil instead for my next pregnancy as a comparison though, as friends with the same skin type as I have, have had wonderful results from that too.


As the name suggests this is an oil.. I used it for a few weeks but found it too messy to put on and it has an odd smell to it.. I also felt sticky for the rest of the day.

in saying this it does add alot of moisture to your skin.  I would recommend it for night time use.


I've been using this since week 9 of my pregnancy - and now I am at 26 weeks, I am yet to see a single stretch mark...or anything that even looks like one.

I am assuming it's working like a dream, as I am big and have been gaining weight on and off the entire time - I am too scared to stop using it now as I am convinced it's what's keeping my skin stretch mark free.

People complain about the greasiness - but for me it absorbs quickly and you'd hardly notice it. It doesn't leave any marks on my clothes, and it's so easy to apply, there is no way I'd use anything else. 


used it for my first pregnancy religiously and got no stretch marks. Found it horribly oily and got pimples ++ from using it. Really hated using it but didnt want to get stretch marks and regret not using it.

Fast forward to second pregnancy and chasing a toddler around i would have used it four times throughout the entire pregnancy. No stretch marks. So in my case the bio oil made no difference

So personally i think the chances of it actually working to prevent stretch marks are unlikely, you either are prone to them or you arent. But no harm in trying if you can put up with the oilyness


I was first pointed towards using bio oil when my daughter burned her hand quite severly. I was told that once the wound had healed to put the bio oil on and it would reduce the scarring. Applying it liberally everyday - 6 months later there was absolutley no scar at all.

Since then I have been hooked.

I have used it on my own scar tissue with fantastic results as well as in my pregnancies for stretch marks and it has done wonders.

I have found that it does take a while to absorb but really - the little negative is nothing compared to all the positives this lotion has done for me and my family.


I have lots of stretch marks on my thighs and i use Bio - oil on them regularly. I like the fragrance of bio- oil and it reduces the itching that i feel with stretch marks. After using it for a year now i can say that bio oil does not remove stretch marks immediately but it definitely reduces them and nourishes the skin, reduces the dryness and itchiness. You only need a small amount and massage it into your skin.

I regularly use it and notice the smoothness in my skin. I will definitely continue using it as it is good value for money.   


I used Bio-Oil from about 18 weeks onwards twice a day (I was using a different product prior to this) and 3 times a day from about 37-38 weeks until my baby was born at 41 weeks. 

While Bio-Oil did not prevent stretchmarks (I'm a firm believer that if you are going to get stretchmarks, nothing is going to prevent them), I believe that it has improved the appearence of them. Five months after birth they have faded nicely. 

I found Bio-Oil to be nice smelling and easy to apply. Admittedly if you did put on too much it could mark your clothes, but I found it easy enough to put on after a shower and air myself out for a bit. I found it to be quite absorbant (as long as the dose was small). 

The only downside is I think it is a bit pricey for what it does.   


I used Bio-Oil post-operatively on some scarring around my shoulder area and found that with regular use, the intensity of the colour of scarring was much lighter than I ever imagined.

It can be a bit oily on application - I found that using small amounts, but more regularly was the best way to apply it.

My experience is that it does need to be used from quite early on in the healing process, so even though I am only in my second trimester and just starting to show, I will be using it religiously on my belly.


I have been using bio oil since the start of my pregnancy. So far I have no stretch marks and no signs of any even beginning to appear. 

It has a very lovely odour and it's excessively oily. I use twice daily.

I highly recommend using bio oil. It helps put elasticity into your skin to help prevent stretch marks from occurring. 


I used this throughout my pregnancy and found it excellent.

Although stretchmarks are said to be hereditary, I think Bio Oil helped and I haven't got any stretchmarks on my tummy or thighs.

The smell is lovely and the oil absorbs into the skin well. 


I started using Bio Oil at the beginning of my pregnancy trying to prevent stretch marks and the scars of an apendix surgery carried out during my pregnancy. I used it immediately after every shower.

I'm not a "cream" person but Bio Oil didn't turn out being too heavy, which was a relief. Also, it is lighty scented which is good.

It worked for me since 10 months after having my baby, and having gained almost 17 kg, I haven't got any stretch marks on my tummy. I still use it sometimes.

On the negative side, it is quite oily and does not dry soon after rubbing it on. It's not cheap as well.

Overall, I would recommend it.

This stuff works well for me, even in pregnancy where my skin is super sensitive and i cant use normal skin products. Works really well on face for uneven skin tone as well as fading scars. i still have stretchmarks but they aren't red like they were in my previous pregnancy. Also noticed it has worked well on fading my c section scar. Its pretty good stuff to use all over!

I used Bio Oil long before I was pregnant to help with stretch marks from rapidly gaining weight, and had continued to use it to "maintain" my skin.

One of the only problems I came across was when I lotioned up my stomach before going to bed, then hop into bed, the oil pretty much transferred straight to my sheets (as I don't wear nighties). I made sure I rubbed it all in, but it didn't help. I lost a few sets of sheets that way, and ended up just using old sheets while I was pregnant. Now I have to sleep in a slip/nighty to save my sheets.

It definitely works, and in the long run helps your stretch marks.


I started using Bio Oil early on in my pregnancy. I didn't expect it to completely stop stretch marks but hoped it would help! I also found it great to help with itching (from skin stretching) and dry skin. It smells lovely and doesn't leave your skin feeling really wet and oily. 

I only ended up with one small stretch mark on my belly. Am using Bio Oil now to see if it will help this mark fade and also on my c-section scar. 


I used this product from when I was about 12 weeks pregnant right through my pregnancy. I only used it once a day on average (after my shower).

I put on about 17kgs during my pregnancy and fully expected to get stretch marks, but I got absolutely none. I'm that has something to do with the bio oil! I am now using it on my c-section scar!

Although a bit expensive, I just bought it on sale and you don't need to use a lot of it so it lasts ages!


Although Bio Oil doesn't stop stretch marks, it has helped with making them fade quicker.

Before I found out I was pregnant, I had a few stretch marks from weight gain, so have used this product before. I have started using this again, and noticed a great improvement. My stretchmarks are already lighter after daily use.

Nothing will ever stop stretch marks, but its nice to use Bio Oil to make them fade quicker. :)


I applied bio oil 4 times a day from early pregancy, but unfortunately I still ended up with stretchmarks.

I think it was due to sudden weight gain at the end of my pregnancy.

I LOVED the smell and feel of the bio oil and used it after my DD arrived, purely to soothe my skin.

I would definitely recommend bio oil to others, and intend to start again and see if it helps to fade my stretchmarks 


Used this product religiously from conception and have gained 20kg, a huge bump, and now by beautiful daughter... but no stretchmarks (and with my skin everyone expected plenty).

I like the light weight oil feeling (rather than heavy creams) however did have to allow it to 'dry' before dressing. 

Didn't notice much smell at all.

Reasonably expensive for the qty, however over entire pregnancy, twice a day religiously, I only used 2 large bottles (approx $50 worth).  


Purple Lily
I love Bio Oil.  It was first recommended by my sister who bought it after her pregnancy in which she gained a fair bit.  I gained over 20kg with my pregnany so i was definitley looking for something to at least fade all my stretch marks.  I bought Bio Oil and have been using it for 2 months now and i can definitley see the difference already.  I usually dont say those things because I usually believe products arent working hahaha.  Because its an oil product it can become quite greasy but once its absorbed you dont notice its on.  On a negative note it is quite pricey but I guess thats what happens when you go for great qaulity.

I used this religiously through the second and third trimesters.  Unfortunately I still got stretch marks (20kg weight gain, so not surprising!) but with continued use of bio oil afterwards they faded quickly. 

I had them on my thighs, hips, tummy and boobs and now just have a few faded ones on my thighs.  

Bit of an oily residue, so it was best (for me) applied just after a shower at night.

Love, love this product. 

I tried this product first as it was the most advertised of the anti-stretch mark products.  I found that it left an oily residue on my tummy that I had to leave uncovered for a while until the product sank in.  The main problem I had was that it gave me a rash from using it!  I had to discontinue use so I can't say whether it would be effective or not.  Quite disappointing considering the price of the tiny little bottle!

I used this product to reduce stretch marks. Unfortuately it doesnt stop them completely but it keeps them light and not itchy. Ive been using it constantly twice daily and has helped.

The only con ive found with bio-oil it leaves me skin and my hands feeling oily and a little bit gross.


I tried this when pregnant with my first child and was not very impressed with it.

Firstly i found it too be quite greasy. Being an oil this is expected, to a degree, but it not soak as well as i would hope and let a greasy residue. It also stained many of clothes, despite me waiting until it was (seemily) dry before getting dressed.

The smell is okay - i wouldn't call it a great smell but it isn't overly offensive.

I did also begin to get an itchy rash after using this oil for a while. My skin is quite sensitive so i would steer clear if you also have sensitive skin.

In terms of preventing stretchmarks it did not work for me.I used the oil as directed - daily andwith massage but still ended p with quite deep stretchmarks.

Overall i would not recommend this product.


Bio-Oil wasgreat for minimising the stretch marks during my first pregnancy and made me feel great.

Unfortunately I wasn't as vigilant with my second pregnancy but I am now using it again and they seem to be getting lighter.

It is a great product and feels great on the skin and the best part it absorbs quickly without residue

This rubs in nicely and minimises already excisting stretch marks. Im yet to get big enough to see if it stops more coming but if it reduces some there its already worth the money.
I loved this when I was pregnant and not only did it stop me from getting those dreaded stretch marks it also lightened the scar i had on my tummy. Thank you Bio Oil and I will definately be using this all the time.

I used this product every day starting half way through my pregnancy. I thought it was going well until I grew quickly towards the end and ended up with stretch marks across my tummy regardless.

Feels nice on your skin and has little smell, but please dont think it will stop you from getting stretch marks.


I have been using this product on and off over the years, and have purchaced it again to help eliminate the colour of my stretch marks, i use it before bed and after the shower and forget i have put it on.

I have looked at other products that claim they do the same thing but will not try anything  else as i am so happy with bio oil.

I used Bio oil from the beginning of my first pregnancy, it made my skin very moist and comfortable. But, by about 30 weeks, the stretch marks startedand kept going.



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